The Game Gets His Feelings Hurt & Goes In On ‘H**s’ Who Wear Wigs!

the game snack or meal

Baller Alert played an innocent game with their followers by asking them if they thought The Game looked like a “snack” or a “meal.”

The rapper obviously didn’t like the responses he received, so he went on the attack and tried to drag women who wear wigs and feed their kids “fish sticks 5 nights a week.” One Instagram user wasn’t havin’ it though!

the game snack or meal picture


  1. So he spending all his money on steroid juice and tattoos? Do he have the fund$?. He better save some of that tattoot money for a good jhewish lawyer cause he gon need it soon.


  2. As if tommy sotomayor agreeing means shit. He had a ugly ass white bitch talkin bout his russian girlfriend im like this crispy nigga really is an abomination you can tell he really hate himself.

  3. This nigga like 40 years old asking he’s a snack or meal. I see he changed comment on it I guess he realized how stupid he sounded.

  4. Pan down to his calves..I bet they look like fish sticks…train the lower body too, please.

  5. Game is right. Which human being would want to stick another human being hair on their heads for months. In India they scrape off young women head as rituals and then package the hair to women who have self hate

      • Yeh thats how they process hair in india. They do some hindu rituals on poor indian women, cut off the hair and just sell it. Why you think women who wear weave are so messed up. There are demonic spirits in the hair

    • His mother wears a damn wig..
      He’s a child rapist, I will be happy when they pursue him and the 17yrs old teenager..

      • Hes no rapist. 17 yrs is perfectly legal in almost every country. People just hate him because he “unapolegetically black” and isnt afraid to speak his mind on the stupidity of both men and women

        • Go to hell with him, he wants them young and dumb..
          He needs to remember he’s a father of a daughter..
          Just know he wouldn’t defend your dumb backward ass.
          Kept him date your teenager daughter.. GTFOOH with that BS

          • Throughout history older men usually married much younger women. The only reason why we object older men with younger women in modern times is because its usally just casual sex.

            If these men were marrying these women and building a respectable family nobody would care. Just imagine building with a woman that you know will retain her youth for decades instead of some old geezer who will expire in months

            • Shut the Fuck Up Clown…I mean KKKoon.

              No woman or girl for that matter wants some Old Broke Down Crusty Ass dude…the only reason busted dudes get or got any is because they have $$…otherwise they would have turned into Ugly, Bitter, woman haters like yourself.

              • But why is attracting women based on wealth/money considered a bad thing. Marriage should mainly be based on wealth not someone white made fantasy of romance and love

            • STFU Dick…just because that is the Only way a woman would have you does not mean that should be the key factor.

              • And love is not some fantasy, just because you will never have it or know what it is.

              • If more married based on wealth all these inner city children wouldnt be born into poverty. The irony is that once the money stops flowing these women who once said they love their man usually bail out

            • You Mr. African you need to carry your ass back to Africa and free your people.. We don’t need your black ass telling us what the heck we do.. You think you’re better than us, but you’re not. Like I said let Game nasty steroid ass f*ck your daughter..

              • Why do so American use such racial slurs like black ass, crispy, blackie and shadow to describe other blacks. I am just curious

            • You aren’t us, so stop calling yourself black…you are a hamite which means burnt face so being called what you are is not a slur.

              • If saying something that is who you are not a racial slur how come black women get mad and claim racism when other races called them ugly?

        • What I know is you are Ugly and a Moron and get mad when someone calls you out like the for being the Bitch you are…why don’t you worry about your asshole being blown out and your issues around that.

  6. He a thot an old hoe that stripped for men and women to old underground undercover wanna be underdog. He not a snaxk or a meal. Just fast food that made u sick after you ate it..

  7. Also all and i do mean ALL WOMEN of every color wear wigs. So sick of the implications that only black beauties wear them. Women like change and some need them for medical reasons. Men need to grow up mentally. Its time

    • Most woman wear wigs not weave. Black women are killing each other for a taste of the remy hair

      • You were praising that mixed race MAN in drag on the other post now you’re lying on real black women but you calling yourself african? You’re intentionally ignoring the all natural hair trend among black woman INTERNATIONALLY because you are a #Dumbslave

        • The majority of black women still wear weave and a trend is a trend until it dies out. Next year they will be back to wearing blonde and navy hair blue hair mixed with blue contacts and fake butts

      • Agreed. Including those ratchet build-a-hoes known as the Kartrashians. Game slept with almost ALL of the sisters- where was his self righteousness then? Kum and her trash sisters ALL wear weaves &wigs, fake tan, silicone shots and implants plus plastic surgery and he thought those gabardine tools were attractive.

        Game is just another simp ‘lost in the game.’

        • I find that black men who date women who wear weaves, fake butts and aesthetics are usually low lives, deadbeats and thugs.

          Seen many brothas married to natural black women and usually they spoke well and were well mannered

          • Dont get under my shit trying to split hairs. Ion givva fuck how you see it. Wig weave mens hair club rugs bottom line is while YOUR digging on some personal hate all people look to enhance thier looks
            Now black women are not KILLING themselves for hair you idiot. Maybe yo mammy just hate you and thats y she on a cliff bout to jump. Fuck outta here with that generalists attitude. It doesn’t apply to an entire race or gender of people. Stay out my reply box with the bullshit bitch ass.

            • I didnt mean to get you mad but black women spend nearly 10 billion dollars on weave annually. All that money can better spent on health products, early childhood education and life insurance.

              • Yeah you did.

                Nothing you type is fact, just shit you pull out of your ass literally.

              • Get off your high horse. The beauty industry in itself makes billions regardless of the enhancement. And u didn’t upset me. But i did expose you. Instead of spreading generalisations go work in public service sector. Collect votes and lobby in state capitals..

          • Also AFRICA with yo racist ass y are you here again??? Your a urban racist troll that goes on primarily black sites and spreads hate. Take yo Klan loving ass back to yahoo and ✋ stop trying to bash black ppl. Spreading lies and personal hate for a specific race of ppl..

      • Well… now weave and wig wearing has reached an all time high. Not only are grown women and children found wearing them…now the men have been wearing it too. I tell ya, if I hadn’t seen it for myself on Youtube , I wouldn’t have believed it.

        • True wigs, weaves, hair transplants & every type of plastic surgery rules with these lame ass dudes as well.

      • Dont get under my shit trying to split hairs. Ion givva fuck how you see it. Wig weave mens hair club rugs bottom line is while YOUR digging on some personal hate all people look to enhance thier looks
        Now black women are not KILLING themselves for hair you idiot. Maybe yo mammy just hate you and thats y she on a cliff bout to jump. Fuck outta here with that generalists attitude. It doesn’t apply to an entire race or gender of people. Stay out my reply box with the bullshit bitch ass.

        • @The Realest Love…You really need to pipe down and stay on code…that is…if you know how? Folks like you fuck it up for all of us melaninated people, with all that misplaced anger headed towards the wrong subject matter.
          Anywho…I just found out about the weave for men and after reading your comment I was curious as to if you were aware of it. Reread my comment twice and didn’t see where I was coming at your neck with it. Me, personally, I embrace my very own natural crown, which through it I RECEIVE all that it was purposely intended and designed for me and my people to receive from it…it is my antennas to the world. Catch that tea! With that said, IDG2Fs what any MFer wears on their head…a baby goat, some bananas, a mop, pubic hairs tied together, virgin gorilla hairs…IDGAF! SMH. Damn, it really wasn’t that serious…well, at least not to me it wasn’t.

  8. Game shut up you phukked kim, him and his brother phukked khloe thrn hr phukked Chyna and bragged about it like everybody else who
    Phukked any of the Kardashian girls

    He still beefing with his dl.buttboy 40 glocc and Curtis making a hundred diss songs to each other

    That gay ass diss song where he calls Jay, suge, and Curtis his bitches lol

  9. when was the last phuckin song he made??? GTFOH. Getting bulked to do your bid, they still gon’ shank you…short eyes.

  10. Wait a minute the game is the last person who should be talking about pedolphliia. Wasn’t he involved with a couple of underage girls and possibly got one pregnant. He sounds like another R Kelly to me. Where’s the Me Too Movement on this.

    • Couple?

      That nig…middle name is uncle kellpedo…

      Constantly, dmin’ 14, 15, 16 year olds and yes getting them pregnant.

  11. It was an earlier article in hsk saying he and Mario the singer was fuckin …. Hope that’s not true

  12. He still a FAG he can lift weights all he want a take steroid he still a FAG tatoo of a butterfly on his face then covered it with LA and had a tongue ring stripper FAG? him

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