Joe Jackson Dead @ 89

joe jackson dead

Joe Jackson passed away at 3:30 AM Wednesday in a Las Vegas hospice after being hospitalized with terminal cancer. He was 89.

According to sources, his family was by his bedside, including his wife, Katherine, their children, and his grandchildren.

He had been battling health problems in recent years and was hospitalized multiple times for a high fever, a stroke, and three heart attacks. Doctors had also implanted a pacemaker.

Joe and Katherine had been married for 60 years, though they lived in separate homes. They had 10 kids together and he had at least one other child, Joh’Vonnie Jackson, with another woman



  1. If all of the rumors about Joe Jackson are true, I don’t think his soul will rest in Heaven.

    • Katherine is the Real monster and all her children are afraid of her. Many fathers are too harsh with children but Good mothers step up and shut them down

      • No he is not.

        He has escaped the reaper multiple times…shit he was just seen kickin’ it in his wheelchair with bill killton the other day.

        • George is in bad health shocked me Barbara brief before him both been ill.for years

          • Bad health does NOT = final days DipShit.

            My point is he should have been DEAD…

            Don’t respond when you don’t get the basic premise of a post.

  2. You know all of his sons r gonna gang up on their lil sister to make her pay for the funeral.

  3. JohVonnie has only good things to say about her father because Johvonnie had a good mother who wouldn’t sit by and let her father abuse her, while Ms Katherine did nothing to protect her children, and that is the real reason why Katherine children hate her.

  4. I’ve never heard any of the children hating on their mother Katherine. Unless you have the inside scoop.

    • She is the monster who sat by and did nothing. True monsters in sight such fear that no one dares to snitch on them. You know that. If Joe was a monster he would have closed all his kids mouth.Instead he said nothing and took the beatdown. No monster does that.

  5. Joe Jackson did what he thought was right raising 11 kids in the 60’s and 70’s especially 6 boys.. He beat ass!! The out come:..All his kids are successful .. we never heard of them while growing up being in any trouble … and they are the most talented family of superstars the planet has ever seen.. RIP Mr Jackson job well done! condolences to the jackson family

  6. RIP but I was surprised to read the other day about LaToya acuatauons and even Rebbie admitting that she was touched inappropriately …

  7. I can see whooping or punishing your kids when they wrong but in this case Joe wanted fame and fortune so much saw where he can beat his kids and train them into stardom Joe wanted nothing else but riches, fame and glory and if it cost his kids sanity so be it

    • And Katherine shot gun wedding ho did to. It galls me that pregnant hos who force men to marry them have the nerve to call other women’s children bastards.

  8. Sooo because he beat their ass is an excuse for those boys to literally be screwed in the ass? Umk.

    • The idiots talking that shit don’t get how the industry really works.

      They still think talent is all you need to succeed…smfh.

      • Yup. I keep seeing negroes all over my timelines giving their condolences to Joe. These same negroes themselves who are dysfunctional, and were abused the same way in their youth.

  9. Satan is beating his ass right now in hell.. xxxtentacion also there getting his ass whipped.

    • Do your own due diligence, shit the book with the account about bob hope was already posted for you, everything can’t be handed to you on a silver platter…jeez.

  10. When your son leaves you nothing …that’s a statement of it’s own..the rest is speculation…Hopefully He Finds Peace In His Death…To Be Deem A Hateful…Disrespectful…Abusive..Mean..And Having Babies Outside Of His .Marriage…Now He Will Answer To God…As We All Will.

    • Michael’s estate financed Joe’s comfort living in his down time. I believe Michael left money for his Dad through Katherine. His businesses left him ripe for lawsuits. He was trying to make a living.

  11. This piece of garbage was surrounded by family when he died but Michael died alone because of the circumstances that he created for him. Hope Joe gets ass r*ped in hell for all the sh*t he put his kids through…

  12. I member back.whrn Katherine, Randy and janet beat up Joe’s secretary because katherine thought Joe was.phukking her

  13. Joe Jackson is the perfect example of how not to raise, nurture and educate a black family. Joe Jackson’s kids did not get in trouble with the law, The Jackson family was extremely rich, but at what cost. Many of the Jackson children suffered from severe depression and mental health problems. Michael Jackson getting so much plastic surgery, he literally erased the melanin from his skin; same goes for Latoya. Speaking of Latoya, she took naked pictures holding a snake. We all know about Janet’s plastic surgery issues as well as the many times she has dated men who are not black. Also there are disgusting and horrifying rumors about Joe Jackson and the methods he used to turn his children into hollywood celebrities. The moral to this post is that if you’re black please remember that real wealth is your health and your melanin; don’t destroy that. Love your children, do not abuse them!

    • Don’t just point out janet not being with someone black…hardly any of them are currently with someone black, Moron.

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