Nicki Minaj Won’t Testify In Brother’s Trial

nicki minaj brother

Nicki Minaj won’t be taking the stand to testify on her brother Jelani Maraj’s behalf.

Maraj is accused of repeating raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter, and sources claimed the girl’s mom was trying to extort millions from Nicki.

“[Nicki] never planned to take the stand, and her bro’s legal team telling news outlets she was on their witness list was simply false. There were reports Nicki would testify the alleged victim’s mom tried to extort her for millions.”


  1. This pervs DNA was on the girl and her underwear. The younger son witnessed him raping his sister, why would she testify. There was already backlash when it was “rumored” she paid for his defense.

  2. But I bet she’ll visit him in prison. He is looking at doing some long-dong hard time.

  3. I can’t see myself sitting in the courtroom! I’d have to find out about the verdict over the phone far away from that madness. Tragedy.

  4. If what some are saying, that it’s a possible extortion plot… wouldn’t it be possible for the mother to plant the semen on the girls pajamas? ?
    If he actually did repeatedly raped that kid, fry that sick fuck.

  5. is a disgusting OLD FAT UGLY child-anal-oral-raping-std LIE
    that “girl’s mom was trying to ‘extort’ millions from Nicki”
    Nicki gets what she gets for allowing her PEDOPHILIC DAYCARE OWNER WHICH NICKI HERSELF FUNDS PEDO brother to give that little girl’s butt and mouth diseases from this old ugly slimy pervert

  6. I don’t understand why Nicki would testify other to use her fame to blind the jury. Unless the child’s mother tried to extort $ from Nikki but it sounds like there’s enough physical evidence to prove her brother did do that. So sick. If he did do this, he may have more victims bc they never stop at one.

  7. She know her perverted creepy brother raped that 11yr old girl.. Karma is a bitch though.. Hey icky thats why your career is done and everyone is turning their backs on you..Where is that Nasty Stank Cocky Arrogant Brat Facef Attitude Now.. Hmmmm! Lmaooooo???

  8. Nicki had a good run hope she goes into acting she’s bipolar and bisexual she should get a few parts

  9. When he gets to jail, Tyrone and the gang is awaiting his arrival.. He will be forcefully RAPED without any mercy to show him how that feels.. They have some sick people in this world and most don’t look the part, I.E. your paster, preacher, father, deacon, any adult that over children programs, they are there in the mist of things always so helpful and the last one to leave..

  10. I would bet anything that Nikki is just another MKUltra slave who has been sexually abused and traumatized by her sick brother who is also an MKUltra slave himself perpetuating her trauma since a young age to further traumatize her all for the gaines of the evil powers-that-be.

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