Did MSNBC Bury New Russell Simmons and A.J. Calloway Sexual Assault Accusation?

russell simmons aj calloway sexual misconduct msnbc

Sil Lai Abrams revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that she was raped by Russell Simmons in 1994 and sexually assaulted by former BET 106 & Park host A.J. Calloway in 2006.

She was prepared to tell her story and even gave an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid about the accusations, but the interview never aired.

“In January, Reid taped an on-camera interview with Abrams at MSNBC’s New York studio. But a process that had begun in December dragged on frustratingly for weeks and then months. At times, Reid texted or emailed Abrams about her sense that the network was ‘slow-walking’ the story with “stupid” requests. Finally, in April, Abrams says Reid told her that the network was no longer responding to her queries as to when the segment might air.”

Here’s what the network had to say about passing on the story:

“When MSNBC pursues any investigative story our mission is always to be as thorough as we can, to scrutinize sources and corroborate information before we report. Anything else falls short of our journalistic standards.”

The also said some aspects of the story didn’t meet their standards.

You can read the full article here.


  1. Happens ALL the time.

    I remember when tmz had tapes of bieber singing about killing nigg-rz and held onto them for years, as not to “tarnish” his image…and when they finally came out down played it as him being young and dumb…wtf?

    There are men still on shows who have done heinous shit to women, ally wentworth (george steph….polis wife) said as much w/o naming names, on a fairly recent interview.

    And we all know about anthony anderhog’s raping ass, so there are sure to be plenty more who haven’t and may never be outed for the puss bags they are.

  2. Probably did but they been coming for yoga man since that rush card fiasco a while back! Maybe someone loaned him money to fix it and he never paid them back. I was surprised when his wifey left him when those girls were young and then she went on to create more chirren with two more men.
    Was yoga man broke before and/or after that divorce?

  3. Even Aj’s expression in the post looks like why y’all got me up here next to him. He is so cute, don’t tell me there’s a pitbull behind the persona.

  4. Mmmm could be true could be not…one thing is for sure..are they tarnishing black mens legency based on here say……hell yes..!!! How would u feel if some one accused you of a horrible crime ..and the only thing they had was the other person word that it happened…no evidence..the rape kit done (cuz the “victims” ass waited so long) you would be like wtf too.. especially if u didn’t do it…here s another question…why are these women going straight to the media and not the police?? If this is true….SMH..it just hard to have sympathy when u waited so long..and u don’t even have a police report to back it up..I don’t feel sorry for ” victims” like Terry crews either…who don’t name the accuser …I feel like your still protecting them…how is that looking out for others when your still trying to make millions of dollars..so u still keep quiet..while a rapiest or perv can continue to quitely do what he been doing ..cause he knows there nobody bold enough to let his name be known.. SMH . Either come all the way with it…or don’t come at all..#js

  5. I’m from the old school.. where actually investigate arrest..and there s a trial…..this new age shit where they just point the finger at u and ur guilty is for the birds…if that was all they had to do MJ career would had ened long before his death…not saying that all the black celebratites are innocent…but I’m say people do lie…..then one the other hand u have people soooo much evidence against then..but yet nobody seems to care…the victims of r.kelly..smh…and this man is still making money walking free amongst us…

  6. I wish you idiots would stop coddling these foul ass grown men.

    Just because no one has ever done anything to your ugly ass does not mean there aren’t women who are harassed every minute of the day…having a dick does not give you license to be one.

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