Terry Crews Testifies on Capitol Hill, 50 Cent Clowns His Sexual Assault

terry crews 50 cent sexual assault

Terry Crews testified on Capitol Hill about his alleged sexual assault by the hands of WME agent Adam Venit, he asked for a bill that would provide fully-subsidized rape kits for survivors.

After 50 Cent saw his testimony, he clowned the actor’s experience in a since-deleted Instagram post.

You can watch Terry’s full statement here.

Is 50 victim shaming?


  1. Making sure everyone who needs one gets one is a no brainer…what they need to worry about is checking the backlog of rape kits they have now and have had for years.

      • Yes that’s the truth, the backlog is 4-5 years old and they wonder why some don’t report it.. If it was a policeman or one of his or her family members, that test would be rushed through… If it was someone wealthy, it would be done immediately..

  2. 50 Cent is a big mouth bitch.

    Sensitive ass grudge holding cancer. Why can’t he just catch cancer.

    That’s what makes him so unpredictable: he’s gon keep talking shit regardless of what u do to him.

    Curtis is the type to keep talkin shit while you’re stomping his face in.

    • “Curtis is the type to keep talkin shit while you’re stomping his face in.”



  3. Funny he’s talking about jail because I’m sure he dropped the soap a couple of times with his gay ass.

  4. What is 25 pennies laughing about.. His ass was bust so wide open for that contract,
    he shouldn’t be clowning anyone… This man has lost 400 million dollars and the last woman won her lawsuit from him.. He’s the dumbest SOB I’ve seen on TV. He should check his own self, because his mouth keep writing checks, he will be broke very soon.. Dr. Dre tore his asshole up and he loved every minute of it.. It’s the truth

    • He wasn’t forced. The perverted cracka grabbed him by surprise and Terry took the high road and didn”t beat his ass on the spot.

      • I really don’t think it was the first time, he has grabbed him by the ball.
        I happy he’s not afraid to finally speak up.
        They all give up something to make it in Hollyweird, believe that for sure

  5. Fifty Cent,To Be A Grown Man,You Are As Stupid As They Come,You Talk When You Should Be Listening,The Way You Grew Up,Mother Killed By A Pimp,Drugs All Around You,You Treat Your Child Like Shit,You Vilafy Women So Much,I Know You Must Be Gay,(vilfi Women) No Self Respect For Yourself,You Sound Like A Gossiping Female In Junior High School Every Time You Open Your Mouth,Never Heard You Say A Kind Word About Anyone.You Just Gossip,Karma Is Coming For You!

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