Phaedra Parks Snags Modeling Gig with Wilhelmina Models

phaedra parks model

How many jobs does this woman have? She went from lawyer to reality TV star to mortician to a 5’1″ supermodel.

The former RHOA star has signed on with Wilhelmina Models, and here are her plans for her new venture:

“I think I’m the face of ‘yes you can.’ I’m a small town girl who has followed her dreams. Yes you can be a mom, yes you can be a lawyer and yes you can be a model…A supermodel started this company and she wanted to give power back to the women and I think I stand for the same things. I have the opportunity to show people that beauty can come in every size, shade, color, and age. It’s exciting and an adventure!” – Phaedra Parks

Wonder what Cynthia Bailey (the real supermodel) thinks about this…


  1. 5′ 1″ is short. Why is she doing her blow-up-sex-doll, ‘blow job’ ready look? Is she aiming for the 60+ y/o men’s market? ?

    • Leave her alone. Bitch looks good and Kandi is no prize. Kandi fucked over plenty of folks in her day, home-wrecking and side-piecing her way to the top. Porsha’s big mouth cost Phaedra her job, btw. Phaedra never did make that comment about Kandi on the air, she told Porsha behind the scenes bc an RHoA producers had told Phaedra Kandi said it and they caught it on film. It was never meant to be repeated on air. She got fired cause you are never to let the public know that the producers are the ones that instigate all the drama and gossip in these reality shows.

    • she is down that is why a mother of two who is a lawyer is taking pics looking like an instagram model for pay… play for pay… Phadera is fake like her weave… She is not a good representation for a woman.. she’s a fraud, criminal and biiiiiiaaaattt

  2. Wonder what are they going to do with Phadrea, SMH. She probanly knows somenody who knows someone that works there. Sounds like they’ll use her for something, but I can’t see her landing a major, long term gig with Wilhelmina.
    She was seeking media attention last week by posting an old was pic of her and Shemar, then he blew that up by stating be hasn’t seen her since that pic was taken.

  3. The entertainment industry is crumbling before our very eyes. Think of all those beautiful girls/women who will never get to even get a go see. Smh. Phaedra looks good though with her evil ass.

  4. Why are these women called supermodels. Do they even know what a supermodel is. They ain’t no Naomi.

  5. I hate this damn generation. Crazy to believe now that there was a time when you had to be tall, thin, and attractive without the help of plastic surgery to be considered a model.

  6. It’s not about fashion or even attraction…it’s about the highest bidder. Someone exposed what the mortuary business was about a while ago so she needs another income stream. Overrated b-day parties don’t pay for themselves

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