Kid Cudi Brings Crop Tops To Hip Hop @ Coachella!

Kid Cudi Crop-Top

We’ll let the pics speak for themselves. The ISH continues…





  1. In the 80s men wore cropped shirts. It didn’t seem gay at all, but today it just looks suspect as hell.

    • They sure did, Anon.

      I used to see them wearing cut off sweat shirts on the basketball courts, but it didn’t seem gay. But back then dudes were wearing eyeliner & it didn’t seem gay either, for the most part….LOL

        • Full Force get busy one time! LOL

          Man, those dudes were big as hey-yul, wore jheri curls and headbands, and pants/shirts so tight that they needed a respirator to breath, and not one person ever called them gay! LOL (at least not to their face!)

          But let a dude wear some parachute pants today and see how fast he gets clowned! LMAO

    • True but they didn’t wear their pants down low showing their booties ..I think that’s what makes it look suspect.

  2. Y’all know alpo wore the same tops in the 80’s and there are documentaries chronicling the points of his life as if he was some highly regarded figure in the black community and not one person dared calling him gay. He was “that ninja” amongst other not so savory things, but never gay, lame, weird, or uncool

  3. Soooooo that’s why certain dudes disappeared on me like Hoffa.. industry shyyyyttt …blah humbug

  4. Maybe people need to stop letting the media. Gossip sites, and social media dictate their opinions on others and each other. Use your own mind to draw a conclusion that’s why you have your own brain and you don’t have to share it.

    • Except you just shared your opinion soooo….what? You alone don’t have to practice what you preach?

  5. Well I still dig some of his music but if he is going to rock this style he should do more crunches and consume creatine shakes to avoid the wet kitten in the rain/i just got robbed of lunch money and grandmas gold chain look. Hes so bony so it looks effeminate. Then again in my world no woman is Lane Bryant size and all real men are at least 6’2.

    • Damn, N.I., me and my man just got ejected from your world….lol…I hope I wasn’t paying you taxes….lol

      • This shallow comment would make an iota of sense if people could control their genetics, but since this is the real world we’re living in…

      • Im semi joking. My point is if you are going to pull a retro punk rock gym shirt, dont bring your J.J. Evans game. No less atrocious than fat pasty dudes in speedos (ie monte carlo beaches) or small chested women trying to show cleavage(Lupita). If cudi had more bulk hed look less like Twan in this suspect ensemble. In a perfect world we are free to do whatever still most people dont want to see this crap.

        • Fair enough. It’s no secret that it’s sometimes hard to tell intent from random font on the Internet, which in this case had you sounding like you worked in Entertainment, in which people are as shallow and deluded as they come.

          • LMAO @ “J.J. Evans game”

            I developed a muffin-ish pooch about 10 years ago after emergency abdominal surgery. They couldn’t find the source of the bleeding, so they just cut all through the muscle to look around to keep me from bleeding to death. I SO wish they would have had time to sew it back up & give me back the flat stomach I had prior to the surgery. But my husband said better a pooch than a dead wife….LOL….sweet man, he is! Thank God he loves me – between that & loosing my breasts….a lesser man would’ve left me.

            I think later this year when I get my replacement bewbs I’m gonna see about getting it fixed, heck I’m still only in my 40’s….it’s not too late for belly shirts, is it??? LOL

            • Praises due to God for you being here and your wonderful support system. Now in my world you are forgiven since the top isnt attributed to a 3 daily servings of flaming hot cheetos. Cudi looking like a UNICEF posterchild not so much…

            • I love your hubby even more after reading his words of encouragement/acceptance. Whatta guy!

              Does he have any brothers??? teehee 🙂

            • Christa,

              If me OR my husband had a brother you’d be at the top of my list for the hook-up! I’d say I’d hook ‘em up with DaR1, but she might have them suffering from PTSD after swinging on that shower rod with him! LMAO (Love you DaR1! <3)

              N.I. – I promise if I develop a Chili Cheese Fries muffin top, I will self-deport myself. LOL

              Raheim – It’s nice to see you on HSK. I missed you guys while I was gone.

            • Ms. Gemini–Good to see you back, too, and I hope all is well. You were always one of the cool ones. 🙂

  6. On The Real… Heterosexual Men Don’t Expose Their Navel. Kid Cudi is signed to Good Music, Kanye’s Label… Self-Explanatory!

  7. Interesting how Cudi was just on Arsenio saying that rappers bragging about their cars and whatnot was ‘holding the culture back,’ yet he insists on going the Gangstalicious route in terms of gay-ass rapper fashion. Of course, all this skirt-and-crop-top-wearing could all be a big joke among these rapper-types, but it’s still disgusting, ignorant, and yet another reminder that blacks in entertainment are lost without whites dictating their entire lives. Pathetic.

  8. So I guess Cudi’s the catcher and Kanye’s the pitcher (when he’s not catching for Tisci).

  9. This is way beyond disturbing, i used to think people were crazy for thinking there was a gay conspiracy going on, but after this im not so sure anymore. Im starting to see things differently now. Jesus take the wheel.

  10. I’hv always loved Cudi but after this pics am not sure, Guessing every thing they’re saying about the LGB into the industry its true, what more to say after this pictures.

  11. So we just going to ignore the fact that Kid Cudi is dressed like Lamar (the gay black dude) in revenge of the nerds. All that is missing is leg warmers, a scarf and LIP GLOSS!!

  12. It’s interesting to see this dude dressed this way after he tried to fight me when he came to visit a club that I worked for in Atlanta. Hmpf, he was really all mouth and no bite…lol

    • lol He said himself he was a Nerd growing up, so you’re entirely right. Really the only ‘hard’ dude on his former label, G.O.O.D. music, is Pusha T, which also explains a lot.

  13. Ever notice how back in the day there we dudes who could really sing but they were one hit wonders? Those brothers got out because they refused to have gay sex or sell their souls.

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