Bow Wow Blasts Empire For Stereotyping Black Actors


Empire may be the new Scandal, but that didn’t stop little Bow Wow from criticizing the hit African American television show.

During a recent interview, the rapper and former 106 & Park host slammed the show for stereotyping Black actors.

Here’s Bow Wow’s take on it:

“When we were still filming Cyber episodes, Empire‘s first episode premiered. Fans were saying, ‘Man, you should have been on the show.’ But we all don’t rap or play basketball. We can do so many things. There are young African-Americans who are intelligent enough to work at the FBI. That’s what’s so bright. Hopefully, I can help start a new wave of young black actors who don’t want to stereotype themselves.“


  1. Oh Bow Wow be quiet you are probably hatin’ because you didn’t get the role of Hakim.. and I am glad.. I like the way he plays his role.. he owns it.

    • Exactly Sher! He wanted to be Hakeem. While he makes a good point, I cannot take this dude seriously because of his antics and dealings with a known ghetto rat whore named Erica Mena.

      • I got one better. He needs the money. That’s why his ass is hating . I love Empire. I can’t wait until the season two comes on.

          • I have an MBA and live in a 2 million dollar home. I must have shitty rachet ghetto taste as well, because I feel the same as Da Radiant. pffft

            • 12:47, I just got back from a 70% off sale @ Dollar General with coupons to get the stuff on sale. I did awesome! Even tho I don’t have my car, I pushed that yellow buggy down Main Street with my goodies! I gotta live within my means. If I have to coupon, push a buggy home, ( I live around the corner from Dollar General) and go grocery shopping next door to Food Lion, so be it. But according to 10:32 we are ghetto and ratchet. Call me everything in book for all I care! I betcha my bills are paid, food in the house, go to all of mines and my son’s appts, and got soap, laundry detergent and everything else. Not to mention, my house stay clean. But I got one problem tho? I am running out of room for my stockpile! Lmao!

            • Respect! I’m trying to be like you @12:47. I can’t afford it yet but one of my favorite past times is looking up mansions in Colorado on Zillow. That’s where I want to retire.

              Is Dollar General’s sale nationwide? I need to get on that.

            • Cheese it depends on what store. Chile I got those fleece blankets for little or nothing! A $15.00 fleece blanket for $2.25! A $5.00 fleece blanket for $.75! I damn near clean the store!

            • I went to DG today and no sale >:o( They did have pineapple fanta which oddly enough is very hard to find out here.

            • Cheese, Girl we got Pineapple Fantas right here, right now! $.99 for a 20 ounce!

            • anon 15:41 I agree!!! There is nobody I hate more than a nigga who got more than me!! Fuk em all!!

    • Dear Bow Wow,
      No one wants to hear a little man speak on this issue. You have no voice in the black community. You are marrying a FREAKAZOID named Erica Mena! I am so embarrassed for you. You have obviously been P***whipped by the freak prostitute hooka Erica Mena. SO you my little one have multiple seats and stop the hate! YOU LOST YOUR STREET CRED WITH THIS HOOKA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is the same dude that was on Cash Money Records a year ago trying to make thug music..Bow go sit cho azz down!

    • Child, he got a chance to be on this CRAB wants to look down on everyone else……

      We have Black FBI Agents on TV. This aint nothing new. Black Dr’s, Black Lawyers,
      Black IT people on shows.

      This is Bow Wows first job outside of music, amd he is trying to throw SHADE.

      Negro, Please!

  3. Yeah but you can’t show them anything cause you cant act. Seriously I turned it off. Oh and ya cant rap either. Your good at hating.

  4. Bow Wow plays an EX-CRIMINAL (speaking of sterotyping) now assisting the cyber crimes unit. He looks like a little doll on there. I downloaded the first episode, watched the first 20 minutes and ended up deleting all of them.


    “But we all don’t rap or play basketball.”



  6. Oh pay Bow weezy mind … He’s talking with penis breath and a bleeding asshole … He just can’t control himself !

  7. “Bow Woe” thinks that blacks can get roles that they want, no, the get what the Jhews tell them to get or work the chittlin circuit! Blacula came out on Blu-Ray and when I saw one scene where he was getting robbed, it reminded me of the Hollywood shuffle and how blacks can only play the images that the Jhews want blacks to be seen as on screen.

    Nothing has changed. We either play the pitiful blacks who suffer from racism from ‘whites’ (never the true racists puppet master – the Jhew) or we play the usual – athlete, domestic, rapper, criminal, whore, gay or emotional support to white needs (slave). The best thing for us is for these blacks to put their money together (it will never happen) and form their own studios, pumping out blacks productions and never again join Jhew Hollywood.

    It takes a whole lot to do that and you won’t make as much money, but you won’t be pimped either. besides, with blacks (I am sure those Africans and British will still take them) out of Hollywood, what would the Jhews do? Blacks can only take what Jhews allow (which is whatever anti-black agenda is on the table), which is reminding us that we are and should be slaves. They are also reminding us that we can be replaced by people who did not go through what we did and are not even from this country, but they will portray us on film.

    Idiot blacks speak on these films because the Jhews hype them up with phony awards nominations to give them credibility, and idiot African-Americans fall for the bait, not realizing that they are not in, but it is about them!! Stop being stupid.

    • And U why Tony blacks can’t have none of those things? Black folks run they damn mouths too much! If we (blacks) come up with some good ideals to help each other out, we can be the most powerful force there is! But it be that one or two that can’t hold piss in their mouths without going back and run their mouths. Example James Brown and Otis Redding.

      • What did James Brown and Otis Redding do? Blacks don’t need everyone on board, only enough.

        • They wanted to start a distribution company to have black artist to sign and own their own music.

      • What’s Up Sis! I don’t watch Empire as a matter of choice. As I said in a previous post awhile back, other folk can love Terrence and Teraji as much as they want…Not Me! Fox is going Ham over Lee Daniels because network TV needs the ratchetness. NetFlix is cutting into profits on the cable and network side. It’s a guilty pleasure…Fun Fun Fun! Bow Wow is wrong in this respect…Damn near every crime drama has a HNIC FBI AGENT in the cast…True or False Sis? After “24” went off air the first time, I stopped watching dramas and sitcoms. Right now, I can’t get in too deep with this show that you love so much. My feelings about Hollywood are no secret…the suits portray us as thirsty. No pride in who we are, all we wanna do is sleep with white folk or kill each other…A Problem! Later Sis!!!

    • You won’t hear this on Fox News, but black folks are some of the most innovative people on earth. Thomas Edison may have invented the light bulb, but it was Lewis Latimer who invented the carbon filament that extended the light bulb’s life.
      Without Garrett Morgan we would have traffic accidents galore. But we don’t because he invented the stop light. ( I used to babysit his grandson). Firemen owe a dent of gratitude to the black inventor of the gas mask. (Wikepedia shaded the inventor and downplayed). The only thing black people can’t do is stop running our like DaRadiant 1 said, and stick together like Tony Stark said.

    • I agree, that is what the Africans did when the Europeans were making their movies with a lot of sterotypes, so they formed their own production companies to show themselves in a better light. Hwo I mean Nolly wood is the #rd third largest movie production. One more thing, Bow Wow is playing the biggest sterotype in real life by sporting a non black woman on his arm!

  8. stereotyping Black actors????? Wait, isnt the Andre character a graduate with an MBA????? how’s that for stereotyping, Lil Bow?? LOL!!! sounds like he’s just speaking that hater language lmao
    And its really funny that he said “stereotyping” as if he himself WASN’T a rapper a few decades ago LOL!! I think he’s feeling a tad bit salty about not being cast as Hakeem LOL

    • I don’t know the show too well, I have only seen it twice but if Andre is the oldest one, they did kind of stereotype him, He has an MBA and a white wife. Are they trying to say educated black men don’t see black women as worthy? He is the oldest but he is weak, he is educated but can’t lead. He is an emotional wreck, less effective than his younger and and non educated brothers. And I did sort of watch that shit last night and I guarantee you this predictable bullshit will start next season with him going to jail for the murder of the ashy lipped brother because he will take the rap for his pregnant wife. His wife left him because he didn’t get “empire” came back just in time to kill crusty lips…..I can see it already. With baby wipes in jail and his son soon to join him. The empire will end up in the hands of the two white chics on the show because the young boy will be p*ssy whooped into signing over his stake in the company and before you know it, the ghetto mother (Taraji Henson) will have to save the company by kidnapping th two white chicks, killing them and getting rid of the evidence by making Prescious eat both of the bodies……that’s all of it so I will no longer tune into or support shit because i found out it was made by FOX . Rupert Murdoch hates blacks and though it may be entertaining to a point it really is a big stereotype when you watch with open eyes. But hey, if you all like I, I love it. Please enjoy. I just can’t support Rupert and FAUX.

      But bowow needs to sit down talking bout a stereotype
      Baby daddy
      Bad with money
      Brags about money and jewelry
      Likes hoes

      • Dang Eddie, I was with you on a serious note until you said she would have precious eat the bodies, LMAO!

        Does the acid in lemonade destroy mother boards? Cuz it flew all over my laptop keyboard.

        • Yeah, they making mother boards so they oxidize in fresh air…..naw I’m just kidding, I ruined one like that but I spilled a lot on it tho…you should be good tho..I’m sorry bout that BE. But that would be a good way to,dispose of the bodies.

          • No prob, it was spit it out or choke from laughing lol. I tried to hit it on the back to knock out all the moisture when I turned it over the screen was upside down O_O!!!!! Did a restore and knocked out the antivirus and had to update everything, keyboard still acting up. Whew I almost lost her that time, got to be careful.

            *Note to self, don’t read Eddie’s comments with a mouthful of lemonade…… 😛

            • How about while drinking arnold Palmer!?!?! How’s everything going, business good???

            • Ummmm, I love half and and half’s, would have stilled choked though hee heee!

              It’s okay kinda slow until Easter, cant wait for spring to break and gear up for the farmer’s markets.

              Have you settled on a new location yet?

            • Niggah Pls Eddie is a corny f*ck you coat tails nothing funny bout that lame comments !

            • Why you jealous cuz aint no body checking for you Anon 11:08 GTHOH with yo lame ass!

              Hating ass peeps get on my nerves……

            • Black Enga Is it me, or have you noticed even a higher amount of hating going on around here for the past month or so? That horrible person who drove my old pal Ms Reg off by claiming she was a phoney(she isn’t and I know that for a fact) seems to be the Head Hater In Charge around these parts now. I would bet a dollar to a donut that she is the one hating on Eddie. You know, of everyone here, NOBODY has ever had an unkind word to say to or about Eddie ever. Now, coincidentally Reg gets driven off, and I bet this person will attempt to do the same with Eddie. Of course it won’t work, because Eddie is not likely to fold under the pressure.

            • Yeah Anon 12:36 I did notice that. Almost every time I reply to Eddie lately I get cut off or up some way or other. I just mess with him sometimes because I think it make him blush, don’t really mean any harm by it. But I see some folks don’t like for others to get no shine on this site. They are not fooling me, their mannerism put them out on front street every time.

              “Niggah Pls Eddie is a corny f*ck you coat tails nothing funny bout that lame comments !”

              Hmmmm, how very telling, I see your ass……..

      • ^^^^^ How was your day today??? I hope it came in and left you in the best of health and spirits. God Bless you and Have a wonderful Week.

  9. Bow Wow needs to have several seats. Him and his ratchet girlfriend is a joke. Nobody’s going to be what going to be watching him on that show. He’s going to get the show canceled like 106n park.

    • The good thing is that the sheriff is black himself, and the FBI is there with a forensic team investigating. They want to be certain it wasn’t suicide before they go hard on an accusation.

      • Yes I heard about the possibility of it being considered a suicide but seems to be an extreme way to do it. Hanging from a tree by a white sheet? In Mississippi? I don’t know about this one.

      • A black man hanging from a tree in Mississippi suicide????! Yea OK of course its suicide they would never hang a black man from a tree in this south.

      • the update is that they’re “almost certain ” it was suicide. almost certain wtf is that anyway? either you’re certain or not.That was awfully quick too. If course they have his profile like it’s evidence that he did this to himself. They’re doing their best to imply that because he frequented the casinos that it must be a gambling debt Or I guess just because he’s black a drug deal gone bad. The fact that his hands weren’t tied somehow seems to be a determining factor in this “almost certain” “suicide” as well

        • Almost certain? That is about as bad as my neighbor’s 15 year old cousin that got killed by an 18 wheeler and a minivan. What makes it so bad, that the state trooper said she was walking illegal. How in the you walk illegal on a four lane highway when you try to cross the street with no corners, no safety patrol and the school is tucked in a corner? The girl was walking her brothers to school and one of them also got hit. She saved her brother from getting hit and she got hit. The drivers didn’t even get charge now. Now they have a cross walk further down maybe 100 feet from her house, but that school is a magnet school. The other school was down the street. I would love to be at that school hearing to voice my opinion!

        • well, I didn’t say anything earlier, but there was a very similar case in either Bama or Mississippi a few of years back, and everyone immediately assumed it was a lynching. Fast forward, later it was proven that it was a suicide. Some investigative reporting show like 60 Minutes did a piece on it. That was black people were saying “black men don’t kill themselves” categorically, just like they used to say only middle aged white men are serial killers. Like everything else, eventually all white behavior trickles down to us. I am holding my breath that there won’t be a black school shooter, but I wouldn’t be surprised.
          So anyway, I think the Feds are playing it little conservatively this time so they don’t amp up the climate of racial hate which has increased so much since Ferguson. I could be wrong, but that’s my take.

  10. Bow Wow looks like a ventriloquist dummy on that CSI show.
    That boy should be kissing the ground that he even have a job in TV.

  11. I watched the entire season over the last couple of days and the show is nothing like I expected it would be in a good way. Since when are basketball and one kid who raps a negative Black stereotype? Bow wow must have forgotten that he is a wanna be rapper too with a thot for a fiancee.

  12. “Bow Woe”, LOLs!!!
    Empire is about an entertainment dynasty, hence the kids are rapping and playing sports.
    IMO, the show is groundbreaking in every way, I LOVE it.
    And WTF happened to Taraji P. Henson’s face?!!!
    She looks so odd now.

    • You’re very basic and brainwashed. I would bet $20 you’re a few ppls babymama, maybe 2, 3 or 4 ppl or you one of these idiots that have a masters degree but 0 common sense. Regardless you are definitely Dumb and brainwashed. It’s ppl like you to why this garbage keeps coming on. The show is dumb as dog shyt. Anybody that think differently is blind, dumb and stupid. I see why businesses stay ripping ppl off, if I new ppl were this dumb I would’ve been started a business And sold water back to the water man. I can’t believe ppl this damn stupid.

  13. And guess what? I just read in Variety that Empire is #1 with white women of the prime demographic age groups. Its appeal crosses all borders.

  14. Oh hell, just want we need a by bunch of soon to be influenced wanna be sistas. Oh and by the way i don’t believe you unless you’re talking about young white chicks.

  15. He wanna talk that black power shit now but ain’t contributing shit. He go with a thot from love of hip hop or w.e its called and was a rapper a lame one at that did this nigga even graduate? I’m so tired of these hypocrites he should have shut up and maybe he would have got a shot as a extra or something .. 106 is gone he gonna have to go kiss some ass

  16. Empire is ignorant. It is another way the man keeps folks down idolizing ignorance. Meanwhile it is up against blackish. A show where Black people are educated, well off and a FAMILY. But, you stay caught up because for once Bow Wow said something spot on. Yeah, he’s a quasi-hypocrite but, that doesn’t make it wrong.

  17. Did this m.f. just contradict himself? Take your advice little boy, you’re STILL young enough to be mentored (monitored) by the “Fucking Bitches Intergration” Just food for thought.

  18. What’s more stereotypic is that ratchet he’s trying to call wifey. Little flat chested people always have big mouths. Please stop LIL BOW WOW

  19. Something’s up with this show. They are definitely trying to make a strong black man look evil and a gay man look like prince charming. They are pushing that bipolar disease and I peeped a few other things that lets me know this show is not just something to watch but more like an intent to brainwash People. Snoop and Tarrance disappointed me when they fell for the Oookie doke to act out a line where they tried to compare themselfs to God and Jesus. I only seen 2 1/2 episodes and I’ve seen enough. Hope you ppl aren’t letting yall sons watch this mess, don’t be surprised when they turn up gay.

    • There is no such thing as pushing bipolar disease, either you have it or you don’t. Also, it takes a lot more than a television show to make a man decide to let another man enter his hairy behind.

      • Cheese I have long suspected that we were separated at birth, lol, because everything you type(with the lone exception being stuff about Jay Z) is exactly what I would say. But today, that thought reached critical mass when you referenced Pineapple Fanta. I live for PF and when I cannot find it, I actually ORDER it online for home delivery! Anywho, I have always side eyed those who say that the gay agenda is forcing gayness on our kids. What I DO think is that the gay agenda is saying “Come out! Be who you are! Don’t hide in the closet! Your feelings are normal and okay” and that is why it seems like they are “turning” boys gay.
        Kids are no longer as afraid of being gay as they were
        in our generation’s growing years.

        • and being who you are… gay or bi or whatever is probably a good thing. no one becomes gay by watching tv or a movie–that is just stupid.

          i’m up to episode 9 and observed three things.

          1. jamal is probably the most well adjusted, stand up character on the show– no surprise there as he heavily draws on lee daniels life. jussie is awesome in this role.

          2. the producers did not want well known actors or rappers to have title roles on the show as we’d be constantly focused on their bad acting. can bow wow even act? trai byers like meryl streep went to yale drama. they also can pay these folks lot less than other well know but no-talent rappers. bryshere also has owned the role. all the brothers have been excellent.

          3. please give Gabourey Sidibe something to do on the show soon. her talents are being wasted.

        • HaHa!
          19:51 Isn’t it delicious?

          I never thought about it that way but you are spot on about the message that’s being pushed out to young gay men.

  20. Empire is not a family show, and if you’ve seen it you already know. TV is TV, that’s it that’s all, only the weak follow.

    • I think it’s a fact that it’s way more weak people than strong people. Weak people stay winning and taking over because they out number the strong people. So it’s not just a show, it’s producing more weak azz ppl. Which is why girls are running around getting butt implants looking like a fool. They seen it on tv first.

      • Women have been doing things to themselves forever. You could pretty much run through each culture and find some weird thing women do to adorn themselves. And I’m fine with that, just don’t go over board so you regret it later. I know Kim is going to regret that huge diaper in her 40s

        • And Iggy probably already regretting hers, she has fat legs, ankles, and now saddle back with dimples. Come on! She has adjustment written all over her…

    • Perfectly stated anon. Empire is just an updated version of Dynasty or Dallas. People loved the messiness from the characters on those shows but they complain about Empire. I don’t get it.
      Hell the Wire, Orange is the new Black and Oz portrayed Blacks in a more negative way and I don’t ever remember reading the complaints I have read about this show. People just need to focus on what’s really going on around them in the real world instead of some damn television show.

  21. I like Empire, but folks are acting like it’s the best black show to ever hit television.

  22. Empire is not the new Scandal. They are two completely different shows, and there is enough room for both. That would be like taking two completely different white shows and saying, “Glee is the new CSI.” Why? Because that’s STUPID. Let us embrace having successful shows on primetime again instead of trying to pit them against each other.

  23. This is for the ignorant posters. For you to talk about empire or Bow wow being a stereotype, please look in the mirrior. If you have to call people out their names, instead of discuss and debate, in a mature fashion is a form of brainwashing. Especially when it comes to your own people. Willy Lynch in full effect. Divide and conqour. Why do some has to display ignorance over the internet as well. You are no better than the people you are discussing. Do we really have to learn how to communicate with each other. Yes. These gossip boards are like Empire, a rap song, a slave movie, and a thugged out neighborhood. Why do you feel its necessary tocall someone vulga names because of their opinion? Are you not acting like a coon or house slave when you do as such? How can we come together if we cant communicate to one another with respect and dignity. How dare you commit verbal genocide. Thats why others font respect us. We dont respect each other. Why?

    • Willie Lynch is a myth that means its a lie. Why is that myth used as an excuse as to why modern Blacks chose to not use common sense and free will?

  24. Who gives a shit about how BM are so called stereotyped on this show after 30 years of BM dissing BW to the entire world in rap hip hop? No f*cks are given.

    BM always crying and complaining but the only folks that BM rise to defend are WW and other BM.

    BW sit this shit out its not our fight.





    BOB Marley openly smoked weed on stage before going into his shaman dances.

    rick james diasrespected women and bragged aboyut it.

    sly stone was an open junkie just like Hendrix was they openly promoted drug use in their music right along with parliament funkadelic.

    • Miss me. Rap hip hop has dissed the MOTHERBLOOD for the past 30 years. Dice did NOT diss Jewish women you fool.

      Dolemite was obviously 1)GAY and 2) A SATIRIST

      So get educated you court jester BM have slandered the MOTHERBLOOD for 30 years. There is no white rapper dissing obese pervert Mama June but BM slander BW every chance they get with songs.

      “MEN” like you, crazychris are the problem cause you are blind and ignorant as f*ck.

  26. Bow wow is a little dumb in the hell is he calling out Empire when he is on one of the degrading shows of all. So he thinks love and hiphop Atlanta is a positive show with no stereotypes…what a jack*ss

  27. black people complain about racism but yet and still
    we black people continue to contribute to that process
    by starring and leading in roles that we know are not
    great for our image…anything for a dollar right??
    all the jigga booing and cooing and tap dancing we can do just to be on tv. Ask yourselves is this what we
    have become, is this my true worth??

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