Cops Called in Tamar & Vince Domestic Dispute?

    tamar vince domestic violence

    After those divorce rumors, we’re starting to think there really is trouble in paradise between Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert…and now, Bossip is confirming the couple was involved in a domestic incident.

    Tamar and Vince were at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta when they got into a heated argument that turned physical.

    During the altercation, Vince allegedly bit Tamar on her hand so badly that he drew blood. The former talk show host called the police.

    Witnesses say Tamara’s finger was jacked up when she left the premises, and she probably needed stitches. However, she refused medical attention.

    Vince was not arrested because he fled before police arrived.

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        • He was hungry to beat that ass! He wants her so bad, that he can taste her!????? See what I did their?….Just shits and giggles!

      • @Sarah!….He really wanted to fight that Bitch!…He wanted to have a good, old fashioned, cat fight!??? There are too many people watching now! Lmao!….The sad thing is Vince has always been abusive towards Tamar, but she dealt with it, because he had money!…Now that she has her own, he's lost his authority…That's why Vince was reluctant to put her ass on in the first place!???????

        • I agree. His shortness of temper with Tamar, the way he devalued everything she said, and no patience whatsoever with her, showed he had no real love for her. That idiot loves nothing but food and his little boy. Poor Tamar was so sexually frustrated. He wasn't interested. She is in her hot 40s and needs a real man. I'm glad she has her own money now and can find someone who adores and worships her just the way she is. And she ought to take fatazz's son and make him pay BIG TIME!

          He is an idiot.

      • biting a woman, sounds like a fag move. real men will sew their jaws shut and pump iron all day to get Tamar classy coochie but Mr. fatazz wouldn't even sacrifice a hotdog 4 the love of tamar. he aint sh8t.

    1. Those two don't really like each other!….Tamar was only wifey when didn't have shit….Once ole girl established her little brand, and made a name for herself, she completely lost her marbles!…Vince knows that Tamar has replaced him, and he feels like he has invested a lot in her, and has lost to much time, energy, and friends due to her bullshit!….This trick is going to lose is all!…Notice how women like her are always in domestic disputes! I don't advocate violence but, some people need their ass beat, or just a good slap in the face! ?????

      • BQ,
        "Those two don't really like each other!"
        If you back to threads here on HSK back just before Tamar album was released & before she jacked her face up….I repeatedly said the thing. When you see them at an event or in the same room in person you can FEEL how loveless & barely tolerable that relationship is.

        I bet he said something she didn't like, she went to slap him in his face & he bit her in an effort to show her it's best to keep her hands to herself as opposed to full on whopping her ass.

    2. Come on now it says Tamar's finger was jacked up but refused medical attention and Vince wasn't arrested. Is this publicity for their upcoming season of Tamar and Vince? I want to see that finger.

      • @Anon 9:03! I feel you! I'd be cynical as well, if I didn't see signs of his abusive tendencies on their reality show! He doesn't like her baby, and she attracts those types of men! She was married before, and he also whooped her ass, he was a Brooklyn Nigga!???? excuse me, I digress, there was an episode of their reality show, where Tamar just gave birth to their son, and she said something stupid on the ride home, and Vince pulled up to the house took the baby, walked in the house, and slammed the door in Tamar's face! Yo, I was disgusted! He is just as much of a Diva as she is! No normal man wants her long term!✌✌✌✌

        • Yes! I watched that episode when they took the baby home. He was a sulky angry mess from the hospital. Their marriage is a mess.

          • U sound stupid. there is nothing normal about a man who prefers to eat hotdogs over puzzy. He is NOT a man or a gentleman.

        • U sound stupid. there is nothing normal about a man who prefers to eat hotdogs over puzzy. He is NOT a man or a gentleman.

    3. ok so vince wanna be like Tyson or he weas really hungry and thought tamar looked like petunia pig and thought im put her on the grill tonight.

      • fat has never stopped a REAL man from f7cking.

        a punk would rather eat a cow, chicken or a pig azz rather than his wife.

    4. I want to see medical records. If she was bitten that bad and was bleeding which means the skin was broken she would have gotten a tetanus shot.

      • You can't force someone to have a shot. You can't force any medical attention on someone UNLESS you 5150 them or Baker Act them.

        But I agree that she needed a tetanus shot.

    5. She is disgusting always running her mouth and popping off acting like a child.. She don't like him at all, she only married him because she didn't have much.. She had the nerves to say her sister Toni, didn't pave the way for her.. There would be no reality show, if it wasn't for Toni… She actually makes me sick, I can't watch their show, because everything is about her.,

      • when women are extremely sexually frustrated in their hot 40 years, THEY WILL ACT OUT. iF FATAZZ had given it to her on the REGULAR she would have been purring like a kitten and just as playful. i bet that fat bastard couldn't get it hard once a month even with viagra, and he wasn't smart enough to want to get hard to save his marriage.

    6. She looks like the muppets in the movie muppets take manhattan and he is looks like a panda bear a bad combination

    7. I don't waste my beautiful brain watching f*cked up reality shows but just by body language looking at the photos you can tell it's a loveless business marriage and he is gay. He looks like a big fat repressed church queen. She looks like a transsexual male to female. if that's black love count me out

    8. When you wag your finger in someone face expect them to react. Its the ultimate disrespect.

    9. Was he snacking on a snickers bar? …… Well he better pace himself because she only has nine of them left…………OMG………..What man gets in a fight and bites fingers?

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