Macklemore’s Male Escort Past Surfaces!?

Macklemore is Gay for Pay!

HSK Exclusive – Yo!!! We’re gettin’ word “a wealthy, unnamed, gay male sponsor” covered Mackelmore’s studio bills … before the lyricist landed mainstream success!

It’s no secret unsigned recording artists can face costly production bills. That’s why some slang while others get their P.I. on — but Macklemore [real name, Ben Haggerty] is being exposed for selling sexual services to gay clientele! That’s according to our insider who says dude “definitely isn’t 100% straight.”

Here’s the drop:

“He used to be a male escort in Seattle during his pre fame days, mainly to pay his bills.”

That could be why Mister Macklemore once took the homophobic stance …

Check it:

Macklemore Hurls Gay Slur Macklemore Bigot