T.I. Dumped Tiny For Iggy Azalea!!!

Iggy Azela TI Tiny Homewrecker

The Harris’ Home Wrecker Revealed

HSK Exclusive – Recent reports surrounding T.I. and Tiny’s breakup may claim Tip is “so distraught” over the split, but not only is he presenting himself as anything but a man who’s “distraught” … Iggy Azalea isn’t exactly keeping her reported hand in the Harris-Home Wrecking on the hush!!!


We broke the story first … Back in June 2013, HSK reported exclusive word T.I. “put some of his Grand Hustle groups on hold ” for Iggy Azalea. Now, since Mr. and Mrs. Harris’ Jan. 25th split, Miss Aussie Fake Azz isn’t just boss’in up as Grand Hustle Records’ First Lady … Tip has announced his Grand Hustle gang takes precedence over “God, Children [and] That Check [Child Support?] … in that order!”


Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris appears to have taken the higher road, refraining from making any direct social media posts about the sad situation. But she has changed her former ‘MajorGirl’ IG name to ‘TinyPrettyHustle’ … while sparking a “PrettyHu$tleGang” and a copyrighted “TeamTamekaHarris”, noting she is her own “#1Supporter.”


Just last week T.I. hosted a slew of parties on Miami’s Star Island, one of which was an “All White Affair.” Images of Tiny at the event have gone viral. But even though any hint that Iggy Azalea being there too is on the DL, don’t think for one second Miss ‘All White’ wasn’t … with A VENGEANCE!!!

Check it:



Did HSK get a TIP of one rapper recently renting a “$16,000 a month house in the hills with the intention of impressing a white rapper chick”???? What do you think?



  1. tiny had tip back why in the hell would he leave her for some foreign how please. Iggy needs to step her trashy ass back. Home wrecking whore ass bitch

  2. Pipo jus see tha outside part i ges…..the real reason why TIP is swaving an roaming wit Iggy is because hes a supportive mentor an C.E.O of his rec labell….an he wanna get Iggy through an through all the way to tha T.o.P get tha straight…if u search their history u’ll surely get this to tha point,hes putting hes Grand Hustle image to tha top and bringing some competition in tha game..period,’ey aint even dating cuz if TIP was surely dating Iggy he would be bringing back hes icon T.I. Back cuz hes TIP not T.I anymore thus meaning he be back to his gangsta mode….an he woildnt give a f*ck leaving Tiny….but cz he aint dating Iggy hes still got tha ring on Tiny’s finger and Tiny still got hes tatoo..end of story…next topic!!!!

  3. This site has rubbish stories. Didn’t you morons say in previous stories that TIP is on the DL and Tiny was his beard? Now you’re saying he’s smashing Iggy, why would he do that if he’s gay? What a rubbish site!

  4. This is true. Jasmine gets her dog groomed at my job and her “boyfriend” T.I. waits outside in the new benz he bought her. My boss was the one who brought this to my attention… i learned about Jasmine about 4 months ago at work.My boss also mentioned that shes pretty flirtatious whenevee she comes in. SMALL world right?

  5. That Ugly Ass pale, man looking chick don’t have beautiful anywhere on her. What is wrong with Black Brothers of today. Sobering for White women make you all solidify the Southern White KKK fools analogy that you lust behind white Women twenty four seven. Damn where is your pride. Innocent Black Men were lynched behind these Tramps.

  6. With all that money she still have low self esteem. You can even see on the show, when she tries to hug him or touch him, he barely returns her attention if at all. I really feel for her. He is a self centered, hateful egotistical person. His son told his he did not have any resect for his wife. That was sad.

  7. Nick has been seen with a Sexy Black Chick, whatever he has with Iggy is for publicity. Some of you Brothers are Blind. This Pale as a ghost, fake boot Ass Tramp isn’t cute or sexy. But to each its own but I would not put her over a sister. Tiny isn’t ugly nor is she dumb. She is a very smart business woman. She had a career and money before Tip. She need to get fed up with his ass and stop listening to others calling her Ugly and believe in her. She don’t want her daughter emulating this. He evidently is not thinking that her also have a daughter and a step daughter, that he would not want treated as he is treating Tiny. From what is seen on television, she loves and cares for those kids and they for her. He is disrespecting his whole family. I grew up in Arkansas and though things have changed, I don’t see how he got out of jail that quick for all those damn Guns. That don’t happen down there. Plus Inerstate Transportation.

  8. What does that tell you about Obama? Isn’t he the same Obama that signed an Executive Action for 5 million Illegals but won’t turn his back to 11% Black unemployment. He won’t even address the subject, not that the Black Caucus will bring it up because they don’t care either. He called Kanye a Jack Ass after he interrupted Taylor Swift but he definitely wouldn’t insult Duck Dynasty Klan, even though they support the Republicans 100% but oops, those are his peeps.

  9. I think they have King and Major and she has the teenage Girl. The two older Boys are his and the younger Girl. I don’t know about the others he may have out there. You are right about the Duck Dynasty. That ish really got to me because I know the area of the South they are from, extremely Racist. Blacks were lynched and murdered if they spoke up, there is still a lot of prejudice in a lot of those areas. Not surprised about Obama, what has he done for Blacks since he has been in office. You can see what he has done for Mexicans, Gays, White Women, Indians. But nothing for Blacks unless you count the Charity program for Black Boys, ran by a lot of his white friends. I am sure the people running it are getting paid large salaries. Now he is talking about helping the poor, and jobs building roads and bridges when he has no power to get a bill passed. Just smoke and mirrors he had six years to do that. Every Black person with a Brain should see through Obama by now.

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