Kim K Leaks Audio Proving Taylor Swift Lied About Kanye’s “Famous”

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The beef between Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift was just reignited when Kim leaked audio and footage to prove Taylor lied about being unaware of Kanye’s lyrics on his track “Famous.”

On the song, Kanye raps, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, I made that b*tch famous.”

Everyone was outraged that Yeezy would call Taylor a b-, and her brother even through his pair of Yeexy sneakers in the trash to show support for his sister. Taylor even played the role of the victim and swore up and down that Kanye never received permission from her to use the lyrics. This is what her rep had to say:

“Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.’”

Well, come to find out, Taylor was lying…and the proof is in the video that Kim leaked on her Snapchat!

There's more ? #KimKardashian pulls the receipts on #TaylorSwift part 2 . This tea is too hot. View previous post!

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But Taylor’s not going down without a fight. After Kim leaked the footage, the singer fired back.

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

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From Taylor’s post, it looks like she may take legal action against Kanye “secretly” recording their conversation.

This may get messy…


    • No. No matter how much Taylor Swift is about her own business that man and his messy wife are on her ass. You would think they had they're own lives to tend to but not these two.

    • Kanye is jealous because Taylor is everything he wanted to be : a woman, white skin, blond hair and blue eyes…
      Kanye and Kim are just acting like the mean ugly high school girls picking on the high school cutie…
      Kanye is pathetically gay and frustrated for being an ugly gay…
      Kim is frustrated because Taylor sticks to her race with handsome fellas such as Calvin Harris…

  1. Fake azz boring azz b*tch!! What Taylor swift did was an example of how the whole "white women yell rape" culture works.

    • Yeah like Icky is doing too; playing victim whilst 'allegedly' she was screwing her plastic surgeon behind Nick's back!

      • Surely you aren't equating yelling rape falsely with cheating within a non-marital relationship? It's not like Icky pulled a Bill Cosby and told the world that Swaggy raped or doped her.

        • She doesn't have to. The point I was making – which seems to have eluded you – was that white women are automatically given the benefit of the doubt and afforded every courtesy going. They are assumed innocent and truthful and above suspicion. They never get second guessed and they take for granted their white skin privilege. Iggy is running around getting the sympathy vote when all along her white ass was screwing her plastic surgeon (who incidentally she is pictured with today in the Mail…). They know they are privileged which is why they scream rape or act hard done by (Iggy) when they are not innocent at all. I guess you'd call it playing the white card.

    • Yeah but unfortunately she wouldn't be able to scream rape if Kanye would stop stalking her. It's been how many years now????!!!! He is obsessed with her, and his kunt of a wife is too. Why can't Kanye just go on with his life? Why is he calling her asking to put her in his song???? What's wrong with him and Kim following this 20 year old something around when they are pushing 40?? I get what you're saying, but Kanye needs to stop sniffing around these white women, trying to get in their magazines, trying to put them in his songs, etc. HE is the one that really needs to get HIS ish together.

      • DID you not hear the conversation between the two? They both obviously were in on the whole thing. Just face it…THE B*TCH IS PHONY and trying to play the ''I'm the innocent white girl'' role. Nice try fake b*tch.

    • Yeah I heard on LSA that Kayne and Taylor have already 'fornicated'* with each other. On that same night as his 'Imma let you finish…' speech.

      * I can see her awkwardly admitting to 'fornicating' she don't seem like the sort to say "phuckin' "

      • She's a gold star lez Ms Scorpiess. I need not even mention Kanye's sexual orientation.

        • Yeah we know she is gay but many men in the industry are gay too (Simon Cowell) but yet he regularly sleeps with women. Don't forget he is a daddy now so obviously he does sleep with women. Incidentally he got Demi Lovato pregnant too but made her have an abortion. Did you know that his boyfriend is / Paul Mckenna (sp)? – the hypnotist.

          In the industry you cannot just be gay. Taylor might prefer to sleep with women but she is subject to the same rules as everybody else. If some industry dude takes a fancy then she has to endure. Just like everyone else –

    • The more you know! Sexuality as well as STD's are plenty fluid in hollyweird.

  2. taylor was right she said he didn't tell her about "i made that bitch famous" the whole entire line not just part of it. if this was so important to ganye and kimode why did you wait 6 months to release the chopped up and edited tape? you would've think right after her grammy speech you would've released it, no but you're video tapping a computer screen. shady people these two and why are you so obsessed with this girl she clearly told you to leave her alone and you just CAN'T. kim is too stupid to see this man was obsessed with beyonce until Jay put a stop to it and now this girl….leave that white girl alone before you loose everything! stay in your own lane! loosers!

    • She said she did not know about the song period, which is obviously bullshit. If she did not want to have anything to do with the song she should have said so, instead of acting like she was not informed about it at all.

  3. Time to take sides America. This is for America to pick a side. The white woman or the white woman who is married to a black man? Which side will 'win'? Don't we already know?

  4. I think Kim K has just found her calling! Coming against her fellow caveSistern for the defense of her "man"… LOL Now that is some funny mess. Chica is mezzy as hell. Hella funny too! #deezToxicTypes I might actually start to like her if she keeps this up.

  5. Kanye West made Taylor Swift famous for the rant speech given on MTV Awards. And could the have any sex relations when there both gay?? I don't know.. *Shrugs shoulders*

    • On non-urban blogs today, wp are claiming that the famous MTV Awards incident made Kanye famous. I guess they mean in THEIR world.

      Point is, both of them blew up after that. Kanye became full on crossover mainstream, and TayTwat laid rubber exiting the country and western world for pop stardom.
      Don't any of yall think that to some degree this might be a mutual ploy for PR and attention?

  6. Then Taylor Swift need to turn around and leak a audio of Amber Rose wit her finger in Kanyes Booty☝

  7. The most interesting aspect of this stoopid melodrama is that I am finding out how sick of Taylor and her "pure perfect princess" act white folks are. I definitely saw more support for K&K than for her.

    And nearly everyone began their posts with, "I can't believe that I would ever take the side of a Kartrashian, BUT…." Seems like Tay Tay needs an image overhaul. Nobody's buying her damsel in distress act.

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