Questionable Hazing Photo of Nick “Swaggy P” Young Leaks…

Nick Young Hog Tied

Home Nick Young’s NBA Hazing Photo Surfaces … Hog-Tied In Hotel Bed

Swaggy P got the stripper treatment during his rookie hazing back in 2007 … and Gilbert Arenas just provided the photo proof. Nick Young was a 1st round pick of the Washington Wizards — where Arenas was a superstar at the time.

One of the hazing rituals Young had to endure … he was hog-tied in his hotel room surrounded by cash. Arenas called it “50 Shades of Nick” and added, “Welcome to stripping game playa.”

Wonder how this would go over in 2017?


  1. Satanic crap. Mainstream everything is ran by Satan. NBA, NfL, etc all gay contact sports.

    • Already. I agree with you. F that. Initiated into what, for what? To pull you into their bullshit tactics. What they will do with you can be done to you. Grow a pair, enlist and then go crazy..

  2. Are fraternities part of the Illuminati as well? Thy do worse shit than this.

    Anyone who thinks the Illuminati gives a ratfuck about Nick Young is a gullible fool.

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