Taye Diggs Pays Extortion Money

Taye Diggs Extortion

HSK Exclusive – Taye Diggs went into cleanup mode and paid Chankeong, a large undisclosed sum of money. Know why? Chankeong, was threatening to release video of Diggs cocaine fueled sexual escapades.

“Taye paid her off because he doesn’t want any static from the producers of his hit television show Murder In The First” ~Industry source

Taye Diggs Chankeong

Here’s Chankeong using IG to extort Taye Diggs:

“Taye Diggs…don’t u dare motherf***** play with me and bring me outta character. I don’t care how much money u give me..u will not disrespect me b****. With ya little a** d***. I will air out this entire video piece by piece of u licking both me and my b**** p**** and ur f****** number if u don’t get ya s*** right. Don’t make me put out all 7 parts of this video b****. Act dumb if u want to. I have footage of u on all kinda drugs, and sucking on my c*** h**. I never air out any celebrities I f*** with but nicca u tried it. I will end u. Let’s let the world know why ur divorce really came to a f****** end. I’m drunk and not in the mood for bulls***. how many nights we spent in dream hotel? Or do u need me to display ur address in lower Manhattan. foh. f*** u taye dumb a** diggs…I should get ya a** beat like u looked in The Best Man.”

The Drop:

“On Monday Taye’s people were calling some of the biggest washers in Hollywood. They didn’t want the public to see the disturbing footage. The harassment and threats stopped once they paid her off.”

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  1. And black women wonder why when successful black men only mess with White women and women from other races. I wonder what he did for her to do all that. Looks like she been planning this for a while now.

    • Do u really think sistas are that pressed. Nope, especially if my brothas keep digging in the white man trash can and keep grabbing all the rejects like they are a prize. Im disgusted to see you get a downgrade but you want to hold yourselves as royalty…..oh and it definitely hasnt persuay her to get her daddy, gpapa and brother supremacy off your neck. The joke is on you!

    • Black women are not concerned about who he is dating – pls leave that race bait elsewhere. All scorned women snitch!

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  3. I haven’t a clue who this s, but she is certainly unfortunate looking.
    Bow wow.

  4. And what is he going to do when she blows through that money and comes back for more. He may have to take a pre-empted hit, go to rehab, then wait for her to come back at him for more money. Gather as much evidence as possible, then go to the DA and have her charged with extortion. This is illegal. Men like Diggs have no luck with any women, but still, this is a crime.

  5. Taye Diggs is a wack brotha with no game. He thought this albino looking trick would be happy to stamp her coochie with his name with no $$$. Sorry its how the game flow. Smh

  6. Cant hate on him or her but just because Taye doesnt date sistas doesnt mean he dont dip cocoa on ocCasion, She is a sex worker, a pro.

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