T.I. Arrested, Charged with Assault and Public Drunkenness

ti arrested drunk

T.I. showed his entire a*s outside of his gated community around 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The Blast reports the rapper didn’t have a key and the security guard refused him entry.

“T.I. reportedly got into an argument with the guard, and then called a friend for backup. The security guard called the Henry County Police Department and both T.I. and his friend were arrested.”

He was booked for simple assault, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness before being released.


  1. Dumb on TI’s part…the guard is just doing his job and even if the guard knew who TI was he’s not allowed to let him in w/o ID…it’s called security for a reason. Then you went and called backup because you couldn’t handle your own business! I would’ve called the cops also…do you know who I am…yes, a man that can’t get into the gate!

  2. These turds are embarrassing to their children.. Tiny should be tired of being a doormat..
    He is dumber than Dora..

  3. Tip should feel relieved that the security guard is doin his job.

    But come on man that’s TIP; follow your instincts and let tha lil squirt in. You know how insecure these “gangsta” rappers are: Tip’s lil ass didn’t want to get folded up by a “nobody” security guard so he ran and called for help.

    Fuckin hood niggas never fight fair; always got to intimidate with the numbers.

  4. You boygirls can relax tips coming back.to.prison

    Wayne admitted he had a boy wife in his nine months

    Birdman said he learned how to.do.anal.wjen he was in prison

  5. @crazychris

    Where’s your “boywife” or whatever the fuck u call it?

    Ratchet nigga.

  6. On the show he didn’t have a guard did he move and why wouldn’t the guard he hired let him in he hired him so t.i is his boss sound crazy but hey….

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