MJ’s Secret Longtime Girlfriend Revealed!!!

Michael Jackson Confidant Shana Magatal

Shana Mangatal Named…

HSK Exclusive – Secret details of Michael Jackson’s love life are still coming to light, as the woman reported to have been involved in a longtime relationship with the King of Pop is identified.

Sources say 42-year-old Washington, D.C. native Shana Mangatal is a woman who played a huge part in MJ’s life – reported to be a person who the legendary singer would visit at least twice a week, and contacted daily.

HSK has exclusively learned Mangatal first met MJ back in 1988, after one of the late singer’s concerts. We’re told in 1991 destiny would have the couple cross paths again – while Magatal was working as a receptionist for Sandy Gallin, co-founder of the reigning 90’s talent management firm, Gallin-Morey. Sources say MJ and Mangatal both thank Gallin’s close friend, David Geffen, for making the introduction.

That’s before sources say MJ and Mangatal grew so close that Michael would often confide in her, and ask Mangatal for advice on how to handle some of his work-related situations. We’re told though Mangatal often remained in MJ’s shadow (playing a role in Ghost ‘), she has appeared in public on the King of Pop’s arm – accompanying MJ – as his “guest” – to the 1991 record release party of “Dangerous“.

Here’s what MJ’s former manager and discoverer of Boyz 11 Men, Qadree El-Amin, had to say about the relationship:

“MJ was being managed by Sandy Gallin. So, Sandy got hold of me because Michael wanted to work with Boyz 11 Men.

When I met Michael at Sandy’s office we became friends — he would call and tell me how gorgeous Shana was. He even once said to me, ‘Shana is mine so when you go over to Sandy’s office don’t try anything. But when you do get over to the office tell her I asked about her.’

They definitely had something going on.”

Here’s what a source had to say about seeing MJ and Magatal together in Las Vegas at a 2007 David Copperfield show:

“People would like to doubt Michael Jackson had a regular girlfriend. I couldn’t believe it, but I saw Michael Jackson with a girl at the magic show in 2007. I was wondering who the girl was, MJ couldn’t take his eyes off her.

I saw him hug her and kiss her lips. I never knew who the mystery woman was until I later on saw Shana doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight.”


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  2. you idiot he didn’t like boys he liked women
    or you think someone who has Playboy and Penthouse collection under his bed is interested in penises? get real

    he had children as his friends, both girls and boys but that was it he was not sexually interested in any of them

    his accusers were nothing but mentally ill parents and their trained minions going after his money and they were destroyed in court

    the list of women he had a crush on is virtually endless, you don’t put Brooke Shield posters and Ava Garner posters in your room if you like boys

  3. what you think is irrelevant
    they had a a real marriage like it or not Lisa Marie said it several times and she knows better than you do
    besides MJ wanted kids and unless you think he somehow forced Lisa to have artificial insemination — which you can be sure she would have talked about after they divorced — then you have to accept they did it in the traditional way

    MJ loved women what do you think he did with all those Playboys and naked pictures on women on his hard drive which were found by the police in 2003? why did he visit the Playboy mention that often? to see boys?

    LOL you deny the most obvious facts to support your twisted theories

  4. sleeping is not f*cking you idiot
    I slept with my parents when I was a kid that doesn’t mean we were licking each other
    I slept in the same bed with adult friends too never ever thinking about sex

    MJ was just a serious case of peter pan syndrome he thought he was just one of the kids and that’s it

    BTW girls slept in his bed too but what the heck do you know about him? nothing

  5. actually the first accuser’s father, Evan Chandler, also had mental problems, he was bipolar

    the scum died a horrible death
    he deserved it for what he did to MJ

  6. Straight people?

    He was Michael freaking Jackson not some simple straight guy.
    do you have any idea what the press would have done with his girlfriend if their identity had been revealed? their life as they knew it would have been over

    who they would want to do that with someone he loves?

  7. he gave them up a long time ago
    he really didn’t grow up until his kids were born but by the time he hit 45 he did not have slumber parties

    no, not with Arvizo either those bozos simply lied for money

  8. LOL bullshit man
    none of it is true

    if it had been Sneddon would have used it to nail MJ in 2005

    the FBI investigated MJ for years including in foreign countries they never found anything because MJ never did anything wrong, or you f*cking better know than the FBI? hello?

    the Heal the world foundation had nothing to do with
    MJ meeting with kids it support charities and that’s it

    the make a wish foundation was that arranged the meeting between MJ and Arvizo

    and we all know the Arizos were liars

  9. but he did propose to a black girl with a funny African name in the early 1990
    she turned him down

  10. what the f*ck are you talking about?
    keep your disgusting pedo fantasies for yourself!

    first of all real pedos both have pron and real life victims they can never be satisfied the average pedo has 50+ victims during their lifetime which is one clear evidence that MJ was not
    sexually interested in kids if he had been you wouldn’t just see one or two bozos complaining every 10 year suing him for millions

    sleepovers were not a regular thing in Neverland
    and they happened only if the kids and their parents wanted it
    and not only boys but girls too
    and they had nothing to do with sex

    nobody was “served” to him especially not “every weekend”
    where the hell do you get that from?
    most of the time he was alone or with his family members, cousins, nephews, niences

    you confuse sleepovers with f*cking? what the hell is wrong with you? they are not even similar activities

    you think the 20-something women and the 11 year old girl in the Wake me up video have a lesbian relationship just because they happen to be in the same bed?

    MJ wasn’t gay the evidence is overwhelming
    just listen to the Glenda tapes on youtube
    or the Schmuley tapes
    or to Karen Faye or Frank Dileo
    or Frank Cascio
    you know, people who unlike you actully knew him for 20+ years

    gays do not put Brooke Shields and Ava Garner pictures on their walls

    what do you think he had 1000+ pictures of naked women on his harddrive? why do you think he collected Playboy and Hustler?

    he was 100% hetero , get over it

  11. maybe Shana was his girlfriend when Paris was still very little and she doesn’t remember

  12. LOL all your baseless fantasies about MJ!

    get a life

    he was no junkie he had chronic insomnia and chronic pain. when you have those I’ll watch you suffer without anyone giving you any medicine to fell better, sucker

  13. Exactly.
    Whatever Happens is NOT about Shana. The song has absolutely NOTHING to do with her.
    The lyric is the same as saying La La La.
    Some people are TRULY reaching!

  14. Her story doesn’t add up. The time she said she dated Michael, he was married to Lisa and Debbie. People who don’t believe her say she was just helping him and should be credited for this, but a lie is a lie.

  15. The one and only true love of Michael’s life was Diana Ross. She was his lasting inspiration and according to Michael he will always and forever love her. Just research and find out how many songs he wrote about her. Its amazing,

  16. To all those who think Michael was a pedo…..FUCK OFF!!!!! Michael was a great man and a very wonderful father…..Why would he donate millions of dollars to charities and helping kids if he was a child molester?……One of the reason why He built Neverland ranch was that kids with troubled and disturbed childhoods would go there……It pains me whenever i hear false accusations made against him……FYI those kids(prince,Paris and blanket) are his……he will always be their father no matter what…….All haters can go to hell if they think otherwise……..And for Fuck sakes LET THE POOR GUY REST IN PEACE!!!!!…..If you haven’t watched the 1994 Diane Sawyer interview he and Lisa had….go check it out…….RIP MJ…..You rock my world

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  18. Not Thriller she was in Ghost which was in 1996. Before that she was in Is it Scary which was in 1993. She was the only cast member whom MJ called back for Ghost.

  19. When MJ was with Shana Paris didn't even exist yet. She was born in 1998. Shana first met with MJ in 1988 then was on tour with him in 1992. They could have had an on and off relationship this is what MJ had with Lisa Marie Presley too. By 2007 Shana was not around MJ but they sure did met and when they did MJ still had the eyes for her. There were two Brazilian women MJ was photographed with sometimes after 2003. Pharell Williams talked about seeing them with MJ and MJ making out with one of them I doubt Paris knew about them either. So Paris saying that she didn't see MJ with Shana proves nothing. MJ could have kept his relationship with women as private as possible and separate from his kids.

  20. Jacky be on it. And now 4 years later, she has her book out with this pic as the cover! I’ve listened to the audiobook version. I believe she is telling the truth.

  21. Michael allegedly has a son as well-a real son. Also, this site needs some more writers/admins. It updates way too slow.

  22. MJ team doing great damage control. he wasnt into women. no straight man would have children in the manner he did.

  23. No one cares about this shit except CACs. The only reason this is even being reported is his family is paying for these stories to try to repair his legacy. That’s not gonna happen.

    Only CACs are pressed about this dude because they’re f***ing lames.

    That said, Michael Trapson is that dude. I’m moonwalkin on the flooooo. Shout out to Jermaine, that’s my broooo.

  24. Can anyone provide more info on Ms. Mangatal? She’s been in the industry for a minute & has a knack for connecting with the right ppl. She’s been around some real V.I.P.s.

    Just some thoughts on the book-I wonder why was she so taken w/MJ? For an older man, he was very immature & I’ve found most of his all around actions were self serving. I don’t consider him attractive any time after 1984. It couldn’t have been all about the money, because she was around other dudes who had that. I would not have had sex w/him; not that he had to be straight, which he probably wasn’t, he might have had bisexual activity. JMO.

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