Report: O.J. Simpson Admits To Murdering Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman

OJ Simpson Confesses to Murder

“I did do it! I need to tell someone before I die.”

New information is pointing to O.J. Simpson as a man who could be nearing the end of his life. Now, the Lovelock Correctional Center inmate is said to have confessed to the infamous 1994 murders he was acquitted of.

“He’s going to write a letter con¬fessing that he killed Nicole and Ron, and he’ll leave instructions that the letter be released to the public after he’s gone.”

OJ admits to killing nicole-brown-ron-goldman

At 12:10 am on June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside Brown’s Bundy Drive condo in the Brentwood.

Sources say The Juice, 66, has been diagnosed with “out of control blood pressure,” and diabetes that’s “so serious he could collapse into a diabetic coma or have a fatal heart attack at any time.” Now, O.J. is said to be making financial plans for his family, while fessing up to the “fit of rage” fatal stabbings of his ex-wife and her friend.

Here’s what The National Enquirer is reporting:

“Simpson devised a secret plan to assure that the $2 million he’s hidden away goes to his family and not to Ron Goldman’s relatives, who won a wrongful death lawsuit against him. Simpson confessed to a pal that he killed his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman during an uncon-trollable fit of rage – and he plans to go out with a big bang by hav¬ing his written murder
confession released upon his death.”

Here’s what OJ Simpson told a source:

“I know I’m gonna die soon. I don’t care anymore. My life is over. I’m done. You know, everybody believes I killed Nicole. Well, I did do it! I need to tell someone before I die.”

Here’s what OJ Simpson’s prison buddy had to say:

“O.J. doesn’t care. He knows he’s never going to get out of prison, so he refuses to take care of himself. He’s going to write a letter con¬fessing that he killed Nicole and Ron, and he’ll leave instructions that the letter be released to the public after he’s gone. He’s also making sure that none of his money or any other assets get to Ron’s father. O.J. has only a few pals he can trust, so he is having them quietly hide his money in various offshore accounts with instruc¬tions to give it only to his family when he dies. He keeps to him¬self and, for some strange reason, repeatedly sings the Scarecrow’s song from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – ‘If I Only Had a Brain.’ O.J. is a broken man, who is in his own little world and says he would rather die now than to be locked up like a wild animal for the rest of his life.”

OJ Simpson Admits to Murder


  1. I believe OJ to be guilty. Always did! Why??? Well, for one thing, what in the hell was OJ doing in the back of a ford bronco on a California freeway threatening his own life; because he was innocent??? C’mon! Another thing; OJ refused, REFUSED, to take a polygraph test even under the supervision of his attorney J. Cochran present! Why??? OJ had nothing to lose on taking the test. Polygraphs are completely in-admissible in court except in juvenile cases! So what was all the BS about? I agree with a previous writer in this blog; A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE WERE SINGING A DIFFERENT TUNE BACK 20 YEARS AGO. But, we see how The Lord works; in some mysterious ways…

  2. Leave his other children not buy Nicole some money – how do you buy money and why would you for a dead person? Just wondering…

  3. Maybe it’s U who needs to get their facts straight. He admits in his “hypothetical” book that he did it, and had plenty of motive, opportunity, and ability to do it.

    • Every choice OJ made was dumb. I do not think he thinks logical. He has that hit in the head too many times thinking.

      • And to be honest most athletes do not think logical. Look at Hernandez. Lord save their souls.

    • Well O.J.’s first wife was a beautiful sista named Marguerite, but too bad he dumped her for Nicole’s pale ass. He also had an affair with Robin Givens in the late 80s after her split with Mike Tyson. When Nicole found out she forced O.J. to get an HIV test because she felt Mike was a man whore who might have given Robin AIDS, and that she would end up getting it from O.J. because he cheated on her all the time with questionable women. After hearing about Magic Johnson’s HIV diagnosis, Nicole was really paranoid and kept telling O.J. to get tested but he was too embarrassed and scared to get tested and their arguments over this caused some of their most violent fights and comtributed to the breakup of their marriage. So his affair with Robin kind of destroyed his marriage lmao.

  4. yo einstein, then explain how ron goldman’s dna, [blood was found in oj’j bronco?? you twit

  5. every coloured person or should i say african american believes he’s innocent, why because of his skin color. if oj was whit he’s guilty in every african american’s opinion

    • Every YT or should I say Caucasian, acquit murderous cops who shoot down black folks in cold blood just because they are white

  6. We were not there, but I do believe he had some involvement. And from the looks of his new chick, the man was definitely on drugs of some sort.

  7. You know what they say, “black men are angry” and “black women are loud”. So he was guilty from the start.

  8. Ummmm hello morons that Keep saying he is innocent. Did you not read the article?? He CONFESSED that he did murder them!! Everyone with a brain knows he did it. My God, what is wrong with you people?! The lawyers, the judge, and the jury all knew it. He was not convicted because he was a “hero” to the all African American jury and he had a team if the best lawyers in the country.

  9. OJ didn’t do it but he knows who did. He was there that night, after the murders probably.
    Fred Goldman married the ex-wife of a big-time drug dealer called Glass. That angle has not been explored at all by the white haters.
    Fred Goldman who is on a personal crusade to destroy someone that has probably been set up, never mentions his connections to the underworld.
    His son worked at a notorious restaurant where other employees met the same fate. Fred should look into that as well.
    OJ is not a good guy, he has been a bastard to his family and his white wife and a sell-out to his community.
    The whole lot of them are a sordid bunch.

    Here is a list:

    Nicole – a crack head and slut
    Ron – a gold digger possibly drug pusher
    OJ – wife beater, narcissistic sociopath
    Jason – psycho
    Fred Goldman – drug dealer connections from wife
    Kim Goldman – dated a drug dealer that work at that same restaurant
    Dennis Brown – Tony Animal Fiato’s boyfriend

  10. didn’t she have an affair with a white man???? these black men are dumb white women ain’t perfect them cheat just like the next person

  11. Could it be that two men or more, including OJ might have been there, and killed Nicole and Ron. F.Lee Bailey has hinted that OJ hired hit men, or went along with the hit men. I believe that Nicole was murdered because she was going to talk about the murder of Brett Cantor, murdered July 30, 1993. This murder was the more important killing, and it was all about the music industry and corporate crime. The public can’t see past their interest in sexy women and sports stars. It is very easy to hide the truth in a “black vs. white” media frenzy. “the LAPD RHD detectives are still looking into the Brett Cantor murder, that included connections to Dionne Warwick, Robert Kardashian, the Presley’s and Michael Jackson’s music catalog management deals worth $170,000,000.00 or more. OJ knows he can’t win by telling the truth, and there may be a threat to his family. Where was Nicole going for dinner June 11, 1993? “I think she was going to see Michael Jackson, and ask what she should or should not say about OJ’s and Kardashian’s friends.

  12. I love OJ with all my heart and believe in his innocence. And even if he is guilty he is a hero to the black community for gettin away w/ killin 2 crackers. It’s about time America got a taste of its own racist medicine.

  13. Not 1993 but, June 11, 94. Nicole’s plan to go to Michael Jackson’s on June the 12th changed. I agree that the justice system took the easy way out, and just went after the “Black Man”, but killing based on race! what about half murdering some one that is only 1/2 “cracker”?

  14. Nicole was going to “Jackson’s Restaurant”. Like Chief Wiggum said, “lock him up until we can find someone darker” “Tree House of Horror XV”. You can find more on my blogger blog; B.N. Everett

  15. Where can OJ…get attention from at this point in his life….This man is at the lowest point in his life, however he is still seeking attention…..This is a Hall-A-Famer Black Man…He earned his respect it was not given to him….No matter what he says I will never believe that he took their lives….33 years, what does he have too loose…Why would I expose my some one else at this point?????? This is a inmate trying to get a shorter sentence by telling OJ’s story…#OJ.GodWillJudgeU…

    LAS VEGAS NEVADA MAY 20, 2014 Los Angeles RHD homicide detective’s interview of a retired man, points to a new motive for the unsolved “cut throat” murder of 25 year old music executive Brett Cantor at his Hollywood apartment, July 30, 1993

    A letter sent to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck brought two homicide detectives from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The letter was sent to confirm that his boss, private investigator Frank Military or his lawyer partner Melvin M. Belli had informed the Los Angeles police concerning Brett Cantor’s involvement in a music corporation bidding war for the management contract of the ATV Beatles music catalog at the time of his death. A&R music executive Brett Cantor had many connections to the ATV owner, and was working for Chrysalis Music Publishing in July of 1993. Robert Kardashian and his girlfriend’s daughter were promoting the EMI Music Corporation’s management offer. The MCA Music Corporation had lost the ATV contract, and ex-MCA executive Robert Kardashian stood to gain a very large commission for successfully promoting the EMI offer.
    Private investigator Frank Military’s cousin was managing the ATV owner’s MIJAC music catalog, and was working with EMI. The ATV Beatles music catalog deal alone was estimated to generate $70,000,000.00 in profits for the music publisher. The homicide detectives did not have the informant’s 1993 information from Frank Military or Melvin M. Belli, and wanted more details and names. ###

  17. Holy shit. Why is everyone so wrapped up in their own bullshit interpretation of what went down! The only obvious thing is that he needs to confess so that he will feel like he has a chance to be given a chance at salvation, whatever the f#(\ that means.

  18. gm92446 My information is not about OJ Simpson, it is only about the murder of Brett Cantor. OJ Simpson maybe the most important story to you or others, but not to me. My effort to tell this Robert Kardashian and Brett Cantor information to the public. It is my only way of being clear of my part in this unsolved murder, other than what I told the LAPD’s homicide detectives.


  20. Please explain the hit on Papa Mejia by Griselda Blanco that took place at Miami International Airport in the early 80's. She ordered her hit man to walk into the busy airport and stab Mejia to death with a bayonet.
    There are plenty more cases just like that. Perhaps you should seek a refund on your "criminology 101" text. I'm guessing thats why we get the so called investigations we do these days…those doing the investigating think every case must be just "like the book"!

    • LOL….I will send horrible reviews to your site from multiple e-mails just because of this post!

  21. You're so very right. Then when the defense tried to call Whitehurst to show Martz had committed perjury, Judge Ito would not allow it. The book Tainted Evidence shows the FBI Crime lab routinely skews its evidence, manipulates lab tests to help the prosecution. Martz led the pack of lab staff that gave the prosecution & police whatever was expected, to get convictions. Johnny Cochran got anonymous phone calls from the police crime lab warning the police lab was manipulating the tests to frame OJ. The real murderer is the same one that murdered Brett Cantor, Nicole's friend at the Dragonfly Night club. Cantor was killed the same way as Nicole, less than a year earlier, knifed to death and nearly decapitated. That case is still open. Whoever killed Cantor killed Nicole. OJ had no possible motive or opportunity to kill Cantor.

  22. F. Lee Bailey posted proof on line of additional evidence showing OJ innocent. Bailey said the defense would have presented it at trial, but all the defense attorneys knew they had already won the case. Everyone who watched the trial knew it. Chris Darden knew it. That's why Darden wanted OJ to try on the glove. That was how desperate the prosecution was. Clark knew she'd lost. The jury came back within minutes with not guilty. It was that obvious OJ was innocent and police had framed him. Marcia Clark concealed phone records showing Nicole had called her mother, at 10:30 pm, and was still alive long after OJ would have had any opportunity to kill Nicole. People complain about defense attorneys who represent those they "know" to be guilty. But the real problem is prosecutors who prosecute people they know to be innocent. Clark and Darden knew OJ was innocent, but they wanted to win a trial to advance their career and reputation. Clark salvaged her loss by making millions in a book deal. How do prosecutors live with themselves? Clark tells herself that OJ committed violent domestic abuse and deserves to be convicted of anything. Police like Fuhrman rationalize framing the innocent by believing the innocent suspect was a bad person who did other things wrong and deserves conviction even if innocent. There is no effective sanction for prosecutors who imprison and send to death row the innocent suspect. The Duke Lacrosse case proved that, as a publicity hound, prosecutor Nyfong, concealed evidence of the athletes innocence to win a trial for "victims" who lied. When they caught Nyfong, his criminal penalty was a mere 24 hours in jail. When they caught Det. Mark Fuhrman lying in OJ's trial, Fuhrman got a $200 fine. That's why the innocent get convicted. It's safe for prosecutors & police to lie. Mostly they get away with it. Occasionally they get caught and get a slap on the wrist. They pretend to themselves they are entitled to lie and conceal evidence, to help put "bad" people away, even when those people are innoccent

  23. Bailey said they would have put on more evidence of innocence, but they feared a mistrial through loss of jurors. They had just removed a pro-OJ juror and if they lost more, without a full jury, they'd have had to do the entire year long trial over again with a new jury. Since every informed observer knew the prosecution had failed to prove their case, there was a huge risk to putting on more witnesses and nothing to gain.

  24. It is not a race problem with most people…It's a 1% problem!

    I hated OJ and Robert Blake equally!

  25. LOL….I love the conspiracy theorists LONG and Specific ideas about how the world is ruining what they think is right!

    BUT, still want the big guy in they sky to make their life better!

  26. Wow, sorry! I was thinking OJ guilty until I read the compelling argument of Anonymous!

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