Tamar Braxton Files for Divorce

tamar braxton divore

After all the rumors surrounding physical abuse and their marriage being on thin ice, Tamar Braxton has finally filed for divorce from Vincent Herbert.

The singer filed the docs on Tuesday in L.A. County after being married for nearly 9 years.

They have one child together.

Is this about to get messy?


  1. This union has been toxic and strained for some time, glad its over before somebody ended up dead.

  2. If she isn’t attracted to him (was she ever?) and he resents it, the marriage was doomed from day 1. Women don’t have to get married and stay married anymore like they used to. That license just means a courtroom drama to split up everyone and everything.

    • Both of them have serious bite problems. Why they don’t fix them I’ll never understand. If Puffy fixed his massive overbite I bet he would be very good looking,

  3. I hope she aint marry this man for his money. I could never, money aint that serious, not to sacrifice your happiness and make a baby for an album

  4. It’s been messy…..Toni used to eff him when he was her manager…and Tamar allegedly slept with Tonit’s wuzband back in the day….I’m surprise they lasted this long cause everyone thought she as with him for a record deal….

  5. Money makes the fattest and ugliest man look sexy to some dumb, no self esteem young women.
    It’s truly was a match made in hell
    Tamar is too aggressive, loud, demanding and always in her sister’s business, but don’t say anything about her and Vince. She’s not having that at all, that family still have resentment running deep, Tamar was jealous of Toni.. She became the breakout star on the show and her head was swollen
    I couldn’t watch after the 1st season..

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