Ray J Supports Chris Brown During Stand-Off

ray j chris brown stand off

Ray J is speaking out about the stand-off at Chris Brown’s house, and he says the whole incident was blown out of proportion.

In case you forgot, Ray was inside the house when a woman named Baylee Curran says Breezy pulled a gun out on her while she was admiring his jewelry.

When Ray tried to leave the house, Baylee had already called the cops, and they handcuffed him and seized his BMW before eventually letting him go.

Chris refused to leave his house for hours, but he finally went outside and spoke to police with his lawyer. He went back into the house and hasn’t been seen since.

Ray says he thinks it’s wrong that the situation has turned into this, but he supports Chris and “the movement.”


What a damn mess.


  1. Anyf*ckingever…RJ. All y'all need to knock it off.

    And…yes, I know you'll see this & know exactly WHO said it & why. We know you troll HSK when you know your name is mentioned. Chris Brown better sincerely WATCH the company he keeps. LITERALLY & FIGURATIVELY.

    • Truuuuueeee!!!! Hell, like I mentioned on the other post. He can't go back home.

    • Hey Reg, Remember those two dates to look out for? They were 9/11 and 10/31, remember what I told U? Imma give U some possible places that it could happen.

      • DR1,
        Of course I remember…
        Do you know I've thought about it everyday since you told me.
        Just because I've been busy doesn't mean anything & each time something "outrageous happens" I think about even more. Seems we all need to brace ourselves so to speak.

  2. Why would this bitch go into somebody's house and touch stuff that's not hers. This sounds like a set up. Chris better be careful because Ray J still has blood on his hands from Whitney.

    • Hell Waffles do too! In fact, I waiting on him to pop up. It's about that time too!

  3. This isn't going to end well for him, and he's being kept as high as a kite!….unfortunately, it's blood in, blood out!…Chris is in to deep, and he can't run, because they're everywhere!…If he were to try to hide out somewhere, they'll just trump up some charges against him, to smoke him out!…They've mastered the games of chess, and it's so easy to knock these players, off the board!..Negroes don't even realize that a game is being played, let alone what game is being played!…Ray J. is the Grimm reaper, once he's in the picture, that's it!…He's the industry drug dealer, and set up man, Chris was high as f*ck on that video, and I'm truly disgusted, by this state of affairs!???????

    • BQ,
      Glad Floyd dropped RJ from his inner circle & no longer allows him in his home. Chris needs to take notes…

      • @Ms.Reg! He probably won't drop Ray J. until he drops his drug habit!…Ray is just his dealer, nothing more!….Ray J. is too narcissistic to be anything of substance to anyone, especially a "friend"! Chile bye!…He'd have to have human emotions, and empathy first and foremost! ?????

    • Though I hate to keep throwing the excuse out there, Ray J is likely a "patsy", under monarch programming. I saw an interview earlier where he was high as shit. Though He's not completely innocent either. He's clearly aware of the shit that's going on, and it's not a coincidence that he just "happens" to be there whenever some shit goes down. From the looks of things, he sounds like he's trying to be like Raffles Van Exel. Since he couldn't make it in the industry with his "talent", he's just desperate enough to try and play an even dirtier game. What he doesn't realize however is that his black ass IS the game, and that niggas don't get the same privileges in the industry, even if they give up something great. Though he's going to get whats coming to him soon though, especially him being a capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by saturn, and aside from being the planet of destruction, it is also the ruler of karma. Ive known PLENTY of capricorns who've done wrong onto others, only to end up getting the real bitter, short end of the stick not too long after.

  4. Kid Cali got killed a few weeks ago and the same man who set him up set Chris up. His name is Kid Red and he got Chris house robbed and sold stories to tmz. Chris better get out of Cali.

    • Chris WAS boys with that cat's dad too…
      BOTH of them are moroders & scam artists.?

  5. I suspect Ray-J is a government! How can Ray-J have so much money and he only had one hit?

  6. That's what tf Im sayin NBA…he always in some shit that's got nada to do with music.

  7. f*ck corny azz RJ just a damn story line 4 that boring azz luv & hiphop LA he should have been home with his damn wife stupid mf

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