Tammy Rivera Pregnant After Waka Flocka Exposed for Cheating

tammy rivera prenant waka flocka

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tammy Rivera and her husband Waka Flocka were going through their one millionth breakup, but things went from messy to WTF when it was revealed that Tammy is pregnant by the cheating rapper.

Even though Tammy went on the record to say cheating wasn’t a factor in their breakup, it was clear by a series of Waka’s Instagram posts that he had stepped out on his wife.

He then went in full drive with numerous IG posts, trying to get Tammy’s attention and forgiveness.

Fuck you mean… Lol ??? I broke her heart now my heart hurt 🙁 (ThugVoice) @theflockas

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Well, I guess all that begging worked because Tammy now has a gut full of baby.


So basically, the divorce has been called off, and Tammy is now having a baby by a cheater. Congrats, girl!


  1. How convenient and how typical. Now to ask what others are asking, how come black media always refers to a pregnancy as toting a gut full of…..? It's repulsive slang. Even referring to the stomach as a gut is ugly. Some people call chitterlings guts. A baby is inside of a womb which is not part of the stomach although the stomach stretches to accommodate the growth. This is what we as black people can do for one another – show some respect to one another in an area as simple as language.

  2. Jackie can u find out who the married man is that tamar braxton is having an affair with. Also if Vince is really going to divorce her and go for full custody of her son?

  3. I heard he had been jacking off a lot and saving the CUM in condoms. He and Tammi got real freaky one night and she did an upset down split and Waka poured the CUM in her and made her stand on her head for about an hour. That's how she got pregnant with his weak ass CUM.

  4. I love to see black families stay together. Tammy & Waka…don't let the devil come in between you two. The devil is busy.

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