Tamar Braxton’s Mom: Vince Herbert Tried to Attack Me Too

tamar braxton mom evelyn abuse

Tamar Braxton’s mom, Evelyn, sat down to spill all the tea about Vince Herbert’s alleged abuse.

In the video, Evelyn says after she caught Vince abusing Tamar, he then turned his anger on her. She had to barricade herself in a bedroom with Tamar’s son to get away from Vince.

Peep the video:



  1. Shut up already. They r going out of their way to make sure he looks bad. Funny how she doesn’t talk about how Tamar’s drug usage & cheating also contributed to the decline of their marriage.

  2. Vince was always telling big mouth Tamar to STFU..
    She doesn’t know when to stop
    If Tamar wouldn’t have her own singing career she would still be with Vince, believe that

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