Did Bobby Brown’s Drug Use Force Him to Quit ‘DWTS’?

bobby brown quits dancing with the stars

Remember when it was announced that Bobby Brown pulled out of Dancing With the Stars at the last second? He blamed it on contractual issues. But a recent blind item reveal has shed some light on the singer’s alleged drug use:

“Don’t believe the hype. There were no contractual issues with this former A list singer and a new reality gig. There were issues with his drug use and his unwillingness to stop.”

Do you believe it?


  1. Why don’t you stop biting and come up with your own s*#t? You put the quotes there like someone said it in front of your ass, when you know you jacked that from another site and you need to post which site you quoted this from.

  2. I hope he gets his life together before it is really to late. Which seems to happen a lot these days.

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