Ciara Ignores Blacks Murdered by Cops, Prays for France Instead

ciara ignores black lives matter

After police brutally murdered Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, it was pretty easy to find out which celebs were “with us.” Jermaine Dupri got tossed into the c*** category after asking “do black lives really matter?” while TI was given props for marching alongside protestors in Atlanta, and Solange encouraged us all to move our funds to  black-owned bank.

We know Ciara was probably putting the finishing touches on her wedding to Russell Wilson at the time the two shootings occurred, but she couldn’t even spare five minutes to send out an RIP or to voice her opinion?

But after the news of the Nice, France terror attack, Ciara finally felt compelled to speak out.


Ciara can probably kiss her last two black fans goodbye after this stunt.

RIP to the victims of Nice.


  1. leave the girl alone! you can't tell someone how to mourn or who to mourn for. grow up!!!! did i see a tweet or a gram from you? segregation isn't the answer. jealous much?

  2. That's what's wrong with Black people…..GROUPTHINK. So what if Ciara was silent on the cops. That's her choice to speak out on what ever she wants too. Now in 2016, if Blacks don't follow the crowd of what the media is forcing us to digest, then we're labeled coons for having a different opinion. Damn I'm sick of being a free thinker in the land of the matrix.


      I'm tired of black people acting like you're betraying the entire race by having your own opinion.

      I'm not your f*cking drone. I don't owe you shit.

      Trump 2016. Come at me.

      • And when he rounds your ass up as an enemy of the state, make sure to let him know how much of your head you have shoved up his ass.

        You are still a follower, a coon shucking and jiving for the side who would prefer you were hanging from a tree or tied and dragging from their rear bumper.

        • Yep, knew one of you plantation negroes would jump up. Same old slave mentality sh–. I have an opinion that does not match your hive mind, so your self-hating side jumps up and you find the nastiest names for blacks you can find and throw them at me. Yet you talk about people who would hang me from a tree. "Massa say dat Twump man waycist. Youse can't be votin' fo' Trump else massa get powerful sore at you." That's laughabable, i'm a follower but you're the one who won't dare step one toe outside of the "party" line.

          Do you know what NAFTA is? Do you know what the TPP is? Your pet democrat Hillary not only supports both, her husband is the one who passed the former. Y'know, that free trade agreement that gutted the black middle class. Wonder why black boycotts and civil rights marches don't work anymore? Because our financial clout is gone, no one gives a shit if a bunch of McDonald's and Walmart workers boycott them and take our minimum wage paychecks out of the market. Know why our financial clout is gone? Ding ding ding. You got it, NAFTA again. Now, for the million dollar question, which presidential candidate is the one who doesn't support NAFTA or the TPP?

          I'm wasting my breath, aren't I? None of this matters to you because "Twump a waycist, massa tol' me so. If youse vote Wepublican, deyse gon' brang back slavery, you see."

          • Bitch STFU, you know you are nothing but a coon ass nicca. Keep your shitty nose up his ass and suffocate… no one cares about reading that BS you wrote.

          • Stfu, you're not talking about nothing. Bunch of bumbo jumbo coon talk. You're nothing but a shoe shining, bucking sambo clown.

        • You are EXTRA STUPID . Clintons husband already rounded up more black men than anyone in history. You must be one of those dumb ass super-Predators Hillary spoke of.
          Negroes like you are why Nat Turner didnt succced.

    • Any blk american who doesn't know that our constitution guarantees freedom of speech should not have the power to vote or taken seriously. All others need to be deported back to their homelands where they kill for giving your opinion.

    • Its not called groupthink its called UNITY. If we had more of it we could change our condition.

  3. We cry about police shooting unarmed Black men, but remain silent when Black youth, especially in Chicago are murdering one another. Check their homicide stats for 2015 and 2016….Over 2,000 deaths. But Black folks are silent on that.
    ….Now, watch how I'm labeled a coon for speaking facts.

    • Like you said, I do not give a f*ck about what other people speak on. But what are you doing other than criticizing to combat the issue, if this is truly an issue you care about.

      Because it just sounds like you are saying police brutality is okay, because of the issue in Chicago. The problem with that is EVERY other race kills their own too more than they kill other races; for reasons just as stupid, but you are not criticizing them.

      My problem is people acting like one group is more wrong for doing what everyone else does. Which is BS. Because those groups have never had the same challenges we have. Outside of that if you do not live in those people's shoes, how do you know what they go through to survive day to day.

      It is easy being an internet quarterback, when you are not a player in the game.

    • The vice lords and the bloods dont kill with MY TAX DOLARS. They also get CHARGED for murders.

  4. @Butter i said the samething and got ridiculed and labeled an uncle tom and uneducated when it doesn't take a person to read a book in order to see the facts.✊

  5. And the crazy part is,it was from my own people. But we still screaming the white man is evil and not looking into our own shit. The hypocrisy and lack of knowledge from my people is at an all time high.

  6. That sounds about right! Every since Ci-error has been dating Russell Wilson she has been ACTING real white.

    • That's it… she wants to be white. ? it's so sad. Girl has no identity of who she is/be. ?

      • If you are upset about Isis bombing the shit out of innocent people that means you want to be white?

        This is ridiculous.

  7. That hoe now wish she was white she just got outta her ghetto rnb faze so she wishing to get a whiteman besides she mad blks dobe evolved past her chessy dance steps and played out rnb style.she just got the memo that she been a clown since 5years now.since that crap she calls music is played out.
    typical bw take your anger out on your folks by not acknowleding their player plight.sad she got a simp to wife her..dude possible intellectual brother wifing some baby mama.

    • @ uncle tom you wrote this which proves who you are: no intellectual brother wifing some baby mama.

      WTF you don't know any sistas with a college degree and a kid who got married to a smart bm? I do. Stop hanging out with broke, down low jailbirds.

  8. I could type better I am Just trying to stoop to your babymama ghetto lingo. I'm trying to relate to your used up asses.go take care of your kids stop dissing black innocent bm and blaiming then for your out of wedlock kids.y'all know wat I mean shawtys.

    • Talking about your own background only shows what gutter trash you are. Good luck with that.

      • uncle tom is a broke bitter jailbird babydaddy, the projection of that lifestyle is strong, also, he has kids he's not paying child support for. ask me how I know.

  9. Yep all the hate geared towards bm comes from the mistake these women made in choosing wrong partners they're now stuck with multiple kids by thugs now bm ain't shit because of that lol.there 30 above now praying for SIMPs like russell to wife them

    • Shut the f*ck up bitch. You are a hemorrhoid on the ass of all women. Your opinion wreaks more than your stank ass booty breath.

  10. My husband is black i have 2 daughters by him im 30 he's 35 we're both business owners successful ones at that been married since i was 20 and he was 25 he's chocolate im a caramel mocha so don't speak for all only a majority. Everyone has a preference.

  11. Agreed^ and besides, BLM and this whole "police brutality shit", it's all to push the race war, and eventually martial law. Until we stop killing each other, and care for each other; we cannot complain about what whites are doing to us.

    • No you cannot, because you are the shit clinging to the bottom of the white man shoe holding on for dear life. It would really be nice if you would speak for yourself ONLY, you f*cking backstabbing bottom feeder.

    • lol I wonder why are there so many trolls on here anyways? What is it about this forum that attracts so much anon hate and shills? My guess is that the folks on this forum must be dropping some real jewels and speaking some real non-politically correct shit here. Yall must be doing something right!

      • Stop using my word you f*cking TRICK! You did not even know what the f*ck a shill was till you had to look it up. Dumb motherf*cker.

  12. i felel for people getting killed in the street they are trying to set up martial law in america 86 people in france got killed (which was a set up) that country is under martial law and so is turkey. it's coming very soon to amercica this race riot is going to kick off matter of fact it's already started. stop worrying about if these entertainers care or not trust me they don't care because at the end of the day YOU are responsible for your own self no celeb none of these pro black niggas are going to save you.

    • Stephen, this new rational you is starting to scare me. You weren't replaced by a Stephen clone were you? JK I'm sure that you still believe all your conspiracy stuff, but your refusal to buy into the Soros created BLM is so on point. And it pains me deeply that so many don't understand what he's doing. He hand picked Deray McKesson(the live in lover of the CEO of Twitter) and the four lesbians who lead BLM. That Shawn(Sean?) dude too. These fools go to an event that has nothing to do with police brutality or bad cops and cause a big scene making more and more white people pissed off. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SOROS WANTS. I'm all for them protesting their asses off at marches, convention, speeches about LE and the like. But they have no business at graduation at a private college(which is supposed to be a day of joy for kids and their families that they worked for for four+ years.) The latest is having them block freeways at rush hour in major cities. Chile, nothing pisses me off more than a traffic jam when I'm on my way to my job. That's the fastest way to make me hate you lol.

      But Soros wants white folks to hate BLM so he tells them to do this stuff. I don't know if anyone remembers, but after Eric Garner's death in NY, there were as many white protesters as there were black, Soros doesn't want that, so he's upping the ante.
      You guys focus on the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers in the Illuminati. But Soros is the most active in creating a one world economy and destroying the US. He won't be happy until we take in a million Syrians and look like London. He wants everybody to be poor except for the 1% ers. And he won't stop until he gets his way.

      Why talk about clones and sacrifices when you have a devil in the flesh out in the open? He is the one who puts all those stupid conspiracy sites like Alex Jones on speaking tours and You Tube. He publishes their books. That's because he wants dim bulbs focused on stuff like "Shape shifting lizards" and full grown adult clones, chemtrails and worst of all FEMA "death camps(completely his invention) so that you will be wrapped up in that silly stuff instead of focusing on the REAL story. Plus, he wants to put the fear into blacks that white people are about to round them up and commit genocide, mean while he feeds endless stories about "thugs out of control so he can rile up the white people. He is working both ends against the middle.
      Next time you watch some wack video about the lovely FLOTUS being born a man, or that the POTUS is a gay man who used to frequent gay baths in Chicago, just remember who is feeding you the (dis)information.

      • actually i do my research i the know the millionaries fund the black lives movement i been known that. the thing with alex jones is he is an agent but he does give truth now and then and mixes it with fear teactits to scare you. in this day an age their is no such thing as conspraicy theories becasue they are admitting this shit in front of our faces. like cloning has been around since JFK. if they can clone food they can humans clone food is called gmos. like the rapper BOB is talks about cloning the elites told him to talk because most believe it anyway.

        • Stephen Yes. They can clone humans just like they clone farm animals. But it has been a rejected scientific procedure (for humans) since the first cloning of Dolly the sheep in the UK 30 years ago. Medical ethicists have warned against the slippery slope of human cloning, and while it may be done in super secret military research projects, I think it's safe to say that no one is cloning C list rappers from ATL.
          Also, even though cloning a human is possible, it would still require the normal maturation stage from cells to adulthood. So to have a celebrity cloned, they would have to wait 25-30 years, and by that time it would no longer resemble the person at the time they were cloned.

          Producing a full grown "clone" on demand is still the stuff of science fiction, regardless of what they tell you on those wack sites.
          You say Alex Jones is sometimes right? So is my nephew with Down syndrome, but I wouldn't want to rely on him.

      • Thanks for exposing all of these devilish schemes designed by them evil joowish bloodlines…of which Soros will be promoted "employer of the year"…
        The joowish bloodlines understand that the 99,7% of mankind are beginning to understand about the truth hidden behind the curtains…hence the (((0,3%))) is trying to divide the 99,7% because (((they))) know the end is near…

  13. these pastors, celebrites, etc are going to be your downfall most of these wealthy people have left amercia is now living in the middle east. becasue they know something is going to happen this is the summer of chaos. i believe next year in 2017 they will force us to take RFID CHIP.

    • Regarding your last sentence: Get behind thee satan…I rebuke you in the name of JESUS! :/

    • i hurt for the people in france and i hurt for their loves one getting killed in america becasue the french government people dying just so the governemnt can set up laws. and psuh martial law regardless of race i feel for those people my prayers are with the people of france and here in the states becasue we have to look past race man, it's not just about black lives white people are getting kiled by the police too and the mexicans

      • You are so right !
        All of theses "terrorist" "police brutality" "BLM" are just designed by the joowish bloodline to keep the races to unite against the evil joowish bloodlines…

  14. Firstly, serves black folk right. Always claimin' these "exotics" and they sure as hell don't want anything to do with you, except your money if you got some.

    They could care less if our black azzes were hangin' from trees.

    Now, who is surprised or butt hurt?

    You know the things this ho let run up in her, raw?

    I hope when she leaves that fool that married her, she only leaves him some herpes ridden, antibiotic-resistant draws

  15. BLM is nothing more than a joo scheme designed and bankrolled by the joo George Soros…
    BP are so owned
    White cops are racist, black cops are racist, latino cops are racist etc…
    Check and analyse the criminal stats and you'll see that all this BLM is a tool designed by the joowish bloodlines to promote a race war between BP and the rest of America…
    The real goal of the joo designed BLM : to put BP in a position that will lead them to total segregation with no hope of turning back…

    • What do Black Lives Matter, BET the NAACP and the Urban League have in common? They're owned and financed by white people/jews!

      • owned and bank rolled by joowish bloodlines with a touch of genuine caucasian DNA indeed !
        But true caucasian native europeans are no way part of this only the traitors working for these evil joowish bloodlines…

    • This is a genuine question from me…what's so bad about Jewish people? I'm really being genuine. I really don't know.

      • @07:23 – Hi Sarah, get the book "The 13th Tribe" , by Arthur Koestler. Then google, who are the REAL j00s.

      • They came in Europe during the year 0 in Rome : they got chased away because they were acting shady and nasty like nowadays…
        They "invented" the paper money and many tools of slavery…They came back in Europe in the 15th century : Europe has never been the same again…
        They owned all of the slave ships, controlled the slave trade and 40% of the masters were joowish bloodlines. Both commerce of cotton and sugar cane were also joowish owned…
        Why most joowish bloodlines look white : they stole the genuine white people DNA via bi-racial unions so they "look white enough" when they spread their shit throughout the world…so only genuine white people get blamed…
        Now the joowish bloodlines infiltrate the African american DNA : (((Drake etc…)))…
        No matter where and when they are settled in, the end is always the same : the natives get fed up and chase theme away…
        There is sufficient litterature on the subject on the following website :

  16. The ones who are behind the race war planned in the US are the ones who are behind the so called "muslim terrorists" who attacked France : the goal is the sale which is a race war…
    BLM & ISIS are both joo owned and joo bankrolled

    • Similar to Darth Sidious in the movie Star Wars, the white people/jews finance both sides of the war! Illuminati rule number 101, FUND EVERYTHING!

  17. There ain't no secret society behind nothing you deluded fool.00:13 things happen go get married l
    maybe your kids can still have a father figure b4 its too late.

      • I confused you with some loser trolling on here anonymously. anyway I dnt believe in the illuminati everything seems to be their fault. Nothing happens by chance according to you all.

        • Nothing does happen by chance. There are things that occur naturally, but there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

          • A lot of things happen for no reason, but it is hard to deal with that.

            That is the main reason why so many here are seeking an evil entity to blame for misfortune. That is human behavior.

            • If you could read I said some things happen naturally, but more things happen for a reason than not. Just like I do not have to believe your brain and rationale, you do not have to agree with mine.

          • Uncle truth believes in the "theory of the coincidence"…
            What a hell of a truth seeker lol !

  18. She probably orders her hair from France. You know if it's a choice between speaking out against police brutality or getting some good hair from France, sistas like this are going to choose the almighty weeeeeave. You nuggaz can all drop dead. As long she can get her 24 inches of dirty blonde self-hate, all is right with the world.

  19. Off Topic:

    A over priced French and Italian luxury clothing corporation called Moncler makes t-shirts and jackets with black face on them. I urge all black men and black women to boycott Moncler!


  21. Why must Jews be blamed for the whitemans evil ways,Jews didn't fund the transatlantic slave route,
    The white man did,I think it was some British man loyal to the queen of England. Don't blame Jews that's a typical kkk tactics Jews did this and that I guess Jews started jimcrow too.

    • KKK was created and bankrolled by the joo owned Illuminati…you can still admire the statue of Samuel (typical joo name btw) Pike facing the capitol…fyi Samuel Pike founded the KKK…
      Yes joowish bankrolled the slave ships and the slave trade and owned both sugar cane and cotton markets…All of this was operated by joowish banksters established in Holland…
      Yes joowish bankrolled every war between the main european wars to get their hands on the main european central banks…
      yes joowish bloodlines don't get their hands dirty directly that is why they use genuine white persons for that…
      yes genuine white people are the joowish puppets…
      And the royal crown of Britain is joowish owned since the battle of Waterloo…

  22. Why must Jews be blamed for whitemans crimes.typical kkk rhetoric. Slave trade was started by Portuguese and England's queen.

    • @01:30 They are one and the same. the J00 is just the head tribe of the rest of the Edomites. And the run of the mill YT is just angry they didn't mastermind all of this phuckery first – that's why they seek to pass the buck to just the head of their tribespeople – j00s

      • no they are not the same …
        Jooz came in Europe, by numerous waves and had children with genuine caucasian whores that's why many people still think that jooz and caucasians are the same…
        Real europeans natives though can identify who is a joo and who is not, the same way an african and an indian can differentiate a Gandhi from a Mandela…
        Genuine european natives are not interested in these ''conquer the world'' evil schemes they just to be left alone, hate and despise Amerikkka way more than you think, and would join Russian forces rather than the NATO forces…

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