The Kardashian’s Growing Hush Hush List?

Connecting The Dots…

HSK Exclusive – Damon Thomas seems to have suddenly landed in the light after being forced to live in the shadows, since his four-year marriage to Kim Kardashian ended back in 2004.

Now — just a few weeks after a close friend of Damon Thomas met with Jacky, armed with an envelope containing a slew of sexually graphic photos of Kim and Kourtney, which he was looking to sell – the first Kim K hubby is set to appear as an X-Factor mentor along side co-host Khloe Kardashian.

Suddenly landing a gig connected to the Kardashian’s, after being reported to possess sexually graphic images of the family’s Klan members, is nothing new. You may remember back in 2007, photographer Eric Ford was reported to be shopping a dozen racy shots of Kourtney K caught in several sexual positions with an unidentified male; and nudes of Kim (before & after she went under the knife). That’s before word of the never-released images faded, and Ford landed full time employment as the Kardashian’s personal photographer.

Here’s what a source had say about Khole Kardashian and Damon Thomas working together:

“We’re sure Simon is going to have great fun with this. You know the tension is going to be unbelievable between Khloe and Damon.”

Did Damon Thomas follow in Eric Ford’s footsteps by finagling his way under the Kardashian’s umbrella? I don’t know, but check out a few of these never-seen-before images – straight from Damon Thomas’ photo album, taken during his marriage to Kim K….




  1. You do know she has a sex tape and nude images out in the world already, right? Why would you think these images would somehow make Kim & crew disappear? LOL

  2. Right, but how many of your exes hate you? None of my exes would do something like this to me. Kim seems to have a long line of men who can’t stand her azz. What does she do to them to make them want to destroy her?

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