Blac Chyna Facing Lawsuit Over Assistant’s Death

blac chyna sued assistant death

Blac Chyna is potentially facing a lawsuit as the family of her assistant, Lorena “Patty” Hernandez prepares to take her off of life support.

The woman’s husband claims Chyna abused his wife and didn’t provide her with worker’s compensation.

Although Chyna said publicly that she was going to financially care for the woman’s children, her husband says she didn’t do anything.

“I mean all she pretty much did was spread the word and reach out to her baby daddies, so she felt like, ‘That’s how I helped.’”

Rob Kardashian and Tyga both made donations to a GoFundMe page for the woman’s medical expenses, totaling $15,000.

The woman has been on life support after suffering a seizure at Chyna’s Lashed salon in January.

“[Chyna] has never ever been [to the hospital]…She was only there the first day when they found her at Lashed, but the only reason she came to the hospital was to tell the doctors and everyone not to give out any information to anybody. When I got there they didn’t even want to give me information because she gave them the order not to say anything. After that she never came back.”


    • Well they r getting ready to take her off life support. And I’m sure this is something they have thought about for a long. Either way, prayers to the family. In the words of my drunken grandmother, they gotta do what they gotta do.

  1. Chyna isn’t crazy–look at those bad ass kids. They’re ready to start a fire, kick a doorknob, nut up. Note: Don’t date single parents, male or female…they’re problems to the nth degree.

  2. So is this how they are going to ‘get’ her? BC doesn’t have any money. If they sue for big bucks, she will remain even broker.

  3. Chyna is such a Junkyard Cat… just filled with mischievous schemes and riff-raff. A trainweck with some good pussy. I’m gonna pray for her.

  4. With some small businesses, you as an employee must provide for your own insurance of all types but workman’s compensation is required by the employer. If an injury occurs at work, the insurance kicks in. The law is state by state and employer with one or more employees (full- or part-time, permanent or temporary) must carry coverage. Was that the situation here. How could she not have her business without coverage.

  5. The gofundme amount is $15,000 this woman and her family will be taken care of regardless. It’s sad but I cant imagine working for these celebrities.

  6. Idk I can see Chyna being a bitch especially towards people she hires. I saw a video where this girl asked for her autograph and told her how pretty she was and the bitch walked right past her like she didn’t hear her. If she didn’t want to sign a autograph she should have said thank u but I don’t have time I’m sorry or something like that.

  7. Prob was in the back doing drugs w/Chyna or Chyna gave her the drugs.

    More to this story….

  8. She should not have been working for blac Chyna. Nothing good was ever gonna come from that.

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