Teen Girl Begs R. Kelly For Her Friend Back! ?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

An Instagram post that was made a year ago is surfacing back up … and it makes much more sense today, than it did back in May 2016. In the posts, which all prominently include the hash tag #IWantMyFriendBack and are addressed to Kelly include the following:


  1. Would somebody please bring this man in for questioning. And what happened to that interview that the other girl’s father was going to give “24-48 hours” after that first one. Instead all we got was some rap video from the sibling.

  2. I wouldn’t offer my aunt to that sick fucker ! And the aunt is stupid as hell if she was okay with her niece saying that. I don’t get how R. Kelly is not in prison he had a sextape with a underage girl and I guess he paid the family off but in the court of law that shit shouldn’t count oh yeah I guess it’s because she wasn’t white smfh

    • The pussy you get once you become famous and women still wanna fuck Kelly you got girls still wanna fuck usher knowing he has herpes now and yes even Charles Manson gets groupie love

      • This child was not a woman when kel-chester went after her.

        And GUsher did NOT tell women he was infected and has known for 8 years.

  3. This is some twisted shit.

    This will not end well for Robert. He would best be covering his bases now and letting the families have contact with the girls. I see a kidnapping charge on the horizon.

  4. Kelly gonna have to spend a few million to get out of this I doubt he recovers but gd plan is to break him

    Stupid ass Kelly you high profile, rich and black and these white folks watch you plus he’s already a well known sex offender idiot

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