Tamar Braxton Breakdown Sparked By Vince’s $1.64M Tax Debt


Tamar Braxton appears to finally know exactly what it’s like to walk in her sister’s shoes! Sources say she was rushed to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Thursday. This, after Tamar suffered an anxiety attack.

“Tamar had an anxiety attack at the Warner Bros. studio filming her television show The Real.”

Now Let’s Throwback to the time when Toni took one for her sister-team … showed them all solids only to later be dragged through the mud. Guess What? Vince Herbert seems to be the chosen one to give Tamar a taste of her own medicine! Just ask Uncle Sam!!!

Here’s what a source says:

“Tamar owes everybody money and she’s worn out her welcome at recording studios in L.A.

Tamar was rushed to the hospital when she read the report her husband Vincent owes the IRS $1.6 million.”


  1. Karma is real! Tamar should keep her mouth closed shut about other folk being broke n busted. Get yo life!

    • No this is the illusion of fame now the a nice penny but for them it should be nothing Tamar you have two shows and an album and he has produced how many other peoples album. Faking it to you make it is something they do to get all of us hook on the image of being famous but many are not happy at the end of the day. How many celebrity owe tuns of money letting these executive fill there minds with dreams of grandeur but lacking good management skills the only real people who make money for real are the CEO’s and executives and once they use you up the debt begin fall.

    • I thought they were worth 20mil? If it’s true 1.6 isnt anything to them. I’m not a fan but I don’t wish bad on anyone even her ungreatful butt. Someone said they were worth worth 10mil and i don’t believe that unless they are stupid because there house is worth 7mil, not to mention the cars. Vince is an intelligent business man so I don’t see them going broke. Good luck Vince and this time put her on a budget and stop letting her run a muck with your money.

      • What makes you think 1. Vince is a smart business man and 2. Tamar is the one who needs to be put on a budget. These two fools been flossnin for a while. Vince fat ass either owns or rents a private plane. They got a garage full of luxury cars and now we read he’s not paying his taxes. Doesn’t sound like a smart business man to me. Last year one of her stylists quit because she refused to pay him. People said the stylist was lying All that glitters ain’t gold. These two nouveau riche hood rats don’t know how to use and handle money. Sadly this is typical.

        • Vince is a co producer of her show the real.His name is on the credits you can see it when it goes off. Anyhoo this show should be bringing in money to pay off the debt.Otherwise she can pawn those shabby weaves and wigs to pay it.Doesn’t Tamar have a muppet line?


  3. what’s wrong with this website??
    can’t go on the main page, with out getting blocked??

    is anyone getting this problem??


    • Well, I expect nothing less from her loud mouth ass! Give the brother a break (favor) & do it! She ran his pockets in the dirt ( he allowed it). If it wasn’t for Toni & Herbert, she would be another bitter ass back up singer. Ungrateful ass bitch. And stop f*cking your face up too!

      • Tamar must be hells bells when it comes to spending money? Not that long ago, Vince was all over TV with Lady GaGa, Mindless Behavior, and some other folk. The top one percent of earners are paying a fed rate of 35% in taxes…add local and state taxes. Some states, the so-called rich pay 50% or more in taxable income. That’s obscene to me. As we know, politicians waste money to buy votes while in office. The IRS was created outside the bounds of the Constitution just like The Federal Reserve Bank. I see it as invalid in many ways. Their own employees skip paying taxes with no problem, but, if you’re a black entertainer…Notice The Pattern?

  5. Celebs buy everything except the services of GOOD tax attorneys! The more you make, the more THEY take, it’s that simple. These celebrity tax problems are a mess.

    • The Jhewish created IRS (simple to keep people in debt and from becoming independently wealthy or simply independent) is designed to make celebs or anyone who get’s paid a lot of money that can be taxed, tempted to not want to claim the income so they can come after you later.

      The Jhew IRS is one component in their plans to take over the world (which they have almost done, but they want EVERY nation) and to control the wealth. It is a rat race in which the Jhews have all of the wealth (and their non-Jhew lackeys), they ration out some wealth to the masses, but charge you taxes so that you cannot live a decent life.

      When you think about it, why should anyone making under $75K a year be taxed? Most certainly, why should anyone making under $50K a year be taxed? They claim it is to pay for services of the nation, yet they FORCE you to pay, so it is like what it has always been – tribute. The difference between classical tributes and the IRS is that the Jhews created the money and the economy, so they are just recycling their created money and you get a small cut, but they eventually get it ALL back. We are simply spending our entire lives borrowing Jhew money, while thinking that we are working for it.

      The sooner that people wake up, the sooner you will realize that we are all being played. However, the struggle to make ends meet is a priority and a distraction from the real deal. When the Jhews cut the currency out (why do you think they keep buying everything?) and leave you with cards only (prelude to a chip), then things will really get rough because illegal money will be hard to come by and they can seize money at anytime.

          • Um I have no Jhew buddies, but I am wise enough to understand the tax code. It exists, it’s real and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it.

          • Tony how can a tiny defenseless group of people have so much clout? They have no mighty army and their numbers are small. How do the Jhues. Keep everybody in control. Him who controls the military and nuke buttons are the ones that have the power. Jhues are stewards and puppets.

            • My punctuation is off. The sentence should read..How do the Jhues keep everybody in control.

            • Anon 14:01 He has to have someone to direct his hate and frustration towards. It’s kind of sad really.

            • You must be a Jhew since you are with the BS. Are there 300M presidents of the USA or one? Is there one king or everyone in the nation? Is there one sport champion or are they all champions? Are the big, strong bodyguards in control, or are they guarding the weak, smaller numbered boss? That about sums it up.

              Of course you know the answer because you are a part of it, trying to play off the usual Jhew cover – being victims and being perceived as weak. You created the money and the economy so you literally own everything that is paid for with cash. He who owns the wealth, owns everything.

              A president has temporary power and it can be taken away as when the Jhews killed JFK, term limits, scandal or ‘elections.’ The president control the military temporarily, but the rich control all. It was true for Rome and it is true for the US and Europe. You obviously joke when you claim Jhews are puppets…

              Jhews created the nuclear weapons – for Hitler! They also created his other weapons. You Jhews claim to be ‘god’s chosen people to rule the world,’ even thought you are not real Jhews, and you curiously have a lot of black characteristics…

            • No Tony I am not a Jhew. If we could skype you would see that I am a black woman. But on second thought if we could skype, I wouldn’t ‘because I have on a do rag and pajamas, and no makeup.

              Back to topic…the questions you asked went over my head and yet they intrigued me. If you breakdown the answers to your questions, I am open to listening. One thing we can agree on right now….yeah sometimes Jhews look remarkably black. I once worked with a guy I thought was Creole or italian. When he said he was Jhewish I almost fell our of my chair.

            • I reread your questions again. I think I get the picture, I disagree on the art direction. I happen to feel the Jhews are stewards following instructions. The Jhews are the bagman, the frontman, and the fall guy.

              But again I am open to opposing views and explanations. I don’t know everything. Only Rush Limbaugh has cornered the market on knowledge.

              REPLY FOR TONY. STARK

            • At BlackAnsstasia,

              Who is Arthur Koestler?

              When you say BlackAnastasia are referring to Albert Anastasia, the notorious gangster?

              Yeah I knew about Prescott Bush. A good read about the Bush family is called The a Unauthorized Biography Of George Bush by Dr. Webster Tarpley. That book is the truth. It is a free read on a Tarpley.Net

            • @Anon 15:26 The real Joos of the bible are black and there’s no such thing as a lJuish.These people control everything because they stole Solomons Gold and Silver from the Temples in Jerusalem and used those Richest to finance Slavery And the wealth has been handed down from Generation to Generation Which stands today.They are nothing but identity thieves and we black Americans are the real Joos.We are not Africans and 5 he fake joo’s know this and this is way they’re always secretly behind all of our causes like BET, The United College Negro Fund, NAACP to ensure that we stay asleep and never realize our true God or glory because if we every have our Renaissance they know that they’re rulership is over.The most high put these people above us as a punishment for our ancestors rebellion and this wicked society is almost finished.Wake up people.We are the real tribe of Judah.Blacks, Hispanics and Native American Indians are the real people of the Lord and make up the 12 tribes of Israel.NOT these socalled Ju_ish people.ASK Netanyahu.SHALOM.

            • @Anon 15:24 Authur Koestler was a So called Ju_ish Novelist who penned this explosive book Called”The 13th Tribe”which exposed the socalled joos as Kharzarains from Eastern Europe and not the Israelites of the bible or antiquity. And afterwards him and his wife mysteriously died of an assumed suicide which many to this day doubts.People have to understand that Israel just became a State in 1948 so how could the people that reside there today be the Chosen People Of God?That makes absolutely no sense.The Israelites today and of yesterday have always been people of color.And,yes my screen name derives from Albert Anastasia the Mobster but I’m in no way trying to Appropriate him by any means because the Sicilians from Southern Italy were a dark skinned group of Btw,so in reality,I’m taking back what’s been originally stolen from me.Btw,this is no hate speech this is truth speech.Shalom

            • @ Black Anastasia Italy is right across the street from Africa. I see black lineage in Italians all day. So I Cosign the Italian thing. I am aware that Israel was established in the 40s.

              Now as to Jhues being black, well I once saw a book written by Ezra Pound about the Jhues. Some of the historical pictures contained in the book showed black men. I can’t call it. If the Jhues of today are Khazarian/ European they are not real. Europeans are Japhetic ( Noah’s Son Japheth)
              True Hebrews are Semitic ( Noah’s son Shem).

            • Tony Stark

              If the Jhews are so all powerful and run everything, why can’t they even get a Jhew elected Vice president or president? Why can’t they f*ck up the various clubs and associations which are restricted and don’t allow Jhews? I know a certain club in Georgia which has one black member, but they won’t allow a Jhew in the club.

            • Tony I don’t now why you think that there are Jhews lurking here and trying to affect the opinions of a handful of black folks. Shit, if I were a Jhew, I wouldn’t give a flying f*ck what anyone said about me. That’s the damn truth.

              The Southern Poverty Law Center which keeps its eye on hate groups is run by Jhews. If they are hell bent on the destruction of blacks, why would they care what happens? There are so many holes in your theories. Why did young college radicals in the 60s die for black’s civil rights if they want to see blacks do poorly? They are so dedicated to our destruction that they will die in order to fool us? That don’t make any sense at all.
              It’s weird to me that poor whites and poor blacks both hate the Jhews. I saw a Klansman on Dr Phil whose daughter had gotten knocked up by a black man. He said that he’d rather have 10 mixed breed grandkids than a Jhewish one.
              Does it bother you at all that you are on the same page as a Klan member? It seems like you are both driven by hate because you feel as i your birthright has been stolen by a “shady” group of people.

            • @Anon 17:02 We Negroes are from Shem but we’ve been lied to and told were from Ham so it’s irrefutable that we are not a Hamite people than there’s no way possible we can be African which btw is a whitemans name Leonardo Sipius Africanus. The whiteman that claims to be a joo is from the seed of Esau who btw was Jacob twin brothbrother.Esau sold his birthright for some red portage not realizing he sold away everlasting rulership.The most high chose Jacob which we blacks, Hispanics and Native American Indians come from and the descendants of Esau are upset because the lost the birthright and that’s the main reason these people are claiming to be gods people in an attempt to reclaim the birthright which will never happen.Gen The 26th Chapter backs up everything I just wrote so check it ouout.The Kingdom is ours.Rejoice O’Children Of Israel.

            • @Anon 17:04 There’s no need for a socalled Joo to be elected president or Vice President for that matter because they secretly control the WhiteHouse and Congress as a whole.Who do you think elected Obama into office? It certainly wasn’t the General Public.Politicians are all Chess Pieces controlled by the Jesuits and the Queen Of England has more power in America than any politician and that includes Barry Davis/Obama.

      • You my dear, have spoken the realest shit yet! The (cards) right now are pacifing, but the near future “chip” is when shit will get real, very fast. Everybody going about this thing we refer to life, w/o a second thought, until “real life” hits that ass, then what? Live temporarily, or die? Shits no doubt is getting very deep indeed!

      • Tony…Old Money Don’t Pay Taxes! Oftentimes, dudes like Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway support high taxation to keep us common folk from being rich just like them. This is the ugly truth about (The Jhews) that run Wall Street. Remember, these fat cats bankrolled Obama in 2008. He curses them in public while begging for their money at the same time…Murky Water!

        • No doubt. Obama is an actor in the White House, reading a script written by Jhews. Any critique he makes of them is approved by them, only to give the public the illusion that the Jhews are not in control and must follow orders too. It should be clear to anyone that they are in control of things. Why else does the US recognize their ‘holy’ days but no other religion’s?

          • George Soros said backed in like 07 that the US economy was in need of a Stimulus Package well before the 08 Crash and that’s exactly what happened.Soros financed Obama along with his Cronies at Goldman Sachs.There’s no way an unknown Senator from Hawaii can break Fundraising Records and ascend to the highest office in the land with some Enormous backing.Impossible

          • If that were true about Obama and the Jhews, why is he Public Enemy #1 of the state of Israel now?

            Yall know you’re talking some truth mixed with bullshit.

            The US doesn’t honor the Jhewish holy days any differently than they do the Christian ones.

            • Anon: Get your BS outta here. How is Israel the #1 enemy state when every US politician and public figure MUST pledge their undying allegiance to Israel? When did the US attack Israel? The US attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and will attack Iran and if they are crazy – North Korea! These are the designated enemies – they get sanctioned and attacked.

              I am mixing nuttin but the truth mixed in with shit that Jhews wished would not be brought to the light. WHY must the US recognized Jhewish holy days if the Jhews are not in control?

            • You are saying that the Repugs are not crucifying Obama as we speak for his treatment of Netanyahu?
              You are saying that Obama isn’t the most hated American in Israel at this moment because of his perceived empathy for the Palestinians?

              As for the holy days, my bank doesn’t close on Yom Kippur. Does yours? Mine is closed on Christmas.
              My mail comes on Rosh Hashana but it doesn’t come on Good Friday.

              Like I said in another thread, aren’t you a little leery of sharing a hatred for Jhews with the members of every white hate group in America? Doesn’t that tell you something?
              People who cannot do, pick the group who they feel is stymying their progress(because heaven forbid they would look inward.)
              I would be very embarrassed if I were spouting the same rhetoric as a grand dragon of the KKK.

  6. Weeeeelllllll looky here! Tamar, didn’t U say that your mom always say,”PAY YOUR TAXES”? Look like you didn’t follow your own Mom’s advice.

  7. welp, I guess the internet was wrong when they said Tamar and Vince’s networth was over 10 million.

    She can always sell that house and get a nice 2bdroom apartment in a low housing area…..just saying

    why lie to kick it????

    • That “fake it, til you make it” bullshit is for birds, misinformed, & just plain stupid. Shit is not that damn serious! The reverse 20/80 mentality is a bitch. Seems to me, the moral majority flat f*cking refuse to acknowledge there is even a “small print.” Stupid is as stupid keep doing. WOW!

  8. Tamar should have learned from her sister Toni. Toni has always remained a lady and didn’t ruin her image with bafoonery. I’m surprised Toni cosigned the reality shows she did with her sisters but I guess she really needed the money.

  9. This is fr all u dummies who worship celebrities and google their net worth like that shit is real. You can change her net worth yourself on those bullshit ass sites. Nelly is being sued by eight companies for non payment and claims less than half a mil himself. Keep drinking the koolaid from pie faced muppet lookin bitches like her.

    • One can have a net worth of 10 million dollars and be cash broke and owe a ton of money to the IRS. It’s rich folks problems, but it does work that way.
      If you don’t live within your means, you pay the price in triplicate later, but I will bet that their homes and assets will cover this debt. The question is do they have the self discipline to live on a budget after the debt is retired?

      • Michael Jackson was Asset Rich and Cash broke so that’s you’re absolutely correct.Tupac the world most Renowned and beloved Entertainer died with less than 100 k in his bank account and after making over 60 million combined for Death Row in the years 1995-96 I’d have to scratch my head and ask how’s that possible?!

        • BA, but where is the money that was left? He made Death Row all this money, but where is the money. Imma throw a tidbit. A couple years ago Afeni Shakur was living in North Carolina. I wanna say about three or five years after Pac’s death. All of sudden her house was in flames. Nobody didn’t know how it was started. All I know she left. It was around that time when Keyshia Cole was a guest singer on his cd. The song was Playaz Card Right.

          • In the months proceeding 2Pacs death Suge gave Afeni Shakur 3 Million dollars of back royalties for 2Pac.Now as for 2Pac’s money and it’s wareabouts that’s a million dollar question because I’d love to know where is money went after his death.

            • BA, I know good and damn well she only got 3 million for back royalties when his entire catalog is waaaaaayy more than that! Something ain’t right with this situation.

            • Let’s not forget that most black artist don’t own their catalog and 2Pac was no exception.Master P and Cash Money records are the only Black Artist/Lables that owns their catalogs all the rest are just temporary workers.

        • how much was 2pac making for himself per album of course when an album is made the artists or group has to pay everyone involved.

          lets see pac owed suge you know he was gonna get paid, engineer, the producers who worked on the album, rappers and singers they had guesat spots.

          sample clearances since we know pac never made a beat in his life.

          no wonder pac was making as many films as he can, and touring just like every other artist they make the majority of their money touring unless you have your ownm label like suge once did.

          the rapper or artist gets paid last.

          only opnres making money in the rap game is the producers and ceos.

          that’s why I can’t understand why waynes having money issues did all the guest appearances he made he should he getting royalties off publishing and wayne put in some work soince he was a child and hes not getting paid by royalties somethings wrong here.

          birdman shouldn’t be having money problems hes made millions off cash money and his artists both past and present.

          before magic died he dissed master p well look where magic’s at now and p is still paid off his music.

          and pac wanted to own the masters off his recordings and that made suge so upset that one time suge wanted to hit pac since pac openly defied suge over completeing his final album.

          then it didn’t help that pac fired david kenner as his attorney.

          the word was going around that he fired kenner and wanted to leave deathrow after his 3 album deal.

          funny how the whites just sit back and make billions while they sit back and watch the blacks just self destruct, make death threats and kill each other off.

          puff, jigga, nas, suge, dre, q, will smith and everybody else who pac beefed with had to been laughing inside at first saying yeah look where you at now f me now f u you dead mf.

          yeah they all progressed done made millions while pac’s dead.

          dre is a billionaire, will and jada are richer, puff made millions, jay z is now a ceo with a trophy wife.

          suge’s the only fool he had to play hardcore givbe it up you’re past 50.

          • 2Pac fired David Kenner after he realized Kenner was in Collusion with Suge and he was being stiffed on the back end with his contract.David K was a crook and once Pack caught wind of his Shenanigans he Disposed of his Ass.But contrary to the Consensus Suge had Zero to do with Pac’s death.

      • @12:39 yeah i know what you mean about living within our means.I am on a budget and after paying all my bills and rent i still have some to save and a little to loan .Now i am not into materialistic things but my family is yet they seem to always be borrowing yet bragging and showing off.I think thats backwards and we should all save for a rainy day and emergencies but EGO’s won’t have it.

  10. I guess their trying to keep up with the joneses. Living in California isn’t cheap. They might as run their behinds back to Atlanta (black hollywood). Tamar needs to humble herself.

  11. lies. I dont believe the story yall spiining bcuz i remmber reading vince owned the IRS millions a few years ago at least I saw it last year 2014. Tamar suffered a breakdown @ Warner Bros. Lot in Hollywood??Where the luuminati people at now? yall should be jumping on this one, cuz that a lie that she had a breakdown over that…girl bye that whole family in debt to the IRS aint nothin new to Tamar..some big news probably coming out on them soon or some real shady shit going down on the set of ‘The Real’.

  12. most celebs and athletes who make “big” money is not really their money most of their money is on a black card meaning the elites put 50k to 1mill they control their bank account if they don’t follow protocol they freeze their money don’t believe ask bill cosby and dame dash whose net worth is a -2 million. and not to mention music and movie industry is not doing good. if you got 10mill in the bank why you trippin?. the elites monitor them with hidden cameras in their houses and they keep the books on what they spend. ‘TIN HAT” signing off

    • Okay Stephen, I love you son, but the cameras in the house is a little cuckoo even for you. All it takes is a good private surveillance/security expert to sweep your home and find any and all bugs and cameras.

      But keep the funny stuff coming. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.

      • You better think again 12:42

        Cameras are everywhere in the home. There have been numerous articles written about it. These stories are by your so called mainstream media.

        • All I’m saying is that if you have the wherewithal to have a security sweep done by professionals, problem solved.

      • I think it was Jessica Simpson who complained about the cameras still being in her house after her reality show had finished filming. Do Tamar and Vince film in their home? If so, it’s possible there may have been some cameras left behind.
        The smart celebrities probably do exactly what you suggested by hiring their own personal security team but most of them are so caught up in their own world they probably don’t worry about such things.

    • Stephen they ain’t ready boo. But that is the real deal. To me it very obvious that they control the celebrities money. Remember when Randy Quaid fled to Canada?
      It came out that even though Randy had made 40 million dollars, he had to borrow money from his brother Dennis.

      There is something more here than meets the eye. Vince is a shrewd smart man. He is too smart to not have his ducks in order.

      Here is my theory…they don’t want to turn their child over to being turned out. When you get into the industry you can’t say no to the power brokers.
      I read a story about a pro athlete and how his family were treated. The article talked about how his wife did not want anyone to have sex with their daughter who was five at the time. The article stated that the people told the mother she was old enough and used their little girl anyway.

      If you notice a lot of times after the birth of a child, the celebrities always end up having financial problems. I think they are bring punished for not wanting to have their children abused.

      • people don’t want to believe that celebs and athletes don’t have control over their accounts? you know who controls their wealth the illunmati (rothchilds, builderbergs, rockefellers), the black greek society the boule and the gay secret society. these are the men and women who operate hollywood, sports, food network, government you have to answer to them. when you refuse their orders they freeze you money. when dame dash said he doesn’t have a boss. he’s lying everybody pays a debt to the secret society.

          • I enjoy your comments as well Stephen and glad you spoke about celebrities not really in control of their money .I been saying this to my family but everyone delusional lol.

          • Cuz he get dude tracked from the role play the do when you asleep clicking Zzzzz , she got her strap on f*cking the day lights outta his ass… He know who wears the mother f*cking pants in that house! …. Ps every time around may your dad tell you guys he going on a golf tournament in Atl right ? , naw he either getting f*cking or sucking or both hell ,..but definitely enjoying some dick! Boulestyle!

      • You know maybe that’s why some of these stars will not have their own & adopt black babies from Africa. A few of those celebrity women who did that were/are known to fraternize with racists.

    • The rest of “The Real” panel is more than likely laughing their asses off! Shit got “real Tamar” Call your big sister Toni & humble yourself!

    • No. I watch it everyday and she was acting just a bit “off” early this week, but there was no major difference in her. Apparently she is blaming Sandra Rose and her “bathroom blog”* for this whole story.
      * Tamar’s term not mine

  13. I don’t buy this story. I have observed how blacks with money handle themselves.
    They watch everything to the penny. They are good at mangling their finances, They have to stay on top of the estimated quarterly taxes. They know they have to stay on point because Uncle Sam is not playing around with black people. I can’t say all are like that, but I have seen quite a few handle their business adroitly.

    And no one loves to save money more than old school black women with disposable income.
    I bet you every black woman on here can co sign this. All though we shop till others drop, we believe in saving. For example, if a black woman works a job and makes 50 dollars you better believe she is going to try to sit aside at least 5-10 ten of her check.
    I bet every working black on this thread has a rainy day stash.

      • Oh my goodness..correcting my correction…set, not sit or sat.

        Okay I got to go. Too many typos.

      • Grhhhh! Correction….MANANGING NIT MANGALING

        I am not commenting anymore. I am tired of my typos.

    • I know throughout my work history I have always saved. Now I loved to shop…but I always had a few dollars in savings, and I would get depressed if my balance got too low.

  14. Let’s not forget Wesley Snipes and Ronald Isley went to prison for tax evasion. Also Lauryn Hill, Fat Joe,etc. Celebrities need to learn on how to budget their money.

    • @15:06 better they need to do what I do. Start couponing and catch these deals! I am on my way back to Dollar General right now! A 70% off sale this weekend ? I am going to clean that store out!

  15. I’d take all of this Tax info about Vincent with a Grain Of Salt because dude was behind LadyGaGa when she basically blew the Lid off of Pop Music a couple years ago so I’m certain dude is still eating very well from the Success of”Fame”Fame Monster”and”Born This Way”Albums.

  16. What a strange face Tamar has. That wig is so tired it’s yawning. Vince better strut back to his sugar daddies for more money.

    • I agree. They chose the worst picture to make her look as bad as possible. She looks fantastic on her show, and she’s stopped wearing that light foundation and blond wigs/weave that made her look like a washed out wannabe.
      I’m telling you, with black hair and her real skin tone, she is stunningly attractive.
      And no, this isn’t her mother and I don’t work for her, lol

  17. tamar needs to kick that doctors ass for phukking her face up like that.

    she looks like a trans.

    guess vince like trannies.

    what do these women be thinking hey give me the drag queen look my husband likes dudes on the downlow I wanna look like 1995 rupaul.


  18. i believe vince owes the irs, however i dont believe they are broke. they stay booked.

  19. Tamar is nothing but a modern day coon, She was on Anderson Cooper cooning Herself out of a paper bag!!
    telling Him She’s wearing a wigs. is She stupid (obviously Her skin bleach cream has made Her stupid) of course Anderson Cooper knows She wearing a wig

    is f*cking obvious She was wearing a wig, She’s a loud mouthed bytch who brags about Her husband’s riches
    She’s ghetto as hell She’s filling the agenda, to make Black People look bad

    • I love her. She’s fun and a little crazy, but it isn’t her job to represent the black population. And there are plenty of others who are worse examples.
      You are just jealous.

      • @Anonymous

        if You think that than Your a stupider than I thought

        Tamar is filling the agenda She’s a loud mouth ghetto bytch, Her talent is f*cking music producers for beats
        because She doesn’t want to buy beats

        She brags about Her so called marriage on tv, She treats Vince like a human piggy bank

        honey I’m not jealous

        Tamar sold Her soul for riches and fame



  20. Tamar said God nor Toni paved the way for her. She paved it herself. Let’s see how her unpaved road ends now. This is just the beginning.

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