Michael B Jordan Addresses Rumors He Doesn’t Date Black Women

michael b jordan black women

Michael B. Jordan chatted with Essence magazine about the flack he gets over his alleged dating preference and the rumors that he doesn’t date black women.

“It’s so funny to [my family] because it couldn’t be further from the truth…My dad and my mom both said, ‘If they only knew.’ If they only knew. And that’s the thing that keeps me not tripping about it, you know what I mean?” – Michael B. Jordan

The Black Panther actor said all of the rumors make him want to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

“It makes me hesitant about whoever I’m seen with. I’m finally starting to get to a place now where I don’t care, but it bothered me for a minute. It made me more conscious of things I say and how I move, and what could happen if I leave a club or a restaurant or the movies. If I leave anywhere, any known place with anybody, there’s going to be speculation.” – Michael B. Jordan

BTW this is his current girlfriend, Ashlyn Castro:



  1. Micheal B Jordan is gay . OR bisexual …but there were stories about him during his creed filming one of his gay partners aired him out over social media, and his response to it was not a denial. So stop trippin….. he doesnt date women period .

  2. Black Women Are Jealous Of Becky !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ (see: hoodrat wig and weave wearing comments above and below)

  3. If he’s seen with YT then one can only assume. HWood chose him to be a celebrity so what difference does it make. He doesn’t represent me! Wakanda was/is a fantasy!

    • You should care because every time we give our money supporting men who don’t marry black it forces wealthy black women to turn to whites for marriage keeping the black community forever poor while Cuban creep s get richer and won’t give a poor black a glass of water in the desert

      • But Spends Her Money On Ra.cist White People DAILY !!! (see: 24 hour a day hypocrite with a JEZEBEL DE.MON)

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    So Sasha what’s the real tea about Whitney Houston being molested by Dee Dee Warwick( Dionne Warwick’s sister)

  5. She’s a dirty Cuban who hates everything black unless it comes with GREEN. He’s a fool.

  6. That first girl is so pretty. I never heard him talk bad about black women so I’ll continue to support his fine ass. Everyone has a preference and if that’s what he likes that’s him. Shit I love biracial guys, It doesn’t mean I would only date biracial but it’s just the type of guy that I’m mostly attracted to.

    • Obviously dumb ass u didn’t fully read my comment it’s what I prefer but I don’t just date biracial guys. I’m a sell out because I like biracial men that actually do have black genetics yet your first comment was talking about the white girl being hot? Lol practice what u preach coon.

    • Some men don’t like women over 300 lbs, or even 150, unless they’re almost 6ft tall. Not talking one night stand but a committed relationship. If a woman has a skin problem, they may not get the plan they want. However, I do have a problem with people who discriminate those who don’t look a certain way.

  7. Beard bride. His ex dl boyfriend was saying how he been fuck8n ryan coogler for a minute. Tbh, there is something about him that seems like he was touched as a child & now he fucked up. Anyway, the moral of the story is he is a rich good looking american black man and he can fuck anybody he want to, including this spray tan becky but she look like the head game on point so do u brah

  8. And who are you for anyone to take some shit up with you over a man u neva met in ur life? U idolators need to realize ur favorite celebrities including men be getting on they knees and all fours for these movie roles..ask shemar moore LMAO!!!!

  9. He is one man in the world of many. The only stars are in your eyes. Thank the good Lord black folks don’t get lynched for inter racial dating any more. That’s all.

  10. My black Queens are becoming obsolete… They come with a package at first, they show out anywhere, they just don’t care to be civilized. Her kids never like you for you only when you bring the Xbox over. Now the weave can be ok but all the drama your mother didn’t raise you like that, your baby daddy did

  11. What the hell is wrong with her face in that 2nd picture…she looks like a piece of plastic posing for an ad for botox…

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  12. Beautiful princess…latinas usually have the perfect blend of white, native and black features

  13. First off he’s from Orange County, it ain’t hardly no black people out there.

    Second he does date black woman, his highschool girl was black. Not mixed, not light but black.

    Third, this man is running through females left and right in LA right now, all different colors. Doubt he serious about any of them, including this one.

    • Alot of people dont understand that most people date within their proximity. When black women date white men in their social circle I compelety agree. The higher a black person goes up the social ladder the less black people around the less chances of dating one.

      • I just think the boy is trying to live life and have fun plucking as many white girls as possible. I believe he will settle down with a black girl. I know his type. If he found a black girl in Orange County in highschool, when there’s not even black people out there, then he clearly like black woman. Maybe he think like snoop, which is he date white woman for fun and marry black

        In Hollywood purposely try to force the white woman on the black celebs. Buttt the jokes on them because those men are usually using those white woman for fun and still marry black.

        Michael b Jordan is fine as f—- and if he straight, black woman ain’t letting him go. He will marry black. But them white woman can have them other niggaz.

      • You’re actually right because my husband used to be in NFL and when he went to college he was around nothing but white girls. And he did the same he dated white, but he said he was never marrying one and he did not.

        • Most black men actually do marry white women when they are the only ones around. Its hard for a black man to go from dating a white woman to dating a black woman. Most ‘brainwashed’ brothas see that as a downgrade

          • I don’t agree, I’ve been around plenty rich black men. Look at the nba and nfl.. most of the black players are married to black woman. The few that aren’t they parade around on tv to make it look like they all married to white woman. But if you look at the actual facts, look at each black player on the team and look at they wife you will find most are married to black woman. Heck even some of the white players are married to black woman.

            You maybe only looking at tv, in real life these men marry black. I never heard a black woman being a downgrade. Lol ? you may need counseling or to fix whatever black woman broke your heart. You trippin…

            Even Michael B Jordan One real girlfriend was actually black. Lol google her.

          • Asap, she’s bipolar and will never post a pic because she comes on here and type her fantasy. It’s the internet, you can be whatever you want to. A month ago she was on here talkingvabout she was living in her car, went out of business and a whole bunch of shit. She’s a nut job.

            • Never lived in my car and never went out of business. you got me confused with someone else. Seeet heart.

            • Let us know where I posted that. So you can clearly see that youre a liar or confused or stretching the truth. I’ll wait…. I ain’t never posted nothing like that on here. Living in my car??? Lol where tf did you pull that from.

          • sadly the fact that it’s so hard for you to believe and you think being married to a retired NFL player is a fantasy, shows how pathetic your life must really be. Lol OMG.. Anyways, what I said was facts and I posted the picture for you to see. So now that I proved I’m right, you mad. Wtf… so you don’t want to see him with a black woman?

            My picture is already on this site. They wrote an article about my friend who passed away a few years ago. I have no problem with posting my picture if you post yours first. ???

            • Dude if your life was worth a Damn and if you had ANY Friends you would not be on here late night and throughout the day.

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            • Nobody care whether you got a husband, no kids or 20 them bastards. You make the dumbest, weirdest comments on here bish.

              • But they all facts…. it said he don’t date black woman, I showed you he do… don’t understand how that’s weird. Just showing you idiots, media spend stuff how they want. You prefer the lie over the truth, which is weird to me as well. Guess neither of us understand each other. ????‍♀️

              • Or you just ignorant and mean and like to believe negative stuff, instead of positive, even when the positive are the actual facts. The boy said he date black woman and that chick ain’t his girl. Lol what else you want from him? You want him to hate black woman??? I’m so confused… lol

                I come on this because I like to see how miserable people operate. I used to care what y’all think when I was 8, now I know y’all mess with the whole world. It’s sad the celebs go out the way trying to impress y’all. If they only knew they most critical and negative people are the losers who are mad about everything. Then when they see something actually negative, they Say it’s positive. I come on here cause I want to, if I cared what you thought, I would simply stay anonymous or change my name. ?

            • LMAO…how miserable people operate?

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  14. You mean she warned you about how she and and sorry ass MFs like you are..no Real man follows some shim who clucks like a chickenhead….you closet homos are a trip.

  15. Haha Michael B Jordan fine as f—k . Lol this one black man they ain’t letting go of… blavk woman mad…????Black woman just consider the white woman as a side chick. MBJ having fun, he probably ain’t trying to date black woman cause he don’t want to hurt none. Mark my words this man marrying black. Probably won’t be for another 20 years cause he trying to be player right now. but watch.

  16. Michael B Jordan is dating a becky that actually looks good. Most black guys (Kanye, Tristan Thompson) screw around with ugly white bitches; interesting!

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