Kardashians Exposed for Deceptive Marketing

kardashians ftc ad

The Kardashians are under fire by consumer group Truth In Advertising for not disclosing their paid endorsements on their social media pages.

Truth In Advertising has found over 100 posts from the Kardashian family that were advertisements, but the family failed to comply with the law’s requirement which forces you to mark the post with the word “ad” or #ad.

TIA has threatened to inform the Federal Communications Commission – a US government agency – of each failure to comply…which could result in some pretty expensive fines for the family.

The five sisters have more than 316 million followers combined, and Kylie is the sister who is guilty of making the most sponsored posts, with Kim coming in second.

It looks like Kim got the memo, because her latest Instagram post was labeled correctly with #ad.


  1. I don't care how much surgery Khloe has had, she's still Chewbacca under all that make up….lol.

        • Don't forget, she took the fat she lipo'ed and created a camel hump on her back. just as fake as her sister's.

        • OK. I accept that she had a lot of help getting where she is, but I do think she looks less Chewbaccaish now. That's all I'm sayin'. Lottsa white girls have surgery and end up looking terrible like Meg Ryan, Rene Zellweger and Rose McGowan.

          I think Kim looked better before she started messin' with her face too.

          • No she does not. When I was looking at her face in this picture I was thinking what kind of hairy beast she reminded me of. Then I thought…SASQUATCH! But chewy will do.

      • You mean she had 40 lbs of fat suctioned from any given part of her big burly oversized body and transferred to her overinflated backside. You're welcome.

    • Khloe fired Melody Rae (one of them dash dolls) just to steal her look (haircut, hair color, eyebrows, make up)… Sorry Khloe but compared to Melody Rae you're still look like an ugly dude !
      After Khloe fired Melody Rae, she practiced gym so she be slim as Melody Rae… Sorry Khloe but you're still have the body of a starving whale !

      No matter how hard you try fat Khloe you will never ever be as good looking as Melody Rae so stop trying and stop your stalking copycat thing…

  2. The Kardashians are deceptive?….. No!…..What a surprise, I'm flabbergasted!..( (Rolling eyes)…Why are the Kardashian's, and Jenner's always featured on this website, or any "Black" blog?….I don't get it, most of us don't even care for these lame ass whores!….I only want to be notified about their violent deaths!…If they haven't met their demise, then save it, please! ??????

      • C'mon Scorpio. You are an intelligent reasonable woman. Do you really think that if Harvey Levin owned this site it would be so virus and malware addled? I know people who won't come here just because of it messing up their devices. I get your point, and if this was yet again British sarcasm then I apologize LOL.

        This is most definitely a black owned site, just as the site registrar states. Jacky Jasper(aka Greg Comeau) and Darrick Angelone own this site. That info is there for all to see.

      • C'mon Scorp, you are an intelligent and reasonable woman. Do you really think that if Harvey Levin owned this site it would be as virus and malware laden as it is? I know people who won't come here because every time they do it messes up their hardware.

        This site is black owned. The site registration is public. Anyone can view it. I named the two owners, Jacky and his partner by their government names, and my post was rejected. So I can't name the names. But YOU can see for yourself if you do the research.

  3. I'm sooooo tired of no talent fools taking up computer and air time. There should be a law against it. This bish khloe is scum from the pits of hell.

  4. I say they should be made to pay the fines even if the corrected the issue. If it were ANY OF US FROM HSK we'd be drugged their the media everywhere, fined & our business would be in jeopardy of being forcibly closed.

      • Oh geez…my typos are on a freaking roll.
        I say they should be made to pay the fines even if they corrected the issue. If it were ANY OF US FROM HSK we'd be drugged through the media everywhere, fined & our business would be in jeopardy of being forcibly closed.

        Now I said it right!

        • Lmao! I'm going through the same shit today, with the typos!????? Hey Ms. Reg!✌✌

          • BQ,
            Typos will NEVER matter with regards to your comments….
            I'm not alone when I say I LOVE READING YOUR POSTS??
            It's almost habit now…I might not comment on a thread but I read yours. Don't laugh…I was sitting in a meeting listening to a conference call while reading one of your posts earlier!!!?

            • Aaaaaw! Thanks Ms. Reg! I love your commentary as well, your very polite, and level headed!…I know thast I'm late, but the sentiment is sincere!??????????

    • Just put the Henney down Ms Reg. Just place it carefully on the coffee table. That's it. Go take a lie down…

      I'm joking of course ?

      • ???You know I know you crazy….although, a nice chilled cocktail does sound fabulous right now…I'm sitting in traffic?

  5. I guess you're a thin lipped / hipped Becky. Never mind 'Thin Lizzy' more like, 'Shaped like 6:00 Becky'.

  6. They don't wanna look like the social media hustlers they are! An ad would scream "in it for the money" instead of their delusion that they are socialites.

  7. This is precisely WHY the Jenner-Kardashian Klan net worth is approaching one BILLION dollars.

    Kris spend all her time negotiating appearance, endorsement and other deals which pay the Klan like a muthafuka. Y'all hate on her all you want, but that woman eat, drink and sleep deal makin'.

    She is like Don King, Warren Buffet and M, Bloomberg all in one 60 year old female body.

    And the ONLY reason she wants the daughter's pics in the DailyFail and other sites every day is so she can keep makin' these deals. The companies and businesses know that the KKK's social media reaches it's target consumers better than any million dollar TV advert ever cold. If you think they getting peanuts for these Instagram endorsements, think again….BIG $$$$

    That's why you people crack me the f*ck up when you talk about Lamar about to be sacrificed, or they tried to kill Lamar but he survived.

    Nah,,,,just nah. An unsavory death in the KKK bubble would HARM their overall brand terribly. Their brand is about beauty, sex, glamour, and aspiring to what they have. A dead ni88a would f*ck their money up in more ways than one.

    • Thats the situation though and u even said it in ur comment
      They eat and breath money! So y not add more to the stash by controlling Lamar stash
      Of course they could never make it obvious. But Lamar said a little too much in that tmz interview and that might have posed a minor threat to their growing empire and coins and they cant have that
      Never 4get ,The love of money is the root of ALL evil
      And those women are greedy!

    • Their combined networth is nowhere near one billion dollars.. unless you're speaking of the funds being funneled through Kris Jeneers tax shelter aka church. They pay to play when it comes to every single thing they plaster their reconstructed faces and overinflated ases on. FOH.. it's all smoke and mirrors.

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