T-White Pulls Biggest IRS Heist In History!


Social Media Got The Best Of Him?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned the identity of the Atlanta man reported to have pulled a fast one on Uncle Sam … after cashing in on tax refunds listed at more that $46-million dollars!

Sources reveal Travis Deangelo White [aka T-White] cheated the IRS through “stolen information and social security numbers.” We’re told the 29-year-old Atlanta man “filed fraudulent tax returns over a three-year period.” That’s before the IRS sent 23,994 tax refunds, totaling $46,378,040 to — GET THIS — to one Atlanta address!!!


Here’s what CBS Atlanta is reporting:

“According to a 2012 Treasury Inspector General audit now gaining renewed attention through social media.”


Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“T White got hot in Atlanta from flossing on Instagram and twitter — so he had a going away party and moved to Houston. That’s where he got popped. Tee had a three year run, but he recently got busted and he’s now locked up in Houston.”

Back in 2010, our insider says T-White suddenly entered the scene — balling out in clubs across the country, from Atlanta to Los Angeles. We’re told aside from blasting his Benjamin’s and possessions all over social media, T-White was far from laying low — “always buying over 100 bottles of champagne and making it rain on strippers”.


T-White was in that fight video between Ray J and Fabulous, in Vegas. His “No Line Gang” members were also a part of Fabulous’ scamming crew — with Ruggz, who did credit cards and robbed athletes, rappers and other artists.


Is T-White now facing a not so baller life behind bars? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask “No Line Gang Records’ rapper Scrilla.



  1. Only believe half of what u read. I’m from Atlanta and know them both… That’s all I have to say

  2. Gcode aka Gary Moore? He raped you? This nigga already went to jail for rape before!!! What is he raping you with? His dick is soooo small, smh sorry to hear that baby girl I hope he gets His!

  3. Scrilla got 7 years in prison and TWhite just got his court date after 3yrs and revived 18 1/2 YEARS in prison

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