Amid Backlash, Gymnast Gabby Douglas Says Team Doctor Abused Her

gabby douglas team doctor abuse

After gymnast Aly Raisman accused Olympic team doctor Larry Nassar of abusing her, her USA teammate Gabby Douglas victim-shamed her and said it’s women’s responsibility to dress appropriately and cover up so they don’t entice men.

Now Gabby is saying she’s one of Nassar’s victims, too.

please hear my heart

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  1. For all of the women who are accusing men of sexual assault and rape, why didn’t these women say something immecdiately when the crime happened? Why did most of these women wait years to accuse men of these sex crimes.

    • How do you know, that they didn’t, and it got kicked down? That bs happens all the time.

    • NBA fixed you’re usually right but wrong here. I personally have had many incidents of men trying to abuse they authority sexually. My aunts husband who is a prison warden, a middle school principal, a high school security guard, a couple of football players and many others attempt sexual assault and I never reported it. So Im sure there are many other woman that had the same experiences.

      Now why did I not say nothing cause it happens so much I cant spend my lifetime pointing out potential sexual predators. I just count on God to protect me. However if some other girls were trying to pursue something against any of these individuals, I would jump in to back up there complaints if they needed my two cents.

      • When I was 8, my aunts husband who was a police and now a prison warden over a woman’s prison. Started trying to lead me into something while he was supposed to be babysitting me. I recognized his attempts because my Dad had already lectured and prepared me to notice the signs. So I worked my way outside, then across the street to the neighbors house and stayed there playing until my aunt came back. I never said anything never reported him.

        Middle school- I was close with my principal because I was friends with his daughter who did not attend our school. So I would occasionally leave school with the principal to go get his daughter from her school so we could go to the mall, movies Disneyland six flags or whatever. However the new principal came along 8th grade and he misunderstoopd my relationship with my previous principal for something else. So he continued to call me in the office, and even invited me to his house but he had no kids (i never went) but eventually he said what he wanted annnnddd threaten to not let me graduate. I laughed it off, walked off and that was the end of that. Til this day that man works in the schools. I was 13 at the time, still a virgin, never kissed and I never reported it. I could’ve simply told my other Principal who moved on to be the superintendent of the school district and he would could’ve easily put in major work to make sure he was fired and convicted but I did nothing.

        High school- The highschool security guard told me he could do more for me than boyfriend. I laughed that off never reported it. Then he befriended all the football players at our school and let them use his house for whatever. I found out because one day boyfriend, invited me over to his “homie”house, when I inspected the house I realized it was the highschool security guards house. Then we found a camera hidden and then him also hiding behind the camera. Lucky for me I was still a virgin. but Still that man works at that High school and we never said nothing. My best friend actually caught him filming her.

        College- I went on a date with the star RB back to get back at my boyfriend who was the star WR. When we got to my house he said he needed to come in and use the phone “house phone”. When he got in, he slammed me on the bed and start snatching off my clothes, I flat out asked him “are you about to rape me?” Then he got mad and violent, after me yelling at him this is rape while he was trying to still take off my tight jeans that i could barely fit, he gave up and left. Never reported that, he went to NFL.

        College- white Man broke into my apartment and came at me, I ran around my room screaming. Something caused him to stop chasing me, aplogize and run away. Im guessing God, Jesus and or the HolySpirit, interviened right then and there, cause I had no where to go. Never filed a police report.

        Now I can go on and on, but my point is men do this crap all the time. I know I personally could’ve had some people in jail and or lawsuits against many powerful men, a few celebrities too over attempts of sexual assault. However since God protected me, I let it go. But that does not mean they did not attempt the same crap on others and succeed.

        • so after all that you left it to god, so the men can continue to rape or molest other kids…smh God must be proud of you…keep up the good work of letting molesters continue to destroy the lives of other children

  2. All that these stories are doing is diverting our attention away from more disturbing allegations and pizzagate type activites. These ‘abused stars’ must have been given permission to talk so what is really going on? Hmmmm

  3. I can understand living in fear and truth in numbers but what some are referring to as abuse is not the type of violence and assault that some women have endured. Permission to talk – now that’s something to think about. Very profound statement!

  4. Well these women have waited to damn long to say something so majority of these crimes are just gone with the wind! No evidence it’s like the Salem witch hunts and the Mrs me to’s are coming out the woodwork. I guess they did what they had to in order to get to the top now they want to say something. The sad thing is the women who weren’t huge stars did say something and no one believed them but now u have these celebrities saying something and people want to do something about it now

  5. I think the point of Gabby speaking out helps the other girls case. Because Gabby has nothing to gain from this but only everything to loose, so if she speaks out that puts a little more force behind the other girls statements and strengthen there case. Because Gabby or the other two gymnast has no reason to lie on him, they already rich and famous.

    I don’t think these celebrities want anything out of coming forward besides to help strengthen the other accusers complaints, because if the celebrities did not consign these sexual predators will potentially get away.

    The celebrities probably did not want to come forward but are only doing so to help the other victims. That’s what I think. They know if they say nothing nobody will believe these other accusers

    • to allow those men to continue these patterns of abuse is bad… you were not victimized physically thanks to the grace of the creator of the universe… however to not report these men and then allow them to go on to abuse others is wrong… should this happen to you again, report it to the authorities!!! i don’t feel sorry for you, my heart goes out to the young girls who were abused by these same men, after you knew who these men were, yet you said nothing…

      • I understand you. But I really had too much going on in my childhood to let that faze me enough to be in court over all day. And it aint that easy to report this kind of stuff when you don’t have surveillance. Its going to be your word against theres and then its like reporting a demon to the devil. I think its more important to teach your kids how to notice, handle and avoid these situations, so it does not become physical. Now if someone over powers you thats a different story but all of the men I came across that did this tried to lead me into it. Except the guy that broke into my house, and the football player, but nothing happen so there was nothing to report that would’ve gotten them in that much trouble.

        The business I own requires me to deal with teens and when Ive talked to some of the girls from the schools those men still work at, them girls already know whats up. They’ve already labeled them as perverts long before I told them my side of the story. Believe it or not, alot of parents do put they kids up on game. But some parents really dont care about they children and will choose fame, money or a nigga over there childs innocence and those are the ones the perves get a hold of, nothing I can do about that. Its too many perverts in the world, as you can see bu the amount they outed in hollywood alone.

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