Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert Headed for Divorce – She Cheated!

tamar vince divorce cheated

After losing her co-hosting gig on The Real, it looks like there’s something else Tamar Braxton is about to lose…her marriage!

According to Love B Scott’s sources, Tamar’s marriage to Vince Herbert is on the rocks, and it’s all because she has been cheating on him with another “high-profile man” for a while!

Vince has reportedly been suspicious of his wife’s infidelity for quite some time, and he hired a private detective to find out all the juicy details.

When Vincent found out the truth, he confronted Tamar and they had BIG blowout in front of two other people. It apparently got so heated, they cut everyone in the room a check to keep quiet.

Vince is already thinking about getting full custody of their son, Logan.

“He doesn’t know who Tamar is anymore. He says she’s not the same woman he married eight years ago. She’s too busy going on vacations to worry about the drama at home. He has the baby and that’s the only thing he’s concerned about.”

Tamar is currently on vacation with Kandi Burruss and Tiny to celebrate Tiny’s birthday. Hmmm… we wonder if she’ll come home to some divorce papers?


    • I know, wish I was in the room, but the thing is, they wasted their money, got out anyway.

    • in agreement 200%. the sad bitch will never become a living legend like her sister Toni ever whose old music is still being played and jammin to this very day (love me some Just Be A Man About It & I Love Me Some Him btw), no matter how hard she strives and do lame dance routines on stage and no matter how hard her gimp tamarsian ass kissers cheer her on.

  1. You reap what you soe! Tamar has planted a lot of seeds, just in the 5 or 6 years that we've been exposed to her. Most of those seeds are weeds, that has sprouted up and choked her budding career! She's so funny, talented, and smart! She has a greast deal of positives, but their over shadowed, by her ego maniacal, narcissistic personality.. She obviously suffers from these disorders that a culture of megalomania has spawned. This should humble her, but it won't… She'll find a way to back track, and cover up, until she's forced to face her bullshit. By then, it'll be too late.. Most of these people today, will show you what " not" to do, or how " not" to behave. I hope that GOD heals her heart, for her sons sake. Sisters need to leave these phony, prefabricated lifestyles alone. Love and light.

    • BrooklynQueen,
      Have you ever seen Tamar & Vince together in person?
      They look like the most unlikely pair to be married. Nothing to do with Vince's weight & health issues or her desperation to be a super star. They look more like they're in business together than a marriage…no love between either of them.

  2. I want to know who the mam is she is cheating with. Vince is smart to have put a private investigator on her.

  3. she's a nobody. and of course she cheated on li'l dick fatass. and it may have been with liver lips Steve Harvey since he has acquired her to his morning radio talk show. and since Steve doesn't discriminate on who he cheats with…remember how he met that golddigging Majorie chic, right – she was the mistress when biglips was married to the second wife..the one expose his pitiful behind. so it may be him that popeyes cheated with. never know, so stay tuned.

  4. She got the 8 year itch instead of 7. Happens to a lot of people especially if the marriage wasn't 'right' to begin with. If it's Stevie-Lips, this bout to be good!

  5. Well he(steve) did offer her a show of her own sooo….. I wonder why and what she had to do to get it

  6. Looks like a mtf trans and her gay best friend. That clown makeup trend has got to go.

  7. Vince always looked gay to me only reason he got with Tamar was because he had money as a producer only reason he got her

  8. What happened to discussing the shootings of innocent black men and the BLM marching going on?
    Seems that would more important than the latest muppet cheating on her gayish looking husband. I'd like to know where BLM is now that that people are all across this country retaliating against the police. Is DeRay Mckesson going to continue to march and have anything to say now? Better yet, what is BLM going to when all law enforcement decide they can't or won't handle the citizens of the land any longer and the military takes over. How effective will BLM be at preserving rights or anything else for black people then? It was a hot topic here when those innocent black men were shot in two different states. The threads here were popping with all sorts of commentary. People who disagreed with the very existence of BLM and it's alleged good deeds were called everything but a child of God. Others pointed out what has transpired historically and changes that needed to take place while others choose to act stupid and derail the topic. All and all it was an open dialog that just stopped and my point is that's exactly what's about to happen with BLM. DeRay McKesson has a new well paying job that gives him access to a $56 million dollar budget and a free $675k home now so he's set while all the other people who live in the affected communities are still there dealing with the same issues.


    • sure wish Black Lives Matter disrupt that pathetic, racist RNC bullsh*t that's currently underway. and where are the snipers when you need 'em mostly…instead of killing the people that you will call on when your ass get into trouble with the next person who whooped your ass and you're calling 911 and they come rescue your ass? hate what's going on in this country right now. lone wolves and deranged in the brain idiots out of the military are killing the wrong people. they need to start putting those racist white bigots out do their misery first and foremost.

  9. Tamar is at the very hottest point in her life – her 40's. She is so hot, she's lucky not to have raped the mailman, and stuck with a critical, sickly, fatass who doesn't care enough about her to lose weight and be the best man he can be. Tamar got her own money now. Go girl! and find you a man who cares more about you than food.

  10. Did anybody consider that the rumors about Baby Na Toni Braxton might have been fed to the blogs in order to provide cover for the real story? It reminds me when Khloe was smashin Game, and suddenly her people said she was seeing his brother. That way whenever they were caught together, they could use it as an excuse.
    Anyhow, the idea that Tamar would consider being with Baby, no matter how rich he may be, is just too disgusting to think about. Even Steve Harvey is a big step up from tattoo face.

  11. Knew Khloé was f*cking game why would she f*ck games brother who is a nobody I mean Khloé like the rest of her family wants dudes who ate famous like they are famous rich girl with a no name whose brother I scanned rapper is a step down sorry but Khloé was f*cking game who f*cked kim too

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