The RHOA Beatdown: Pics Of Porsha Delivering Kenya’s Azz Whoopin’ Released!

RHOA 2014 Reunion Battle Royale

Megaphone Mash!!!

Images of the fight that led Kenya Moore to call cops on Porsha.. and Porsha Williams to reportedly be fired from RHOA.. have been released. And it’s messy, ya’ll!!!

Here’s the latest:

“Kenya, in a clear bid to antagonize, arrives to the reunion carrying a megaphone and jewel encrusted scepter as tells Porsha, ‘I will not have you talk over me!’

Porsha has little patience for the former Miss USA beauty queen as she declares her ‘a s*** from the Nineties.’ To which Kenya shoots back: ‘Shut up, you do not have the right to talk.’ But Porsha isn’t having any of it as she says matter-of-factly: ‘I’m going to f*** you up!’

Porsha tackles Kenya to the utter dismay of their cast-mates as she tries to pull the bullhorn from her hands. Straddling Kenya, Williams can be see tugging at the megaphone as she attempts to pry it free from her co-star.”

rhoa-reunion-battle-royale kenya-moore-reunion-beatdown-pictures porsha-rhoa-reunion-battle porsha-kenya-fight-pics rhoa-reunion-fight-2014 porsha-kenya-reunion-beatdown


      • Yes they could of cut that it is taped another way to humiliate a black woman and we let them for a check. Get a real job you see NeNe’s face she don’t fight she just got a big mouth. Then Cynthia was mortified. Phaedra just had her face squished lol. Kandi was get him Porcha drag that bitch up in here.

        • Sissy azz white Andy enjoy dat type of shidd Porsha whip dat tired azz ole broke slut bitch azz lmao fire dat ole bitch Kenya shidd starter wannab actress lying bout Velvet was attack by neighbor dog bitch didnt got 2 neighbor ask if they had insurance ya kno she needs $ heard she acting a fool on dat bullshidd azz show of trump she on smdh

    • Notice the son-of-satan, peter’s, wife sitting between them. She and the dirty peter instigated Kenya to point that weapon(yes a wand can be a threatening weapon) at porsha. the losers peter and cynthia know they have nothing going for them besides that show, nothing! every season 1 person goes and those 2 making sure it’s not them.kordell likely paid dirty peter to whisper evil into kenya’s dumb ears.

  1. It’s about damn time somebody slapped that ass. Kenya Moore is a lying,trouble making pain in the ass. They need to get rid of her and that alcoholic Peter.

      • For one thing these women don’t live in any Ghetto, Slum, Trailer Park or Hood. It’s called “The rules of you derserve a beat down cause I’m sick of your mouth”.

  2. She whooped that ass! I betcha Kenya won’t mess with Porsha no more! Everybody on that show thought Porsha was weak. But she is actually the strong one out the entire cast to be honest with you.

    • I disagree. Porsha did that shit for air time an made herself look stupid an where was all this agression during her divorce? I still dont see her whoopin her ass an who pulls hair? Porsha mad cuz kenya be telling the truth on her goofy ass. Her gay husband dumped her an she didnt get a dime with no prenup! She is stupid an played into kenya wanted ger to do, To show how stupid she is. Kenya cud of whooped her ass if she really wanted too no doubt but goofball let them hoes send her off an now she prolly out of a job. Porsha dumb an kenya mindf*cked her ass off that dhow. I hope her fake hair fake tits dumbo brain ass get fired. An who fights in a ballroom gown…. Epic fsil!

      • Yes, I did! Kenya been picking on Kenya from the start. Porsha kept her cool during the entire season. When you get enough not picking, U can only take so much. Porsha was at her breaking point. And she was really trying hard to not say anything to Kenya.

        • Now look at this analogy. Phaedra got problems not only with herself, but with Apollo.Not to mention Apollo and Kenya. NeNe, got problems with here and Gregg. Look what happened at the sleep over. Kenya again. Land I problems with her mama and Todd. Look what happened on that bus trip to Atlanta? Kenya all in Kandi’s face. Porsha was trying to advod that mess with Kenya until the reunion show.

          • Why is kenya such a threat to these hoez? She is a bad bitch Period! An when u over the age of 30 an u let another bitch see u sweat u stupid! Porsha got mad cuz kenya be putting the mirror in her face. And trust! Alk they niggas will f*ck the shit out of kenya if they had the chance. Kenya is black , beautiful an has Mad sex aappeal an long pretty ass hair. If i had a dick i’d f*ck the bitch! Reaal talk! Porsha lucky cuz a nigga like me wud of maced that bitch an bust that bitch head with my high heel real talk. Fuck porsha cuz she is childish an silly an was stilk wearingher wedding ring after kordell dumped her goofy ass lol! The nigga prolky ‘Moonwalked’ cuz he won! Kordell a pimp lol Daradiant 1 u my nizxle but we agree to disagree!

            • Moe????

              You sound more like the woman hating jealous son of a bish Peter to me, who s8cks dyck and dont even f8ck your own wife. You are a fag and a bish Peter.

    • I totally agree…It’s about time, Kenya needed the beat down with her fake a*! ..She need to be dismissed from the show..It’s called Alanta House Wives..Not I wish I was a Alanta house wife..And you are right no one else had the balls to check that B@$$#…

  3. Porsha should have had some self control. She knows how Kenya is. Kenya is an entertainer who knows how to entertain. Porsha is too weak in the mind to play the game. Kenya is the best thing to hit RHOA in a long time. I am TEAM KENYA!!!!!

    • Kenya had problems before she came on the show. Brought her problems along with her. Porsha unlike Kenya have her own problems and didn’t need Kenya’s mess in the first place. Kenya had to make it her business to mess with Porsha.

  4. Porsha has been wanting a piece of Kenya for a while. These ladies do not like each other. Kenya bow down you deserved that butt whooping. Your mouth gets you in too much trouble.

      • Yea that casts the first stone is usually the piece of shit that hides their hand behind their back . Of course this is done in the name of classiness.

    • That’s what I don’t get. Why was Porsha so mad when she knows Kenya brings props? She asked ‘so we get to bring props now’. Porsha is dingy for real. Kenya and That fan last year. Omg. She had me in tears lol.

      • Not confirmed. Andy spoke on it today and he did not say Porsha was fired. He did say Kenya provoked .

        • Correction: Andy said that “some of the girls” felt that Kenya provoked Porsha. He said that he believed her behavior to be “gross” and “inappropriate.” If you are going to tell it, tell it all.

          • Right back atcha…cuz he didn’t say Porsha alone behaved in a gross inappropriate fashion. He said “the” behavior was gross and inappropriate. And he did say Kenya provoked the incident. So ill tell it how I wanna tell it .

    • Violence should not be the answer when nothing but words are being tossed around. Porsha and Kenya are too old to be rolling around on the ground fighting one another. I’m too embarrased to even watch that mess.

  5. This is not a good look. The “Real Housewives” franchise is all about throwing shade and talking trash. If a cast member cannot engage in verbal fisticuffs, they have no place on the show.

    I would suggest that Porsha might be better suited with those hoodrats on “Basketball Wives” or “Love and Hip Hop.” But those shows are too classy for her. This dimwit could possibly do well on “Bad Girls Club.”

    At the rate that Porsha is going, she will end up pushing a cart.

    • Not even close, although she is a wife. Personally I think they should get rid of Kenya and bring on some glamorous woman who can get shine without belittling others. The problem with Kenya is she is quite unlikable. If Porsha goes I’m done because she and Kandi are the only ones I like. Andy is sitting on a ratings goldmine focusing on Porsha getting her life together and kandis wedding but of course he would rather show the fight over the course of three episodes and milk the black on black violence for all its worth.

      • With this type of hoodrat logic, you will be pushing a cart right alongside Porsha…if you are not pushing one already.

        • Of course you would consider a desire to see something positive like a wedding or a dating divorcee “hoodrat logic”. I’m sure Celebrity Chickenhead Deathmatch is your idea of quality television for black women.
          As to what I’m pushing , don’t worry about it. Focus instead on what you are pushing : fake fan commentary under different aliases, all very pro Kenya and very abusive toward anyone who doesn’t share your deep rooted desire to plant your face between Kenya’s stallion booty cheeks, lol. Anyway Mass Andy reads these blogs so you go right ahead and clap back. He loves ratchet behavior and apparently he agrees with you, weddings and divorces aren’t as good as black women cursing each other out. So you keep on performing for Massa. Just like Porsha, I’m out. ( and yes ill take that Cary w me and park is beside my X 5) LMAO!

          • Honey we all on the plantation. Whether its reality t.v or corporate america! You aint said shit an if another bitch words sting that bad? You f*cked up!

            • Well, it only makes sense to those who comment back and forth in standard English , which is the language commonly spoken here in the hood where I park my “cart”. Obviously someone as high bourgeoisie as the Kenya Kartel would never set foot here, its too full of married couples, kids and dogs kept on leashes. No one showing up waving a sceptre n shiz, totally not your scene, although “_Felicia” is welcome if she can get along without texting someone’s husband or storming out of a charity event. Sound familiar?

          • Btw Apollo texted Kenya first. She just replied. She can’t control what that man does. Hell his own wife can’t control him. Get real. Stop blaming Kenya for what Apollo did. She is not married to anyone. He tried and keeps trying to break his vows. That’s between, him, his wife, and God.

            • But Kenya did the first initiation by flirting with Apollo first. In fact, right in front of Phaedra. Remember the pool party? Yep, Kenya started the entire thing.

          • I rarely respond to these forums, because I am a woman of a certain age, however mI agree all of those women are idiots. Porsha is an uneducated idiot. She put her hands on Kenya on a taped television show; how will this play out in court? Any assault has serious consequences and repercussions she could be looking at fines, lawsuits, probation if she is lucky or jail time. Whatever happened to sticks and stones may break your bones but words would never hurt you? Was it worth it? The train wreck that is most of these reality shows are what catches our eyes, but at the end of the day when the taping stops these are real people with real lives. I think they have gotten to caught up in the “new celebrity ” that these shows create. Since when does someone become a celebrity overnight by fighting or behaving badly on TV.
            Kenya might have run her mouth and touched a nerve with Porsha, but she should have used her words and not her hands and behaved like the beautiful lady she appears to be and not the Neanderthal that she displayed on film.

            If NeNe had have done what Kenya did to provoke Porsha would she have reacted the same way. Hell No. All of them with the exception of Khandi act like they are afraid of Queen NeNe. All Porsha would have done was cried if it were NeNe instead of Kenya.

            NeNe called her friend Cynthia’s husband a Bitch and they are have dinner with them kissing her ass. Queen NeNe rules those girls.

            The only one who does really need this show for a check is Khandi. Them other women and I use that term loosely are making themselves look foolish in front of the entire world

    • Well said Niqui! I was just telling my mom Porsha’s porno will be leaked in 3,2,1….
      She has no talent other than a pretty face and a big booty.

      • Thanks, CC. You might be onto something with that porno prediction. Porsha has already started posting nude photos of herself.

  6. This was something Kenya was probably looking for and hoped happened and Porsha fell for it. Notice none of the other ladies have physically attacked Kenya, not even Phaedra.

    Kenya – 1

    Porsha- 0

  7. Don’t start no sh*t won’t be least that’s how it goes everywhere except Reality TV. These reunions are a fight fest waiting to happen!Most of these women don’t like each other anyway, so to put them in a room on a stage together is asking for problems. By the end of the season they have had an opportunity to view the show footage, shady confessionals and catty comments of the other cast mates. The network knows that something is going to go down, and they will always milk it for whatever its worth. Some women will comment without lifting a finger or taking it to a physical level.Others won’t manage that well under pressure and with cameras rolling. Kenya likes to antagonize, and that much is obvious from her time on this show.She is a sh*t stirrer to the 10th degree.She seldom resists the urge to stir the drama pot. From most accounts this so called fight was more of a hair pulling fest than an actual fist throwing fight. They want viewers to tune in to the reunion for high ratings! Porsha may or may not be fired.I could care less either way.These women aren’t paying my bills.They are exploiting themselves for a check and some TV publicity so its whatever to me!

  8. Im sure this was all planned to make sure Porsha would get fired. Everybody played their parts. Porsha is the only dumb one. Kenya, Nene, and Andy are all laughing to the bank.

    • Cosign, except that EVERYONE IS LAUGHING TO THE BANK, even PORSHIA

      This is some updated mammie shit.

      • But Porsha’s will only be able to go to the bank one more time. Lol. Just admit it, the joke is on Porsha.

        • Maybe . All of them need to fire that trifflin ass show….But what’s likely going to happen is pretty and ditzy Porsha is going to get wifed up again soon. Annoying as it is to us women, men love that bird brain chick. Marriage and babies is very likely for her. Whereas Kenya needs that Bravo bread because she won’t be able to fall back on marriage and motherhood. Her personality is so jacked, no man is ever really going to want her. If she wants a baby she will have to go the laboratory route. I doubt she could even adopt.

  9. I doubt Andy would take a risk keeping Porsha on the show. She can get sued by Kenya for the fight and also Kordell for defamation about being a homosexual. Porsha stay losing.

    • If Kenya provoked it, Kenya won’t get nothing. Kordell, he might wanna to keep quiet. If he wants his money and you know locker room talks is on the high when it comes to male sports.

      • Not true. Porsha hit her or grabbed her first an its in tape. She outta there an will have to pay! You can talk a river of shit but who touches 1st is the one in trouble. The whiteman dont give no f*ck bout who provoked. He wanna know who threw the 1st blow!


    • Omg! I just realize your name! Lmao! Done got mixed up with you and Christa’s name! All those CD’s names! Bawahahahaha!

      • LOL! I hope Christa doesn’t take offense, I’m just being silly. It was time for something newish anyway.

    • Seriously doubt it. So you’re saying that whole charges being pressed, the mug shots & all that was staged? In the words of Arsenio Hall, things that make ya say “Hmmmmmmmm”!!!


  11. I dont condone violence but like most Detroiters that do grime cannot lay hands, only shoot guns or pop off at the mouth.

  12. They are all sad and a disgrace. None of them really show black women in a great light. Phaedra tried and she does if one just look past all alegations. I can do with out this show and the message it sends.

  13. Everybody should turn off the the tellalievision. Don’t wanna get programmed, Don’t watch programmes.

  14. these women are not responsible for raising your children. cable is an expense you really dont need. you so concerned about image, get rid of TV.

    • Lol thats true. I wasnt allowed to have a tv in my room and limited to the amount I could watch as a kid in the 90s. But then again most people were babysat by TV or their parents let them run loose unsupervised until streetlight curfew so its generational behaviors passed on into the digital era

  15. Kenya is too old and is a mess! She’s twirling by herself in her own world! Even Velvet left her crazy ass to be with God! Taking everything from this women to teach her about herself! Maybe? She continues to behave like a child that was never fed properly! Maybe, if she was loved right from the start then she would be able to find a man to love her. She attracts the same type of assholes like herself. Another pretty women who gets treated like shit! Fix your attitude Kenya then maybe shit will start shifting for you. Your energy is chaotic and unstable! You find your antics funny not at 45 unmarried and childless it ain’t. You try to demean Porscha but she already beat you to the alter and divorce court. You speak all knowing but what do you know? A pretty x beauty queen with no man no family no child and a bad attitude? I met you years ago with your stank eye rolling and cattiness! And bitch you still haven’t changed or evolved into something better. Same fake contacts, booty and breast and a horrible attitude to go along with your package. A package that no smart man seems to want. Now isn’t that interesting. Now Kenya what could it possible be darling? Mental Illness is no laughing matter people!

  16. Men and women love your children or else run the risk of them becoming lost like this poor old woman or that nigga who cut off his dick!

  17. As African American women, we need to be conscious of how we’re portrayed on national television. I’m disappointed that Kenya felt she had the right/authority to speak/act like that. Not only to Porscha but to anyone. A classy lady would of allowed Porscha to speak whether she liked what was being said or not, a classy lady would of not got into it with Phaedra, over her husband. Kenya was disrespectful ALL the way around on more than one occasion. I feel Porscha had had enough and even though I dont condone violence, you would of probably done the same.

  18. Kenya is a mess lol. They are not ready for her level of drama. Kenya is a drama queen, they are ratchet.#that’s the difference. Kenya shouldn’t even be on that show, she’s a different class of female.(I’m not saying I agree with all of her antics).

  19. I’m glad she beat the breaks off of Kenya, I am not a violent person but that cow had it coming. I didn’t think Porsha was the one that would do it. I was thinking NeNe because of the whole pillow talk evening that broke out into a fight. I forgot for a moment that she’s gone Hollywood now so she has to watch & make sure she projects a good & positive image.

  20. How much can a person take? Porsha was wrong to put her hands on the bitch but if someone is taunting you and antagonizing you and even baiting you, there comes a point that you snap and while I know it’s legally wrong, I certainly get it. Kenya knew what she was doing and needing money, there is no doubt, this was her plan. If I were the judge, I would say “grow the hell up” and “DISMISSED!”

  21. Kenya got what she deserved, to bad that it cost Porsha. Kenya has serious issues that needs to be addressed immediately! She’s devious, and hateful! Porsha, don’t let someone like Kenya take you out of your character!

  22. She let Nene and Phae gas her up to do THEIR dirty work not expecting her to get fired…

  23. First of all I didn’t know tht pulling some one hair was considered a bebeat down I don’t see no punching I definitely got to agree with a couple of y’all kenya make the show way better than porsha she is stupid crien every where she went like come u not the first to get divorce or the last cordell didn’t know wht he was getting into she pretty & all but she is to dingy now ppl got to understand tht all this is done for rathing & iam team kenya all the way she know the game & she sure know how to play it right.

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