Chris Brown Films Angry Rant While Barricaded Inside Home

chris brown police

After news broke that Chris Brown allegedly threatened a woman with a gun, the LAPD and SWAT team headed out to his home and surrounded the place.

Breezy’s crew insist he was asleep when the alleged incident went down, and when he woke up, he had a lot to say about the cops!

In a series of three videos, the singer says he’s tired of the unjust treatment he receives whenever something goes down. He feels like he’s being targeted, and he refuses to leave his home because he did nothing wrong.

Chris allegedly tossed a duffle bag outside to the cops. Inside the bag was a gun and drugs.

He’s looking all sorts of crazy in these videos, don’t you agree?

More to come…


  1. This sounds of course like a publicity stunt, but son! If not, then ya boy is definitely a patsy, who might have been triggered to act out. Whatever the reason, Im sure they're will be more to this story.

    Nigga looks like he got the monster. Either that or coke.

  2. Aaaaah shit! See, here we go with the bullshit!….Notice how "Black" people are being dehumanized!…We're portrayed as unstable, domestic terrorists, and hostiles, when in fact, we're the ones being terrorized consistently, by this government, and their angencies \ organizations!….Chrtis is being set up!…Black men are going to be the public fall guy, in order for the government to perpetuate, and propagate, the stereotypes created by the imposter Jews, and their bloodline of minions….Caucasians will not succeed with this agenda! Their tyranny will abruptly end, that's a promise!….They're gonna be put in check, real soon!….That's why I said, that Caucasian devil is unraveling, and coming undone, because they're getting very sloppy with their f*cking psyop, we can see whast they're doing, well the intelligent people can see them!?????

    • yeah he targeted alright but it's not by the govt. he's being targeted BY


      that's the beginning and end of his problems.

      and he's so dumb he listens to their whitey out to get you talk, while they grin and stab the fool in the back over and over


      • @Frannie! I can't with you!…I thought that I was mean, sheesh!…Blacks from the Caribbean, are our family Fran!…C' Mon Frannie, put the gun down!….??????

        • He malfunctioned his beta white sex kitten triggered something off .. Why would he mention blk lives matter?

        • BISH tell that to a fool. They only want to claim "BLACK LIKE ME" when they are after our MONEY, CAREERS OR A DAMN GREENCARD. Other than that they're running around kissing white azz and beggn 2 suck their dycks. F*CK U!

          And Bish you are one of them low lifes.

          • Okay Frannie, I attempted to be kind, but I'll pass on you!…You're obviously a scum bag!…I'm actually not of Caribbean decent, and if I were, I wouldn't hide it from the likes of a trashy whore like you!…You believe what you want to!…I should have just left you to you ignorance, and just ignored your dumb ass!…And P S if west Indian folks want to suck dick, step over American folks for status, brown nose Caucasians, and assimilate, that's their f*cking business!..American Blacks are just as foul and trifling, in matters concerning our interaction with each other, focus on that, and maybe outside folks from other Nations, would respect us as a whole!…Black people as a whole are f*cked up, starting on an individual level Bitch, and you just proved that by your petty ass response to my comment!…I didn't come at you sideways, like I could have, despite the fact you've been proven to be simple minded as hell, and a troll!…Fuck you Frannie, your a worthless, lonely, troll ass bitch, that's most likely, obese, ashy, unnatractive, and bald headed!….Your unaccomplished, broke, bitter, and need someone to blame for your short comings!….Continue on this path alone Bitch, you'll be permanently ignored!????????

            • Bitch grow the f*ck you and that phony Ms reg don't know shit character and stop with the smoky imoji 's get a f*cking clue you soo obvious creating these house niggas Hsk characters is a dumb ass move you all sound the f*cking same !

              • And…once again I'll say to YOU & ALL YOUR MILLION & ONE NAMES…

                Please say what you want about me but honestly…the tissue I wipe my ass with is more important than you.

                Now continue on talking about me. I'm not allowing you to derail any more threads with your rhetoric.
                Love you & your cast crew!?????

  3. Aaaaah shit! See, here we go with the bullshit!….Notice how "Black" people are being dehumanized!…We're portrayed as unstable, domestic terrorists, and hostiles, when in fact, we're the ones being terrorized consistently, by this government, and their angencies \ organizations!….Chrtis is being set up!…Black men are going to be the public fall guy, in order for the government to perpetuate, and propagate, the stereotypes created by the imposter Joo's and their bloodline of minions….Caucasians will not succeed with this agenda! Their tyranny will abruptly end, that's a promise!….They're gonna be put in check, real soon!….That's why I said, that Caucasian devil is unraveling, and coming undone, because they're getting very sloppy with their f*cking psyop, we can see what they're doing, well the intelligent people can see them!?????

    • Sounds to me like they drugged him, and put him under mind control. Funny that this comes like two days after the VMA's, with everyone talking about the whole "Rihanna/Drake" hug, kiss.

      • not funny. that bish set him up again, to keep her name in the news. the woman likely got paid

  4. I was laughing watching the video. He is serious and telling the story like he sees it. BUT the fact still remains that guns and drugs are up in the mix and they can and will be used against him!

  5. He's n trouble now. The woman n question is a blonde hair blue eyed miss California … welp

  6. Stop the bullshit my people this male is cracked and meth'ed OUT. If you're black you have a crackhead in the extended family, I do, several, and they all act like this asshole!

    They don't need to set him up he took the first step when he beat the brakes off of Rhianna now he pointed a gun to a Becky? GAME OVER.

    • THANK YOU! All the conspiracy bull is too much. He a dope head. Ain't no Illuminati or any one else coming after this fool, except himself.

      • Thank you. I am so sick of the "set up" shit which is said by some here daily.

        Any fool can see that he is high as a kite and he's been smokin meth or crack for days without sleep.

    • ^^^THIS^^^ & take ONLY YOUR MEDS…not what any of those so-called friends of yours hands you. (Good damn grief already….?is really busy now ain't he?)

      I have not & will not be looking at those videos posted…
      Chris Brown has NOT pulled any guns on any white women in LA & no place else. THIS IS THAT BULLSHIT & IT WILL END BADLY because of the dynamics & people involved. Soon as he can get out of dodge Chris should LEAVE THIS COUNTRY IMMEDIATELY with NO destination mentioned & WITHOUT an entourage of ghettobusters.

        • I'M PISSED….
          My son is telling me LAPD IS TAKING CHRIS TO JAIL.
          We aren't home in LA….where a white woman can say ANYTHING & a black young man IN HIS OWN HOME has to go jail.



          • @Ms. Reg! She was placed in his life, trust me!..It doesn't have to make sense, because everything that's done, by the industry orchestraters is very sloppy!…I honestly don't want him to be harmed, but he's in terrible company all of the time, and too stoned to care!?????

          • Ms Reg- She is a model/actress/ex-beauty queen on the come up. As soon as she made the complaint, she called TMZ, some media outlets, and her agent. She was not invited. She and some other bitch rode up in there with some dude and jumped in the hot tub like his house was a f*cking hotel.

            • Really? They asked them to leave and yet they jumped in the hot tub?? Wow. Thanks for that. I actually thought that CB had messed with a white bitch intentionally. I am so relieved to know that he was set up by The Man and he didn't want nothing to do with her.

              Damn I wish the Illuminati would stop throwing white bitches at our men. Them poor babies are so vulnerable and helpless!!

              I bet The Man was responsible for Kyrie Irving Yacht party as well!! I shoulda been known that.


            • onewhoknows,
              What I'm most curious about is "EXACTLY WHAT DUDE DID THIS HAPHAZARD ATTENTION SEEKING TRAMP JUMP IN A CAR WITH TO GAIN ENTRY/ACCESS TO CHRIS BROWN'S HOME & WTF DID RAY J HAVE TO DO WITH IT?" You can trust & believe there is a connection between these people & what's going on.

              It's almost midnight & supposedly Chris has not been released yet.

              • onewhoknows,
                Be sure to observe how NOT ONE of MY comments includes "the Illuminati." That's because I have no reason to believe THIS situation has anything to do with an elite secret society.

              • Ms Reg-That little chick was lying about everything. She is a known thief and liar on the "becky streets. Acting like a fool in the house and got asked to leave cause she was a friend of a friend and not invited. She knows his baby mama's people-through the modeling/ pageant world. This is a set up in the worst degree. Also shows how jacked up it is that becky can cry wolf and have a man arrested, house searched and possibly have his child taken from him. Chris really has to cut the fat from his entourage cause he is hanging with some real wolves and some of those fools only want to have dumb, dangerous chicks like that around 24/7– .

          • Reg, she told TMZ that she has "partied" with CB several times before. If she is lying, then her credibility is shot.

            • Anonymous@4:44,
              She can make her mouth say anything, right?
              I don't believe a single word she can utter. She was there for a reason & was very much a part of "the set up." We just want to the "who orchestrated it & why." Her words mean zero to people paying attention to this.

  7. Who didn't see this bull merde coming?! The man needs some kind of treatment for substance or emotional issues. Nothing says I am innocent or stable like barricading myself in the house.

  8. Chris is bipolar and needs serious help. Where's his support system? His mother,sister,etc. He needs to get out of L.A. and move his country behind back to the country.

      • Frannie, with all due respect, WHAT SUPPORT SYSTEM?????

        That's the problem. He's surrounded himself with users and yes men who just want what he can give them, be it money, women and drugs. They aren't giving him the one thing he needs: the truth.
        He's going to be dead within 2 years, and then everyone will say blood sacrifice or Illuminati hit. It's neither. He cannot make good decisions and he needs some professional help ASAP.

        I believe he is even more lost than Whitney during her final year, and that's pretty damn bad.

    • His mother SHOULD be f*cking scared….???
      The negative influences & violent environment she allowed to be repeatedly created & played out in her home that made Chris' childhood basically unbearable? All the heinous things she KNEW was going on & didn't put a stop to but "she's so scared of him now?" REALLY? ? After ALL the abuse & hurtful things she KNOWS he endured on HER WATCH AS HIS MOTHER at a time when protecting him & her children should have been her SOLE priority above all things & wasn't but SHE IS SCARED OF HIM NOW???

      IF that's REALLY the case let's ALL collectively agree to pray for her to receive forgiveness & the swift kick in her own ass from God that she is so deserving of to relieve her of "the said fear she has of her son."…???

      • so the person who FED HIM and carried him in her womb and protected him and herself the best she could, should be the target of his RAGE? NOT the low life who made a federal case out of a little slap?? and caused his downfall??? I do not believe Chris is that dumb!!!

        He knows who is trying to destroy him, and it sure isn't the mother who fed him 20 years! The devil is a LIE! You crazy

        • Frannie….
          You know I love you dearly…
          There are layers to this you may not be aware of.

            • Yeah a ms regular ass troll you and your fake bk pj queen character is in this bitch talking to each other … Get a life you troll I see through you heffa ?

              • God, IKR? That BQ is the worse thing that ever happened to this place, but the wimmins like her so she's here to stay. She is the epitome of why black men are running from black women. She has a mouth that she can't control. She is the stereotype that Tommy Sotomayor lampoons everyday.

              • Concerned coon r us !,
                Tricks like YOU are forever trying to start shit & keep up a bunch of unnecessary dramarama. Today & no other day will I allow your sorry ass to derail mine or anyone's comments on any of these threads.

                So, you claim I'm @BrooklynQueen now but just a few months ago your claim was that I was every other person here including YOURSELF…that's just how stupid you are.

                When BQ sees this SHE will deal with you. I PROMISE you will put your own ass in check & leave ALL of us the f*ck alone. You don't like us…OKAY. It's NOT like we give damn!!!

              • Actually, Reg is absolutely correct. I personally know what Chris is going thru. It's much than meets the eye. That rabbit hole is bottom less and beat to believe U don't know when U are going to hit that bottom.

              • @Anon4:47 And @ coons r us!….I'm gonna kill two bird bitches with one stone!…Now look, you ignorant, pathetic, attention seeking whores, you'll are the epitome of what Tammy Sodomizer speaks of!…Only simple minded, unlearned bitches, with the IQ of dog feces, would ever quote that nigga!…Please don't mistake your opinions for facts, if I couldn't control my emotions, I wouldn't have been on this earth, for as long as I have, with stupefied mofos like you bitch, okay!…You think that BQ is the worst thing that happened to this website, and I'm emotional?….Bitch, I don't tax you, charge you rent, utilities, water, or air bitch!…The government does! They charge you whores as if the water is tapped right out of their mamas syphilitic p*ssy, and you ain't saying, or doing anything about that!…Tammy Sodomizer charges you dumb niggas and bitches, for his opinions about YOU, and other stupid Blacks, and you have no problem with that!…Not only do you morons pay him to dehumanize you, you also give him free promotion, by mentioning his f*cking name, and cosigning his belligerent, uneducated rants!..But dumb niggas, don't see the inconsistency, and sheer stupidity in that!….Why? Because your a f*cking imbecile, that's why!…Ms, Reg has been nothing but polight, and agreeable, but you choose to hate on her, because I broke your weak hearts with facts, and we post to eachother!… Drop dead, and push the f*ck on, with your rabid, feral, little weasel self!…Real recognize real, and real women like me, will continue to cuss, drag, and read a bitch accordingly!…I will not be silenced, because a bum nigga, or any stinking, f*cking pus filled human piece of shit can't handle it!….I'm literally disgusted!… Fuck you dumb, worthless, possessed bitches! I see you clearly, and you'll ain't shit! ?????? # Your life don't matter, nor does your opinions!…????

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                It's not even fun to troll you, You are too damn easy, and it's clear you are very disturbed. Whether you believe this or not, I am starting to pity you.

      • Ms Reg says nothing without her clients Google and Bing !! Hahah!


          • But this bitch up here never said shit to BrooklynQueen after she laid that ass out but still trying to come for you? Gud God you talk too much !!! scared much or must think you're the weakest of the two.

  9. TMZ already had their people on the scene since last week. Anything involving Ray J is death. Surprised Chris wasn't found in the bathtub.

  10. Sasha,
    Trell, Tyga, those Katrashians tramps, Kanye & bunch of other people are leaving Vegas heading back to LA right now…

      • According to Trell they were all together up here. I wasn't with them so I'm going by what we were told. Mike, Kylie, Q & that clique were here since the weekend.

        • Yeah a ms regular bitch you mean according to Google and Bing your clients got you all mixed the f*ck up !!! regular ass troll you and your fake bk pj queen character is in this bitch talking to each other … Get a life you troll I see through you heffa ?

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            "The tissue I clean my ass with is far more important than you."
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            • BQ,
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  11. Kid Cali was murdered a few weeks ago at a party hosted by Kid Red. Some are saying Kid Red got Kid Cali killed (blood sacrifice). This is the same guy who set Chris Brown up selling stories to Tmz and getting his house robbed.

  12. I never understood these celebrities with a bunch of people in their home. These are the same people that's going to set you up and leave you high and dry. Why was this woman in his home? She was part of the set up. Open your eyes idiots. This generation is screwed. Also Ray J supposedly got married? What is he doing at Chris's house. He still has blood on his hands from Whitney's death.


  13. This proves the current generation of black males have been let down by their fathers and elder bm if not, he wouldn't have had such a big squad and they wouldn't have been inviting white trash sluts into his home!! Rich suckas with money aka young rich black males. Targeted by tricks for being easy to play and they're right.

    This has NOTHING to do with the Illumanti and everything to do with him being a dumbass surrounded by users. Like Johnny Cochran told OJ to move overseas after he got away with murdering two WP, dumbass Fist didn't listen to his people ….he barebacked a Mexican slut gold digger she got her hooks into him with a trick baby. So don't step to me saying he's a victim he's a dumbass!!

    • Anonymous,
      It doesn't make it right. I can't come to your home unannounced/not invited, go through YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS & ALL YOUR NICE ASS THINGS, tell a lie on you because most likely you wouldn't take kindly to my rummaging through your things & throw my ass out your home but in that process I start lying about what actually transpired to the police & YOU (not me the uninvited trick) go to jail.

      No matter what the dynamics of the situation was….YOU & I both know damn well there is something wrong with this picture. That woman should have been 86'd from his property if not arrested for trespassing NOT Chris ending up being escorted from his home in handcuffs on some bullshit fictitious charges.

      For all this trouble Chris may as well have shot that white tramp in her face & called LAPD on himself. He'd be back home sooner!

      • You seem almost unhinged over this Ms Reg. You seem to be placing all the fault on the woman who called the cops.
        Women show up at celebrity's homes in LA all the time uninvited and yanno what happens? The celebrity calls the cops if the chick won't leave. They don't let them in to rummage all through their home.
        I know you have a son, but stop mammying for CB. If you want to help him, get him off the meth and fast. Meth mixed with bipolar is a prescription for death within one year. I promise you.

        • I don't use the word mammying. I also detest people mistreating each other. What is going on is wrong irregardless to all the shortcomings Chris may have including his drug addiction.

          Call it what you want.

          • If you ever really notice, the writing styles on here… this anon is your friend 100 with the smiley faces. That is the only fool on here who uses that word and talks about fatherless crackbabies etc.

            Now that I said that she will prob create a new character who uses those BS words.

            • Thanks for noticing you simp. I used emoticons on my cell but due to these f*cking pop up adds I'm now on my desktop and won't be using that font again my new font is BARBED WIRE. And I'm guessing you're a fatherless crack baby or you have some.

              Instead of getting pissed at me for telling the truth raise your bastard sons correctly. Fist Brown is a good example of an idiot who's own father abandoned and didn't raise him, his step dad f*cked with his mind and possibly, body. You got a cure for that? I didn't think so.

              • LMAO…thank you for proving me right bitch.

                And come up with some new material…your comments are as crusty and dried up as that stank thing between your legs, lol.

            • Anonymous at 10:39,
              Thanks for pointing that out to me. Honestly,100 with the smiley faces had only ONE comment I've ever responded to. What was said was seriously on point & par for the discussion at that time. Other than that I tend to stay clear.

              Thanks again for the heads up…?

  14. Where was his bodyguard to escort the heffa out? Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp did far worst but didn't get arrested.

    • What are ya kidding??? Hoes set up CS in NYC the same way and he sure was arrested and drug through the media for a week. And Johnny Depp was arrested twice for f*cking up his hotel room at The Mark in NYC.

      • Key word hotel room, not own home. You should be arrested if you act a fool in public, but if someone is in your house acting a fool…they should be arrested.

        He did not call the police because he knew this shit was going to happen either way and with his past they would be coming for him, so in retrospect he either needs better security who knows how to escort people out of his home or not invite trash in to begin with.

  15. Listen. If those were black sluts they'd have pimp slapped them out of Fist's house but being 'snow queens' black males are scurred of the white man aka the po po protecting the white sluts. Just another black male getting played by a becky "rich sucka with money." It's his own damn fault.

    • This ms regular right here , her the Bq bum slut are all the same … See you a greedy bitch instead of having a lil fun trolling bitch you take up to 5 characters , all in here saying the same shit , you are one worthless lying ass heffa you been a fraud ho and your lame post are long Ang boring just like them recycled combacks bitch ! No go f*ck along somewhere you and your band of trolls !

      • And….YOU stay talking about ME so I'm obviously extremely important to YOU….poor thing!

      • This is the same asshole that uses thousands of screen names and f*cks with all the cool people that keep it popping in here. Now it's the new chick on the block it wants to mess with. Wasn't it msregpleasestfu one of them screens? I'm sorry but that bitch must work for the blog. Why else is the harassment continuing to happen?

  16. f*ck da queen chrissy brown bitch need 2 put that damn pipe down face all f*ck up suck n crack sign

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