R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Calls Him a ‘Monster’

andrea kelly r kelly monster ex wife

R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea is still talking about her marriage to the singer. In this interview with Inside Edition, the professional dancers says her ex was a monster and she couldn’t leave their house without his permission. He even hogtied her one night. And although they were married for 10 years, she doesn’t even know what’s it’s like to be a real life.


  1. Wow! Did she have plastic surgery? When people tell you who they are…believe them! He tells us everyday in his songs and I read his book Soulacoaster…in the book his uncle had him video taping his sexcapades with his aunt at a very young age…he also saw a lot of violence at a young age…not making excuses for him …I think any man that abuses women are secretly gay…

  2. Janet is next. When an old woman tries to have a tour like a 25 year old woman, raise an infant and deal with the stress of an Am hating Arab the stress Will kill her quick

    • Them arabs will kill u. Janet need to shut the fuck up and collect that chile suppot CHECK. She luckly she escaped in the 1st, not all them can.

  3. I quess they made all the money they could off of him even backed him after hard evidence was leaked of him having sex with underaged girls.

    Welp, the games begin…

  4. Kelly said he should have been stopped twenty years ago he said it’s too late to stop him

  5. Andrea is gorgeous to me, from head to toe. Her hair, her body&dancing talent, & her resilience. I don’t remember her badmouthing”Robert” when she was on that show with Nicole Murphy, but I also don’t remember her talking about him a lot, almost like she had a “STFU Order” on her like Prince put on Mayte.

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