Tami Roman Goes Off on Iyanla Vanzant for Dissing Keyshia Cole’s sister Neffe

Jaws dropped when the trailer for the upcoming season of Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life started making its rounds a few days ago showing Iyanla ripping the head off of Neffeteria Pugh over her relationships issues, but apparently no one was more disturbed over the clip than Basketball Wives firecracker Tami Roman who went live to voice her disapproval.

Catch an earful here >>> http://www.brokensilenze.net


  1. Beloved gonna get FUCK UP! She already got a limp when she walk…She better push back and be smooth or she will get &^%$ UP!

  2. Is Tami on something, she was talking crazy. psych and doing nothing but telling her how people view her and it ain’t a lie, don’t know how productive that would be though.

  3. To be only 46/47, she aged a lot but I guess she is about that life. If she’d married Marlon Wayans, her situation would probably be worse. Wonder what little David from Real World 2 looks like today.

  4. Why is she saying ‘Miss Iyanla’ as if they’re not right about the same age?

    Tami, how do you know that she’s not quoting someone in the clip? STFU!

  5. @Missfitts, I always think about him when I see Tammy. I wonder if she ever apologized for treating him like a rapist over that blanket pulling mess? I realize she was young, but I never really dug her after that. She made a black man out to be a monster in front of white people. Even if he was, you don’t confirm it for THEM. Certain things you just don’t do.

  6. Tammy has always been a bitch on tv. I too remember her ass from The Real World. I don’t watch Basketball Wives but I’ve seen clips. She’s still an asshole. Looks like that shit is catching up w/her, she looks OLD as hell!!! She may end up like her mother & die early. It’s all about choices that are made in life. You can choose to do better or not.

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