Jay Z Convinced Meek Mill to Cancel His Trump White House Visit

jay z meek mill trump visit

Meek Mill had plans to visit the White House to discuss prison reform with Donald Trump. But after receiving some calls from his industry friends, including Jay Z, Meek changed his mind.

Jay reportedly told the rapper that meeting with Trump “would be problematic” for Meek’s image.

“I was originally scheduled to be part of a panel on Prison Reform at the White House to help shed light on the issues within the system. Unfortunately, the focus turned to the President and Myself which concerned me that it might take away from creating a positive result from today’s discussions….As a result, I decided not to attend so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system. Most importantly I remain fully committed to improving our criminal justice system.” – Meek Mill

Did he make the right decision?


  1. I’m glad he changed his mind. Trump would’ve used him as a pawn and nothing would’ve been solved anyway.

  2. NO!!!! what a coward and a follower. If the president wants help you take his help!!! come on brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!! Meek you take advice from a drug dealer that cheats on his wife that’s concerned about your image? rather than listening to the people who want to help you and other blacks? your image? please you don’t care about the others just your IMAGE!!!! bye!

      • how would you know that based on the words I said? your ignorance and lack of education is showing and by the way, I’m black. I speak for myself and definitely not a follower. I don’t do xyz because someone tells me to do it. Some of us left the plantation and your writing appears to show you’re still mentally on the plantation. I will pray for you.

      • These stupid blacks should be forced to watch Samuel Jackson uncle Tom character who was a Klan member. I think many drug dealers are self hating Klan member

    • Remember they are the drug dealing murderers who killed their own community with much blood on their hands. Every bit of JayZ money should be taken and given to black children as reparations

      • ABSOLUTELY!!! JayZ definitely has blood on his hands. He killed his own people by selling drugs to them. He’s a murder! Look at how many families he destroyed.

  3. Well…..Considering The Current Political & Social Issues [Atmosphere] In The United States….I’d Say That Meek Made The Correct Decision [Call] On This One.

          • Didn’t Kanye have Beyonce name on his lips before they took him down. Why didn’t dirty Jay defend his own wife against Taylor .He influenced his patsy to do it for him.

            Rihanna was hot and heavy on Beyonce tail when she first came to America until the dirty Jay sicced her on ciara, who he started hating so much because she turned him down and abruptly ended their 2009 tour. Bey knows she is second choice. I believe this dirty Jay-Z had something to do with future and ciara split because he been thick as thieves with future since that went down.

          • And poor Chris Brown was forced to play boyfriend to Rihanna for publicity and cover up after Rihanna embarrassed Jay at the Grammy when she tried to walk on stage with him as a couple. No one can forget that one. Yes you can take a dirty dope boy out of the ghetto but you can’t turn him into a decent human being. He is a master of con manipulation theft and causing all manners of harm to innocents and even their children.

            • The sad part is you believe that dude has power when he does not…he works for those who have their own worldwide agenda..he is the real patsy/fool.

              • Influence and power over his employee Kanye YES

                Influence over a gullible very young Chris-YES

                Power over a young Ciara who was opening up his show -YES

            • You talking about that one award show when she had that little boys hand like her and Jay was a family? Then Beyonce gets up and says all random “I love my husband”? Never knew the backstory.
              And about CB I remember that article in Vibe I think where Jay threatened Chris life. Then when everything kinda blew over CB and Bey made a song called Jealous .

            • He ain’t shit and ain’t GOT Shit…

              Any man that believes another man has Power over him is a FOOL..Dummy.

  4. Jay-Z doesn’t want Meek to get any bigger. So he had to shut him down.

    What kind of man lets another man that isn’t his father or brother tell him what to do? That’s worse than going to any forum that Trump has. There’s your slave mentality right there. That inability to think for yourself.

    And if half of what they are saying about Tidal is true, Jay-Z is gonna need all the help he can get on prison reform.

      • I’d think the latter. He respected his elders wisdom. Maybe in your lifetime you’ll be able to experience that…???

        • Sadly her stupid ass will Be an elder sooner than later…I wonder how long Dumb Old people last in the world…never really met one…prob a reason for that.

    • Drumpf wasn’t even invited to the royal wedding. Every standing president had gotten an invite. Every leader in the WHOLE WIDE ?!! He’s bad for business. I’d avoid him like the plague too… On another note, Jay-Z is so predictable, ugh!!! He only told him not to go bc he knows that’ll be the ? in Kanye’s back! Even thou he’s”forgiven” him, he’s still gonna punish kanye by keeping him in the sucken place to give the illusion that his threat has power that end could end his career. The great illusion by a dirty individual…???

      • Not true. It was not a State wedding like Charles and Diana’s. No world leaders were invited.

  5. Dumbass. And who tf is Jayz to be telling anybody shit? Did he get u out of prison meek? Did he visit, write letters, send ur family love? Now he sonning ur ass telling u not to meet Trump prolly cause his ass wasnt invited. Trump is the mf president. Jayz aint the fuckin president & if anybody can get some prison reform it DAMN SURE aint no fuckin Jayz. Tell Jayz to handle his bullshit ass streaming company which is about to go down any second now. Notice Obama aint give a shit about a Jayz& a fuckin beyonce once he left office lol. Meek being a dummy and listiining to these dumb niggas is what got u knocked in the 1st.

  6. Y’all better do your research…Tmz updated that initial report
    ” A Jay-Z source says Jay did not force or even convince Meek to cancel the White House trip, adding Meek made the decision after talking to several people”. – TMZ
    Looks like even Jay didn’t want no smoke with Peez Chump????

  7. Meek should have kept the meeting. Regardless. He has his own path and Jay Z is an attention seeking self injectioning distraction. Never let anyone deter you especially a JZ..

    • Yep Future and ciara together could have been number one. Real and True with future etc is one of the greatest love songs ever written.

  8. Had he met with Trump and did the Steve Harvey & Jim Brown photo-Op, then he would’ve been slammed all across the board. He decided not to and he’s still getting slammed, SMH.

    • So true. No one is mentioning that Trump said that he was a mason when he met with some of his hi dollar black donors on camera earlier in the year–was on disclosetv. com. Michelle Chrisette, Ol Black Ass Amarosa, Mr Harvey and any other black personality has been cursed and is on a slow fall to hell with anyone else who “dealt” with the Drumpf. In private, or public opinion–Meek would’ve been the scapegoat to the black community, and to the white/non-Hispanic community the next targeted individual. And Trump would have done what is normal to him–gaslight him, and talk much shitte about it online. and to his buddies on the golf course. That’s ratchet and poor trashy, all rolled up into one. “All Money Ain’t Good Money” fam.

      • Trump has helped more blacks in one year than Obama did in 8 . Obama told black men to be openly gay then he allowed Mississippi to make sodomy illegal setting them up to be felons and diseased

      • @ Anon 9:13, I agree 100%. Trump has and will continue to outrage, enrage, say and do whatever the hell he wants, because he can. Strange azz, disappointing azz, backwards azz country we’re now living in, SMH.

        • Yes I know you want the American president to take care of everyone but the. Citizens who voted for him.

          • I didn’t vote for Obama thinking he would do anything for me and I damn sure didn’t vote for this thrice married, adulterer Spanky aka Pee Brain aka John Barron aka David Dennison aka Con Man aka Petri Dish President who likes to fock sex workers RAW, NO RUBBERS. He’s dirty, nasty and low down scum. He even looks like piss to me. He nor his ex prostitute wife shouldn’t be anywhere near the White house.
            The economy was on the upswing under Obama, Mr. Pee Stain is just riding off what Obama created.
            But you like him tho, good for you.

  9. WhT makes any of yall really think Trump care about any of our Black issues especially with what he did denying blacks from renting his buildings even if they had no criminal record or hia refusal to denounce a white sumpremacist and the many other black issues that happened.

    All it was going to be was a photo op for trump to act like he care about black issues thats all
    Hes a old. Rasciat White man stuck in his ideas he’ll never change Meek took the right advice

    • An intelligent leader knows that when black Americans suffer they Rob and kill white American. That’s why he helps black Americans. Good enough reason for me.

  10. Why are so many people listening to Jay Z have your own mind and do what you feel is right. Really this hate for the president is really getting out of hand stop the nonsense and think for yourself and stop with the dickriding all the time. Jay Z is and will always be a manipulator stop giving him a voice he’s for the aliete agenda

  11. I agree with much of what Truth Serum!my dad once told me the measure of a man is to have a strong conviction(no pun intended)no matter who questions or agrees with you,prison reform is a serious issue,if anyone is willing and able change this bs system I’m willing to listen and the last ppl on earth i would ever look to for critical/disciplined thinking is a entertainer or pro athlete,do yo own research mho

  12. No political leader was invited to the wedding. Not even their own PM, Theresa May.
    Not even their own families was invited from the bride side, and neither was the dad of the bride was given any air tickets or any itinerary, when he was well and able, before he got sick.

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