T-Pain’s Niece Stabbed to Death

t-pain niece stabbed murdered

Just days after Dwyane Wade’s cousin was shot and killed in Chicago, another celebrity has lost a family member to a violent act.

T-Pain’s niece, Jovana Glover, was stabbed to death outside a Walgreen’s drugstore today.

Jovana, who was an employee of the store, was found bleeding heavily when cops arrived. She died of her injuries before she could be transported to the hospital. She leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a 25-year-old man named Tavon Q. Jackson who fled the scene after the incident took place. His connection to Jovana has yet to be revealed.


javona glover stabbed t-pain niece

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  1. May God rest her soul in peace & comfort her family & friends at this time….
    This….sort of thing has been happening at an alarming rate here lately. I'm not going to discuss how many industry related people are losing family members, friends & other love ones recently. Instead, I'll take the opportunity to say "I love you" & hope each person who reads this will tell someone the same before the end of their day today & let THAT go forth in all our atmosphere abundantly.

    I love ALL of you…even those who oppose me the most. I LOVE YOU???

  2. Some more bullshit with these celebrities when will it all end with their death and destruction.

  3. I don't see this as a celebrity connected death, but BW being murdered by BM. He was prolly the baby daddy and was mad because he had to pay child support.

    • That would be BF by BM

      Based on age of the victim and suspect you could be correct.

      But, until that has been reported (stated) I was wondering if someone came in to pick up psych meds and they weren't ready or available for a refill. But, then realized they wouldn't be carrying a knife …most likely. *Or, maybe they do for safety if they don't own a gun.

      Tragic …he appears so relaxed (entering).

  4. Oh lawd!…This is not just some random murder!…Remember, just last year, a whole bunch of other celebrities had murdered relatives as well, like Morgan Freeman's step granddaughter, the one that he was accused of having a long lived, sexual relationship with!..There were so many other sports figures, and entertainers that had their relatives, violently murdered!… I lost track!…Shit happens, yes, but not in clusters that are back to back, within the same circles…If it were any other circumstance, I wouldn't question it, but these celebs keep posting up, claiming their loved ones, and basically taking the attention off of their deaths, and making it about gun control, and police cooperation!..They're all Black Lives Matter, but call the police if you have any info!..Chile bye!…Agendas need to pushed, and Black celebrities are allowing their energies to be used to solidify those Agendas!…

    • BQ,
      I thought we would let sleeping dogs lay dormant on this one..
      Instead, I thought we'd all share I love yous & not start a riot in LA because of that set up/trap Ray J assisted with to bring Chris Brown down.

      I love you, DR1, clrmoney, Anonymouse, frannie?.
      Leaving this meeting on to the last one & getting my fountain Pepsi with that finely crushed ice to calm my nerves!!!

      • So you noticed Chris Brown got in trouble (again) the same day Rhianna and her new boyfriend announce their relationship too? The thought briefly crossed my mind. But, he could have solved that problem with $20-$40 and a phone call …1-800 taxi.

        He needs a trusted body guard …and learn to let someone else (more cool headed) handle his business.

        • @MLR! Absolutely noticed that shit, they ain't slick!…What's funny is, the industry isn't hiding their agendas anymore! They know that people aren't going to do shit about it!….It's flagrantly perpetrated!????

    • Either these are mock sacrifices(as in false flags), or real sacrifices that are happening. I mean c'mon, this happens just a few days after Dwayne Wades supposed "cousin" is shot and killed? There's even a guy on youtube who does gematria breakdowns. who was able to piece together and show that Wades cousin being killed was indeed a sacrifice. I'll post his channel when I find the link. Fuck all these evil, devil worshiping celebrities-or at least most of them. They deserve whatever misfortune that comes their way. They will NEVER be given ANY of my sympathies for the most part.

  5. Not gonna blame random deaths on the elite all the time I knew plenty of people who was shot and died in car accidents and cancer everyday it just sometime it's just beena celeb relative who dies

    • Same here chris. I said the exact same thing on another thread.
      EVERYTHING is not due to or caused by an elite secret society group who intends to take over the world. Folks would have us think "Pinky & The Brain"
      are really here plotting on us.

    • That's true, its not all a conspiracy! However, a conspiracy has a certain pattern that's undeniably reminiscent of past celebrity deaths!..Don't think that these power figures don't have an enormous amount of clout!…T pain's cousin is from the Chicago area, and those Negroes are being ritualized daily…The state wants their land, and the population of viable black people down…They also are manipulating the people into believing, that the local gangs are responsible for all of the shootings in certain concentrated area, and they're not!…They send mercenaries out disguised as opposing gangs, and they just shoot random people, to add to the mayhem!..This has been done throughout history, if some of us would just research, and study, we'd know this!..This is being done in evey major city, and a lot of these officers aren't even from this country, their importing them from Russia, China, and Sweden, mostly Russia, though!…All of these things can be proven hun! ✌✌✌✌

  6. T pain you aint shit man pure blood sacrifice to get bck in the game u devil bitch rot n hell

  7. Yes a lot of people do die everyday from normal conditions but not in this case this is a blood sacrifice to many of them out there you hear about now seems like every week this is not random a lot of these so call celebrities are having their families murder Just to stay in the game but you believe what you want but this is what it is I truly for sorry for Chris Brown he just got to deep in to something that he didn't want to they all did the best thing to do for all of them is just pray why I say that because they are in something they can't get out of that go for all of them they let you know it's you are them you pick.

    • I full agree with you. Hopefully both him and Katt can safely get out of hollywood, and be able to cleanse their spirits and find a piece of mind.

  8. It's a tragedy in itself. We are all sacrifices one way or another. Those who are in tune with the signs and subliminals can school those who don't know… But seriously what control do we really have?…I'm not saying bow down cause that's not an option for myself and mines.. But it's life and we just gotta live the best we could with a higher level of understanding.

    • @Mrs.B!… Your comment was Well stated, and very poignant!…I ain't mad at ya, because you're absolutely correct!… ???? ✌✌✌

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