K. Michelle Reveals Her New Boyfriend & Potential Baby Daddy

k michelle boyfriend baby daddy

K. Michelle previously revealed she has a new man in her life and the two of them were planning on starting a family. She has kept the man’s identity a secret…until now.

kmichelle new boyfriend

Her new boo is reportedly a Memphis doctor by the name of Dr. Sims. K shared a photo of the two of them sharing a kiss with the hashtag #18years. I guess it’s safe to say she will be letting this man knock her up in the near future.

He seems to treat her well and has been showering her with gifts and flowers.

I really like what you've done to me, Im so into you?

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Guess the verdicts in I'm crazy over you?

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Lets hope this works out for her, but you know K can’t keep a man to save her life.


  1. that simp better run while he can.

    k don't know what she wantsm man, woman, black, white wonder did she dress like a mermaid while sex.

    • K. Michelle is a hot ghetto mess!….She's too stank, and greasy, with too much mouth!…I hate immature, and petty old BITChes!….They'll be fighting on social media very soon!…???? She's on a quest, to prove that somebody wants to claim her as their wife, much like Evelyn Lozada was, and we all know how that ended up!….Mamita was laid up, with a bloody knot on her dome, running to white neighbors door! Ringing bob's door bell! …He only opened it cause she's pretty, he was trying to f*ck!?????? Nah! I'm just playing!

      • For reals. Lol this whole "Petty" movement/ideology is really f*cking annoying, and Im so sick and tired of seeing women on social media glorify, and imitate this bullshit. She may have talent, but that completely goes out the window as soon as she opens her mouth. As a big fan of oldschool R&B especially 90s, I often think back at the image of female R&B singers- Aaliyah, brandy, old tony braxton, whitney houston, monica, TLC, Mary J blige, hell even Adina Howard and so many others. They had so much class, and they always carried themselves like ladies and were feminine. Even if they were ratchet, they kept that shit REAL lowkey. There was also much more emphasis on the upkeep of one's image. This bitches behavior is like a carbon copy of keisha coles. There's been an ongoing discussion by many that ratchetness and vulgarity is what killed R&B, and I frankly see no lie there.

        • The artists of today are EXACTLY like those of the past. The only disadvantage those of today are at is that social media is a thing whereas it didn't exist in the past. Its easier for us to see what they get up to because of social media. Mary J & Co could wild out publicly with no one having actual footage of it. Any eyewitness would be bribed with money or tickets. end of story.

          • Facts Sarah! Even when you're DEBASED, there's only so far you can go! LmBao!….These celebs today, are exactly the ones, from the days of old!…They're al! Equally disgusting, and it's foolish when people get all nostalgic, and start reminiscing about when celebri-coons had standards, they fought for us, and my personal favorite, they opened doors for us, and now, you young people are ruining it! ??????? What a bunch of FUCK NUTS!

  2. I listened to k.michelles album and I was shocked to find out she can really sing and the songs weren't bad. Its a pity shes trashed her rep with her ratchet behaviour on LHH so much that no ones interested in her music.

    • Yes! The Broad is talented, she's like the female R.Kelly!..He mentored her, you know!…She can write a hit song in her sleep!…Even her creativity, and originality is on point!….Look at her current CD'S cover, the art work is inspiring, but much like Tamar, her mouth, and childish mentality f*cks it up!….That's why its important that you keep your daughters close, educate them properly, set positive examples by practicing what you preach, nobody respects a hypocrite!…. And, most importantly, young ladies need to keep the dick out of them! Old crazy dfick man is lurking just around the bend, so be mindful..Women that start having sex at a young age, they tend to become mentally stumped, and emotionally damaged by the experiences! Your vagina is the gateway to your subconscious, and you will be mind f*cked if you allow a crazy boy, or man perpetually dick you down, when his intentions for you aren't clear, or good! ✌✌✌✌✌

      • Thanx for the last part of your sentence
        My cousin got this real handsome sexy guy chasing her for over 3 years and she is about to give in to him
        The only thing he seems like a hotep (egyption philospher) and sort of abusive
        Im gonna show her this comment 🙂
        Thanx again!

        • @Anon 16:33! Aaaaaw! Your welcome, sweet baby!….I hope that it all works out!…The brother may just be trying to learn African history by fire acknowledging our most plagiarized civilization So-called Egypt or Kemet!….Hopefully, he'll soon realize that every civilization on the planet was created, and cultivated, by Black people! Our history is world history, you make sdsdure that you tell her that as well! Blacks didn't begin or end with Egypt….?????????????

  3. Why the hell does she look like an Avatar in the first pic??? Like she from GTA or some game.

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