T-Pain Calls Out Jay Z for Ghostwriting

t-pain jay z

While the Hip-Hop community is still recovering from the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef, rapper T-Pain decided to step in and fuel the fire even further.

During a radio interview, T-Pain calls out Jay Z for using ghostwriters. When the interviewer asks him to clarify, he quickly backtracks and says Jay Z was a ghostwriter for Dr. Dre back in 2001.

“I think somebody wrote something for Jay a few times,”~ T-Pain

Peep the video below.



  1. Since when ? What is the name of that show where Russell Simmons and the white dude was together explaining that Jay-Z quit writing off a pad I think I could be wrong after Volume 1 Imaginary Player.

  2. Jay did.borrow other folks rhymes bit then again what rapper hasnt copief or borrowed spmebody elses material if t wants to call out somebody call out dre, baby, eazy, timbaland, and bow wow,.brat, for using writers hell whitney never wrote a song in her life, diana ross didnt write all her songs.

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