Ludacris Accused of Child Abuse

ludacris child abuse

Remember when Ludacris cheated on his then-girlfriend Eudoxie withTamika Fuller and ended up getting her pregnant? Well, Tamika gave birth to their baby girl in 2014, and lost custody of her to Luda in early 2015. Now, she’s claiming that Luda is abusing the child, and the rapper is fighting back!

According to The Jasmine Brand, Luda is being investigated by the Department of Family and Children Services over a child abuse complaint filed by Tamika. The rapper believes his baby mama is accusing him of child abuse because she’s still bitter that Luda was awarded primary custody. The rapper now wants her to be held in contempt of court, he wants a restraining order against her and he wants her sanctioned for her actions.

In the rapper’s new application for contempt and the restraining order, he claims he tried to work out his issues with Tamika, but she has refused to follow the court order.

Luda thinks Tamika has leaked private emails to the media for her own publicity and to portray Ludacris in a false, negative light. He also believes she also sends pics of the child to gossip sites. But the final straw came when Tamika accused him of abuse after she noticed a rash on the child.

Because of the child abuse complaint, the rapper’s parenting time with the child was suspended as of May 19.

I’m finding it kind of hard to feel bad for Luda, how about you?

You can read the full court details here.


  1. Why Sasha? How come you don't feel bad for him? Tamika got herself into this mess. If she hadn't went to court and ask for more child support, she probably would have joint custody. Also, she has a record of child neglect with her first child. That's how she lost to Luda. The female judge who gave Luda full custody knew she wasn't working and knew of her neglect of her first child.

  2. He just did not want to pay child support, that is why he went for full custody. This is exactly what he gets. He should have worn a jimmy, now he's just another simp, looking like a chump.

  3. That had to be a serious case of diaper rash for them to take the child out of the home (his parenting time with his kid was suspended.) So if her allegations were false he would be able to see his child right? That baby is almost 2 so who and the hell is watching her walk around in sagging diaper to the point of having to have a rash treated by a Doctor.

    Now I will say this, there are some rashes that cant be treated with over the counter products that stem from antibiotic allergic reactions called yeast rashes (horrible rashes smh) where tiny blisters abrupt causing the layers of skin to become raw, irritated and very painful. If that is what she had, to let a rash like that go unchecked says a lot about people in care of this child….

  4. This is the most evil thing that scorned women can do. I hope he gets sole custody and she never sees her child again. His wife is a doctor. I think she would recognize the signs of "abuse."

    • Lmao eudoxie is no doctor. She dropped out during PRE-MED to chase luda around the world. You think an accomplished self respecting woman would put up with this shit????

  5. Ask yourself what kind of a man takes a breastfeeding baby away from her mom to spite the mom and not pay child support? No one forced him to cheat with Tameka raw.

  6. Luda can go to hell! He is the essence of his stupid name! If the mom is abusive, then by all means take the child…But, that's not the case, this fool wanted to avoid paying child support..He could have done that, by keeping his penis in his pants… The Black whores of Babylon! They want the money, but not the man! They have babies just for money! The men have sex with women that they don't care about, and impregnate them, all while having a wife or live in girlfriend… It all starts and ends with us! "We have to stop f*cking each other up!" This is the end game now. We care destroying, obliterating our own seeds!

    • We are destroying, and obliterating our own children! What a sick, and broken race of people we are, and we're refusing to do the work or elevate our minds. at least to the point where our children are safe and secure, and have some positivity in their lives.The people with money are the most ratchet and stank!

  7. If this story is true then both Luda and his wife are evil. I feel sorry for this child to have selfish parents. Let this be a lesson to women don't have kids with on the down low rappers.


    RIP Harambe! It wasn't your fault. I will keep your memory alive as long as I live.

  9. Fuck that damn gorilla let me get shot ain't no gorilla gonna speak on my behalf

  10. He don't realize even with custody or not if he raise that baby til she 18 it's still child support. Only difference is, is he ain't payin the mama he taking care and payin that child while she in his custody that's way more then he gone have to pay tameka. Hell i know of single mothers everyday that pay child support and them the ones who gotta be mama and daddy.

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