The Internet Clowns Shemar Moore’s Dance Moves, He Responds

shemar moore dancing

Shemar Moore posted a video of himself grooving to an Ed Sheeran song, and once The Shade Room got their hands on the footage and reposted it to their page, all hell broke loose.

Put that body on ME!!! ??‍♂️????

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Instagram users clowned Shemar for dancing off beat, they called him a “drunk uncle,” and said he danced like a white person.

Of course, he had to clap back:

shemar moore dancing


  1. Bye. Told yall niggas to ask shemar moore and you see the answer uh? Thats how he be dancing for them executives in that room..chile cheese.

    • Didn’t he host Soul Train decades ago.. Social Media has made fools out of the so called stars.
      One time you couldn’t pay ppl to talk about their personal business, but now Stars are putting it all out there.. Then they want to clap back at you.. He’s always been suspect, but it really doesn’t matter to most of us.. We’re not looking to hook up with him or any of the “Stars”
      suspect.. They all passing diseases back and forth.. GTFOOH With that BS
      He knew what he was posting and just waiting to clap back at him..
      They all had that butt penetrated for a job.. I MEAN ALL THE STARS HAVE A RITUAL

    • Been to his house in the Hollywood Hills. Def a lot of testosterone there but ratchets as well. Nice guy- ev n more gorge in person. He gives Bi- vibes.

      That’s all I got.

        • LMAO she knows the stars and hang with them according to her.
          She’s posting just like the rest of us
          I don’t believe her one bit.

          • Yeah, she’s a big phony. Want everyone on here to believe that because she lives in California she knows celebrities and hang out with celebrities. You can tell she’s a liar, a wannabe. There are others who comment on here from California, but she’s the only fraud. It’s like shut up you old miserable, lonely bag.

  2. I Like Shemar Moore (Regardless Of Him Being Allegedly Gay Or Not) As He Seems To Have A Fun, Friendly & Socially Confident Personality.

    #Keep Doing U, Shemar!!!

  3. I just want him to finally get dem teeth fixed. All the money he has and bottom teeth everywhere but where they supposed to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dag, just watched the video. Why do the words, Miami and Pool boy come to mind? Anywho, you didn’t know his mammy is white?

  5. Not sure what the big deal is, he’s a handsome guy just having fun.
    I like him on S W A T. to.

  6. He can dance like Grand Pa All he wants over my house!
    At 48, he looks better than most of these 25 year olds.
    Who are on play station and dance in a circle at the club!

    Old School man who smells good and takes care of himself versus these skinny jeans wearing negoes, who take a shower every two weeks.

  7. If he is gay that’s his choice but as a woman I must say he looks damn good! We having a ladies day mother sister aunt and nieces and we all agree. He can have anyone of us lol. We just having fun and it looks like that’s exactly what he doing. Fine successful black man chilling having fun. And ain’t shit wrong with that!

  8. Gay or not, here are some facts. Never been charged with a serious crime (although hosting Soul Train should be a misdemeanor), never heard about him fathering a bunch of bastards or beating on a woman. If he has people to cover for him, Chris Brown and a few others need to hit him up.

    Yeah, Shemar’s braggadocious which is normally a turn-off for me but if he’s managed to make to nearly 50 and still look good, then keep tormenting the haters.

  9. Typo…. Buff Said.. Plus he acted his Ass off in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, with Kimberly Elise. He is just too fine for words.

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