Ray Allen’s Accuser Claims They Had a Gay Relationship

ray allen gay

The man who Ray Allen claims catfished him on an online forum is saying there was no catfishing involved, he and Ray were in a full-blown gay relationship.

In the restraining order docs, Bryant Coleman – who works for the communications department at the Univesity of Central Florida – said they were in a romantic relationship. Ray offered up private videos and pictures knowing good and well that Bryant was a man.

“[Ray’s] account of our relationship is false. Ray knows how I look, he knows how my voice sounds, he knows how I think, and most importantly, he knows my heart. However, because of confidentially considerations, I am not in a position to provide a more detailed response to Mr. Allen’s false and salacious claims. I will rely on the courts to protect me against Mr. Allen’s violent threats and false accusations.” – Bryant Coleman

Ray is also in the process of getting his own restraining order against Bryan even though he claims to have never met him or spoken to him.


  1. ?yikes!!! In 2017 why are they hiding if they are Gay? I believe the guy because why would someone you don’t know need to sign a confidentiality agreement? And how? If you don’t know him? ?‍♀️⛹?

  2. Hey Ray Allen

    “Doin’ the butt.
    Hey pretty, pretty
    When you get that notion, put your backfield in motion, hey
    Doin’ the butt.
    Hey sexy, sexy
    Ain’t nothing wrong, if you
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  3. Ray Allen Does look gay now idk i think Hollywood portrayed that in He Got Game but nobody was paying attention

  4. Most of the world famous athletes are gay, but the male sports fans just don’t want to believe it.

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