Future Shades Ciara & Russell’s Marriage on New Track

future ciara song diss

Future isn’t wasting any time letting the world know how he feels about his ex-fiancée Ciara and her new husband, Russell Wilson.

Ciara and Russell were just married in London on July 7, and Future has already released his diss track.

In the lyrics, he basically calls Russell “corny,” and he makes it known that no matter if the court tells him to stop speaking about Ciara and Russell, he don’t give a f***!

Peep the lyrics:

“Corny dudes don’t impress me.
Never let a b**** dress me.
Can’t no m*****f****** judge check me.
I don’t give a f*** about a ring.”


Someone’s bitter!


  1. He should keep talking. Then she can take him to court for defamation as well as him being a negative influence in their son's life. She should go after full custody then with supervised visitations.

  2. Yeah he talking all that yang but in court this simple itchb is all humble and quiet and isht . Now let this fool keep on and the court slap him with sumin…LOL Ciara just need to be rubbing her hand together on this on. Keep it up simple man , Keep it up …you mouth gonna write that check that you body and pockets dont wanna cash.

  3. this bisexual ass phag loves makin idle threats. sit down lame. Russell is doing the damn thang for the medically challenged kids in hospitals still all on his Facebook page while this extra bitter cornball is making dull tracks evoking pathetic threats against him.

  4. Two scorpios don't f*cking belong together. That was a match made in hell from the jump, I mean of course it was all staged to begin with, but still. Future's beyond pathetic and petty. Ladies and gent's both- be vary wary of who you choose to lay down with. God knows you don't want to spend the next 18 years with someone you absolutely loathe!

  5. It's eatin his ass up! LOL "Aint nothin good gonna come to you till you do right by me… " (pointin crooked fingers) *in my grown Celie voice*

  6. Future Take your auto tune singing ass down somewhere only reason he got put on was because he had a relative in the dungeon family

  7. Yesterday may call Russell corny but it is always better to be with a man than being with a dirty d*ick boy. Yesterday doesn't even compare to Russell nor is Yesterday in Russell's league. Yesterday needs to stay in his lane and stop trying to stay relevant thru both Russell and Ciara. If Yesterday was really a man he wouldn't keep Russell in his mouth. Move on already!!!!!!

  8. Oh future cares about the ring in fact i know he wishin right now that he would've went the beyonce route and just put a ring on it…Does he not know how corny he's making himself look by constantly making songs about a woman that ain't even worried about him? Boy bye!

  9. The man is literally so full of envy he cannot control himself. He would probably sign over every nickel he has to get Ciara away from Russell. However, every nickel he's got doesn't equal Russell's expenses for one year, and THAT is killing him too. He figured she's slink into the shadows like his other 10 BM's and never be seen or heard again. Now she's the First Lady of the NFL and on a first name basis with the prez and other top tier types.

    Boy, you done f*cked up big time.

  10. Let future cry and weep hg e sounds like Kanye crying over recognition and over a damn award

  11. Tantrum. Grown man baby ass tantrum. I'll say it again: Future has some real child development-type issues going on that can only be fixed with serious therapy. A diss track for a woman who got married? Really, Dude? You look needy (because you are), you look stupid (because you are) and you look immature (because your childhood emotional issues are apparent). GO FIND A THERAPIST AND LEAVE GROWN PEOPLE ALONE.

  12. Wow but ciara is no catch she's got like several kids already if I'm not mistaken. Russell could have done much better.

  13. What Jay Z say…Shit I'm a man with pride, you don't do shit like that
    You don't just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that
    You don't throw away what we had, just like that
    I was just f*ckin them girls, I was gon' get right back
    They say you can't turn a bad girl good
    But once a good girl's goin bad, she's gone forever
    And more forever
    Shit I gotta live with the fact I did you wrong forever

    Damn, Future got inside tears, lol

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