Martin Returns! You’ll Never Guess Who’s Playing Gina!

Martin Returns to a New Gina

Martin Lawrence will be kicking off the fall season with the comeback of the “Martin” show!

It’s been revealed that original cast members are returning … with one exception. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Ashanti, who’s confirmed she will be taking over Tisha Campbell’s role of Gina.

Here’s what Ashanti said:

“Like many people, I grew up watching Martin and it was probably my favorite TV show ever. I know it will be difficult for many people to see me as Gina, but I hope I bring a new dynamic to the role. I see it no differently than when Aunt Viv was replaced on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. At first the audience was not feeling the character change, but she eventually won them over. I am hoping I can do the same thing.”


  1. Really?
    Why don’t they let sleeping dogs lie.
    It’s going to be corny, ratchet, and most of all, just plain dumb….watch.

    • Exactly ! and my thing is will it still be funny and does Martin still have it? I can still see Pam and Martin going at it talking bad about each other lol.I dont see there being that chemistry between pam(Tachina Arnold) and Ashanti as Gina.They better be careful with this one I hope the show does not flop.

      • Will this be a updated version of Martin today or a past version of the show? I mean I still watch and laugh at the old versions but we will see what network will this be on and when will it be airing?

  2. I hope this is a horrible rumour, I’ve seen Ashanti “acting” in other productions and she literally talked through her lines. Martin was an iconic 90’s show and it shouldn’t been re-made or re-mixed…Just my thoughts and opinions, no hate here…

    • at least its martin remaking it.

      he might replace ashanti.

      but yeah its gonna be 15 20 years later.

      martin and gina should have kids by now.

      wonder if tommy will have a job.

      maybe a hour special or 2 hour special will be better.

  3. This better be one of those elaborate April Fool’s jokes.
    I’m sure there are plenty of great ideas floating around Hollywood for new black shows. Why retread a show that had its run? Remember the lessons from “What’s Happening Now.”

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  5. why would martin want to go back to tv? there is no audience for sitcoms anymore. people don’t want to laugh anymore they want reality shows and drama such as scandel and empire and all the other black exploitation shows. if it is true the show wont last a year because all of us who watched that show have better things to do besides watch a 30 minute show of comedy, there is no more upn network the united plantation of nigg@s

    • Well wait a minute I love a funny sitcom .We need to bring more of them back.You are right about the negative shows that exploit black people.There seems to have been a shift in some people’s brain where they have been desensitized to violence and only enjoy that kind of entertainment It’s getting worse.

  6. I particularly don’t care to see new episodes…hell, I’m happy with the syndication on MTV.Lol.

  7. Since when did Ashanti non singing no rhythm having have Ass become an actress?I’m sure a real actress who’ve paid dues and could use this opportunity is really happy about this.

  8. I always thought the lady that played Cole’s girlfriend on the old episodes ( I think her name was Shanice) would have been a more appropriate replacement for Gina….. too late now

  9. ashanti did a lot of rituals to get that part casting couch ghetto gaggers by those jewish men and probably f*cked martin it’s does wonders for her everything comes with price ashanti is just playing the game. when you want a big contract for movie, endorsement, clothing, shoe, fragrance,etc you are gonna do every nasty and twisted things to get. (notice this the most powerful people run entertainment, news, government and you never see their faces) “TIN HAT” signing off

      • don’t forget phukking married dudes like gotti and ja.

        guess princess pr first lady of r&b really means whore.

        theres a reason why nelly didn’t marry her.

        I wouldn’t marry a girl either if I knew she was phukking a married dude.

        we know ashanti was phukking gotti, ja, and nelly at once.

        old news but this is the kind of sweet innocent girl people think wont do anything its the pretty girls who always play the good girl role but are the worst ones.

  10. black sitcoms have short life spand doubt empire last another 3 seasons I give it 2 more seasons beforte whites pull the plug on it.

  11. whitye Hollywood brought tyler perry down a few notches when they cancelled house of payne and meet the browns.

    john henton said fox just pulled the plug on livin single when they was a number 1 show.

    its always the black sitcoms that pull in viewers and ratings and makes the most money for the networks but are vthe first to be cancelled.

    • John Henton black ass was lying. First of all, Living Single was NEVER A number 1 show.

      • on fox Thursday night it was since it was only a few black sitcoms on fox then it was.

    • crazychris I hear you but why cancel a show that brings in ratings and lots of viewers? Is it possible some shows have run it’s course? I don’t understand their logic but anyway since you mentioned Tyler Perry he seems to have sitcoms all over the place .He has “If loving you is wrong” “The haves and have nots” “Love thy neighbor” and “For better or worse”.Also a few other movies he’s producing and he’s getting on my nerves with watered down shows that are not even funny and he has to constantly keep saying “it’s getting better and better”.So I guess white Hollywood is leading him to believe he’s in charge same as Lee Daniel’s .Two grand puppets in the industry .

  12. First Arsenio comes back, then “Martin?” Damn folks get some originality! Who’s coming back next, Rodney Allen Rippy?

  13. Please dont what about the girl from hollywood divas who lived in a hotel ? She can be a cousin …or something but GINA ???no no one will watch listen to the people

    • Paula Jai Parker? She would be better than Ashanti.
      If you don’t have good comic timing, you’ll never mesh with Martin. This isn’t about being cute or hot…you have to be a I Love Lucy type woman to really work well on a sitcom. Just ask that Julia Louis Dreyfus who’s been doing it for like 25 years now.

      • Paula Jai Parker favors Gina a little bit too.She is funny and may have that chemistry and perhaps as you said that good comic timing.You are right about Julia she’s very funny and went from Seinfield to her own show.

  14. uh hum, Ashanti.. I never grew to like the new Aunt Viv. Secondly, I would glad to watch Martin again but why call the show Martin.. why not just give the show a whole new name. Just sayin’.

  15. She is much too young to be playing opposite the 40 something Martin Lawrence. It won’t fly with the female audience.

  16. Ashanti needs to sit down somewhere. She said people got used to the new aunt Viv on Fresh Prince which is false. Nobody is replaceable.

  17. There’s several actresses who can play Gina’s character. If there not going for the same complextion I think Regina Hall from Think Like A Man would be good. How about Paula Patton? If they wanted somebody who looks like Gina I think Jurnee Smollett who be great.

      • Paula Patton has a flat sense of humor but Regina Hall is funny and can switch it up in character lol

    • Jurnee Smollett and Jussie Smollett from Empire are related and neither seem to have any comical skills they can act ,sing and that’s about all.

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  19. Just what we need, another tv show that is filled with buffoonery and negative stereotypes. My brothers and sistas, you wanted diversity, hollywood will give it to you in the form of bamboozled type of coonfests. Empire, Blackish, Real Housewives Of Atlanta and now a return of a loudmouth comedian who made millions wearing a dress and acting like a ignorant sambo. All of these black tv shows are poison for your mind, yet so many black people continue allow racist hollywood to poison their minds. Some of these black people who watch this filth are the same black people who give their hard earned money to demons like Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes. People all over the world disrespect us becasue we don’t respect ourselves. Watching mind controlled garbage like Martin and Empire is one of several ways we disrespect ourselves.

    • How is blackish a stereotypical show? I like everything you listed, along with The Game and a few others. Pastor Dollar and most of these TV preachers are a bad joke so they will never get my cheese. I’m also educated but refuse to disrespect my own for the sake of appeasing yt. There are many people (like my ex) who don’t understand the power behind negative media images and the Black community. Instead of putting people down for their viewing choices, why not educate?

      • Good comment NBA & missfits also I don’t see how NBA was putting anyone down for their viewing choices .

        • Please read the last sentence, that’s what I’m referring to. Viewing choices have nothing to do with character, as long as we realize that almost nothing on TV is reality.

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  21. Maura McDade played Shanise Cole’s girlfriend on Martin not his ex-wife Shamecka Gibbs, smh all light skinned chicks don’t look alike. BTW this Martin redo is a lie that Ashanti and Martin put to rest last year. WHERE IS JACKY??????!!!!!!

  22. Omg she can’t act wtf why her! I could see that girl who play anika on empire as Gina

  23. I like you Ashanti, but wrong analogy! The o.g. Aunt Viv was the shit! Her replacement was ok, but she just didn’t have the fire,sassiness, or swag as the first one.

    • what about the woman they replaced harriet winslow with on the final episode of family matters ironically she played ginas mom on martin.

  24. She just does not have what it takes to be Gina. I’ve seen a few things she’s done and they were blah! My bad

  25. There is only one positive black show on television, that show is called Instant Mom. Nobody watches it. The majority of black people would rather watch tv shows that are filled with buffoonery and MK-Ultra poisonous programming. That’s why poisonous, putrid tv shows like Empire and Real Housewives Of Atlanta are so popular. Ignorant black people making appointments to watch these mind control tv shows is not only poisoning your mind and wasting your time, it’s making millions of dollars for the racist white billionaires who own the tv networks. (Some of the high level tv executives are members of SAE). Most black people don’t understand this! Most of us don’t realize that when you watch these stereotypical tv shows, you are allowing the six major studios to visually and mentally control and enslave you. I said it before and I will say it again, if you feed black people a pile of shit covered with chocolate syrup, black people will eat it and ask for seconds! This breaks my heart!

  26. if martin comes back wish it the best.

    i’ might watch.

    we might see Otis, roscoe, mrs payne, sheneneh, dragonfly jones, and elroy preston and even whiteboy bob it might be funny.

    if martin does it way and gets control of the series it might .

    doubt tisha Campbell will work with martin again.

    but bringing back trichina, tommy, and carl payne is good and fans will be glad to see them again.

    might see garrett morris again who knows.

  27. john tucker must die, muppets wizard of oz, coach carter.

    she has quite a few acting creds check out Wikipedia or filmography for her creds.

  28. Bad comparison seeing that the fresh prince was soon canceled and, so will martin.

  29. That 4-person team is what made it so great. You cannot replace anyone in that cast.

    Ashanti is nowhere near Tisha Campbell's humor, charisma, sexuality, and other talents (dancing, singing, etc.). Ashanti would totally ruin the show.

  30. How the hell is a 50 year old cast supposed to pull off working with a 25, or 30 year old as their peer?

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