Tameka Raymond Foster is NOT Ready for Her Close-Up!

Tameka Raymond Walks off ATL Exes Set

Reduced to Exploiting a Dead Child…

Tameka Raymond reportedly walks from the yet to be aired Atlanta Exes production.

Here is what’s been reported:

“Tameka Raymond quit Atanta Exes in disgust after former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star DJ Tracee Steel made a scene at an event honoring Tameka’s late son Kile Glover.

Apparently Tameka and her co-star, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart, haven’t been getting along so Tracee decided to insert herself in the situation.

Sources say Tamika was horrified Tracee and Torrei would sink so low as to bring drama to an event honoring her son and has submitted her resignation effective immediately.”

via StraightfromtheA.com

Tameka Foster Quits Atlanta Exes


  1. That is the switch of the century, after receiving Pink Slips all her life she finally gets a chance to resign from a yet to be aired doomed reality show. You go Girl you are just a bright rising star in the industry! Who said you needed Usher?

    • Lol. Poor girls. But I was just thinking the same thing. They look like they’ve had a hard life.

  2. I doubt Tracee, being a mother, would disrespect a dead little boy. Tameka is a shit starter. I don’t believe anything coming from Tameka’s mouth. I feel sorry that Tameka’s friend is being held liable for Kile’s death when Tameka rented the jet ski that ultimately caused Kile’s untimely passing.

    • But Tameka was not at the site of the accident, in fact she was out of town. Are you sure she rented that jet ski?

  3. Torrei Hart and her struggle for relevance is tapping dancing on my last nerve. She is ugly. Kevin is ugly. They are both unfunny. The Black Smurfs should’ve stayed together. She needs to go away.

  4. This gold digger has a show? And Atlanta Exes? lol. Who the hell want to see more Atlanta trash on TV.

  5. No 6 Bella You’re an idiot. Cant believe u could say such a hatful ignorant comment

    • There was no hate contained in my previous post, you stupid bitch. Just the facts, which you clearly have an aversion to. A man had an ACCIDENT on a jet ski. As a result, Kile ended up losing his life. The insurance company forced Tameka into pulling the plug after 30 days. Study the facts of the case, rather than my post, then choke on a rancid dick.

      • Wow, Bella you have such harsh words, it is not that serious. Too harsh too harsh too harsh. Please calm it down a little.

    • Is she trying to launch a modeling career? Is that her Light, Bright and Fresh look (Mary Tyler Moore “That Girl”)? Epic Fail!

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