NWA Goes 50 Shades of F. Gary Gray: MC Ren Gets The Axe!

MC Ren NWA Movie

HSK Exclusive – Straight Outta Compton film director F. Gary Gray, has been aired out for keeping MC Ren, outta the movie trailer for the NWA flick.

That’s what trigger MC Ren to set it off on twitter.

 “When you have b*tches work on a hip hop film that don’t know shit about hip hop this is what happens. How the hell you leave me out after all” ~MC Ren

From what we’re told the answer to Ren’s question is simple. Dr Dre and Ice Cube join the late Eazy-E as the faces used to push the film. What’s more? Ren ain’t the only one forced to take the backseat. Don’t believe me.. Ask DJ Yella.

Check it:

“These folks don’t know Ren and Yella–but they know Ice Cube and they love some Dr Dre. Gray is following the money. He’s stuck on the pop path instead of keeping it real.”

F. Gary Grey Movie


      • He has no juice no buzz no following. Who in their right mind would feature a broke ass? Biz des has everything to do with net worth and success.

        • It does determine who u feature in a trailer. You don’t put joe blow in a commercial when Denzel and will smith are in the movie. Do u have any common sense?

          • Thank you 100. The trailer is what attracts the kids(and I say kids because that’s who goes to theaters to see movies) to shell out their cash for a ticket. You want faces that will draw them in. No matter if you like or hate Dre and Cube, even kids in their teens and twenties recognize them. I like your Denzel analogy.

      • Exactly! That’s some dumb shit. He was STILL part of the group, even after Ice Cube jumped ship and was still rolling with Eazy after Dre ran to Suge. I forgive you for your ignorance.

    • fool

      he co wrote all material with ice cube and became chief writer after cube left the group. wtf do you know

      jack ass

    • nwa was in the early days eazy, ren, Arabian prince, dre, cube, yella, laylaw, sir jinx, and dj speed.

      Arabian prince left while eazy, ren, cube, dre, and yella was in the frontline then cube left over money and it was eazy, ren, dre and yella.

      dre didn’t want to rap at all and doesn’t like raPPING BUT HE HAD TO FILL CUBES SPOT UNTIL EAZY PHUKKED HIM O VER THEN DRE LEFT.


    • Or successes. You don’t think that Ren or Yella wouldn’t trade everything to be in their shoes??

  1. What did Ren expect this is the same movie that wanted only light skin women who look like beyonce. Racism at its finest by black and white people.

  2. cube and dre are established millionaires and they careers moved beyond nwa.

    sadly ren’s career did not progress beyond nwa’s do anybody remember his solo albums.

    money talks and cube and dre has money while ren is just a has been and at least he’ll get some recognition and folks will check him out again.

    • Interesting because Mc Ren’s skills were just as good as Ice Cube’s. Some of Mc Ren’s songs were tight; remember the song Mad Scientist?

  3. Mc Ren is underrated. He’s way better than those sellouts Dre and Cube. Why didn’t they have Lil E play his father? Don’t support this movie.

  4. Gray hopes to direct again. This is his big shot since his career stalled years ago.

    He’s doing the right thing for the film. Millennials don’t know or recognize Ren or Yella.
    They DO know Dre and Cube. He needs asses in seats and he needs a good opening if he wants a hit which will propel him into future directing gigs.

    Some of you have no clue how PR or advertising works. EVERYTHING is marked towards the 18-34 year old demographic. They are the ones who got to the movies still, and they are freer with their money. This isn’t about black cultural accuracy. It’s about black ink.

  5. A TRUE hip hop & N.W.A. fan knows you GOTTA include MC Ren, regardless of his financial state. What a dumbass comment. Would you want the WHOLE story or just SOME of it? Leaving out Ren or Yella is tell’n HALF the story. These are PIONEERS we’re talk’n bout fool.

    • When a stoopid ass comment goes wrong. I totally agree with you Anonymous. You can tell a young mind over a mature mind.

  6. I know people who worked on this movie. Here is some info, extras were not getting paid! Some of the extras were not real gangsters, but they were the type of young black men who are not going to put up with bullshit! Some of those guys stole S.A.G. vouchers from the second and third assistant directors. Alot of the extras also stole food from the craft service trucks and the lunch trucks. Some of the extras simply walked off the set! Time is money and broke black men will not tolerate working for free!

  7. My brothers and sistas, please do not see this movie. Please do not waste your money and time with this garbage! What has Dr. Dre done for the black community? What has Ice Cube done for the black community? Dre donated $35 million dollars to a racist University called the University Of Southern California and Ice Cube continues to promote alcohol to black people. These two coons souled out the black community, became multi millionaires, and gave nothing back to us! Vote with your dollars and boycott this trash!

  8. Sucks to be ren yes he wrote some of eazs raps and yes he was just a good a wtiter as.cube and doc. But cube expanded himself while ren didnt

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