WARNING: Offset Shares Gruesome Photos After Car Accident

offset car accident

2 days after crashing his Dodge Challenger in Atlanta, Offset is sharing the gruesome injuries he sustained. Click through the photos on his Instagram post to see his bloody scars.


The rapper left the scene of the accident and didn’t report it to authorities. He was also briefly hospitalized and his pregnant fiancée, Cardi B, rushed to be by his side.


    • Lmaoo…got her voicemail again huh? Don’t try to take that shit out on me. Get your tubesock and Vaseline from under the bathroom cabinet and get busy. You know the drill.

  1. So hes 111 years old now?? Yall see that hospital braclet? This nigga the real life blade, 200 year old vampire. Cardi get yo shit and get the fuck out there LOL. But real talk the shit sound like he dipped cuz he aint want no breathalizer or blood test, DUI? You got too many kids right now & too many mouths to feed to be killing urself in a car bruh.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. That negro was high or drunk that’s why he bailed

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