Damon Dash Sues Lee Daniels After Confronting Him Live On Video!

damon dash lee daniels

Damon Dash uploaded a video of him rolling up on Lee Daniels and demanding the $2 million he loaned him to kickstart his career. According to Dame, Lee used the money to make Precious and then went ghost! By the way, Precious came out NINE YEARS AGO!

After posting the video, Dame decided to get the court involved in ANOTHER issue he has with his former friend. He filed a suit against Lee for not giving him a co-executive producing credit for a Richard Pryor biopic, and said he was scammed out of the 5% of backend profits that he was promised before Daniels ditched the project.

I straight up loaned this dude Lee Daniels @theoriginalbigdaddy 2 million to pay for his dream of being a director…it was the money I was using to fund my movies and stay Indy…he promised I get my money back in months…then he makes precious and goes missing so he doesn’t have to pay me…then then Butler…empire…same shit Why does this dude feel like he doesn’t have to pay me?…why do I have to look crazy to get my money back…or go to court…ask @theoriginalbigdaddy why he doesn’t feel like he has to pay me even though he has it…what type of shit is this.. #paywhatyouowe I’m going to put this whole thing on my ig tv in a few… true definition of a culture vulture @culturevultures_book …eats off the culture but Robs the culture at the same time… see you back in court Lee your gonna pay me what you owe…please everyone ask him way he doesn’t think he has to pay me… @tmz_tv @vanlathan @theshaderoom @deadline @worldstar @voguemagazine @people @pagesix @oprah @halleberry

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  1. Damon Dash’s broke ass is coming after everybody who owes him even 50 cents.

    I’m sure lee daniels woulda paid him back promptly if he still woulda been with jay z and his gangsta pals. Now he out here solo and ain’t a threat to nobody. Not a arrogant dick anymore. But still loaning money to a nigga is a sticky proposition regardless of class or age. U damn near have to beat em or take em to court to get ya money back. Niggas have no integrity when it comes to money.

    Now Damon Dash is just a loudmouth Harlem nigga with no street backin so lee just put em on the backburner. Harlem niggas r the most irritating ppl on the face of the USA by the way: they talk to fuckin much!

  2. I’ve never heard of anybody loaning $2 million dollars without a written contract.

  3. right is right, wrong is wrong. pay the man his fuckin money. Lee standing there like hes Oprah with a grandmama shawl-blanket over his shoulders talkinbout “i know im wrong, ima pay you your money”..then DO IT bitch nigga! On the other end this is a dangerous game Dash is playing. Doing this shit publicly like this could backfire and he need to be careful about approaching these devils in this way. PPl have been kilt for far less

  4. I remember when Damon told RZA to go to hell, when he requested money for ODB. I believe that this is just another example of internalized institutional racism. If the Italians or some other group of Caucasians loaned him this money, he would of paid them back well before they would have even imagined that he that he was late to do so.

    • You damn right he’d have paid if it was crackas. White people don’t play with niggaz like that when it comes to their money. All these so called hard niggaz pay up like bitches to the white man

  5. Good thing Damon Dash got the $2 million dollar loan in a contract. Next time Damon should let his lawyers do the talking. In the future, no black businessman or businesswoman should do business with Lee Daniels. It’s obvious he is a unprofessional sloppy thief.

    P.S. When it comes to money, always write a contract and have the person sign the contract. This also includes marriages; business 101.

  6. Lee Daniels is one lucky black man. A street dude would have shot him on sight!

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