Swizz Beatz Sued for $42 Million for Reselling Leased Cars

swizz beatz sued selling leased cars

Swizz Beatz is being sued for leasing vehicles in his name, and then giving the vehicles to a fraudster who would rent the luxury cars out to third parties.

According to the NY Post, Swizz is listed as a defendant in the $42 million civil suit for racketeering filed by Metro Gem Leasing and Funding Corp.

The company says they were happy to lease cars, including a Bentley Continental and a Ferrari F12, to Swizz “for use for him and his wife Alicia Keys.”

The producer leased 10 cars in total between 2013 and 2016, at rates of up to $7,000 a month. Swizz then teamed up with his friend, Mackey Dancy, to rent the vehicles to third parties at a mark up.

The two scammers also illegally resold the Ferrari, even though they didn’t own it.

Swizz’s rep says he and Mackey “are innocent pawns in a years-long, multi-million dollar dispute.”

Swizz has since spoken out against the allegations. He says the “haters” are the only ones who believe this negative report, but when there’s positive things going on, the press never reports about it. He also says he doesn’t even know the people who are suing, and we all need to stop believing everything we read.


  1. LMAO…I was just talking about patsies. When will n*ggas learn…lol.

    These two fools got themselves in some shit they may not be able to get out of.

    The title alone is straight comedy…lol.

    • LOL!! 42 Millions for renting leased cars!? They were just trying to make a headline to pressure him. He'll be fined if he violated something in the lease document but I'd bet they settle AND make a deal with him to get more cars. Ain't no way he's gonna stop doing it. He'll just have to go legit with it. Sweet hustle though. Instead of buying cars and being stuck with just a couple, he could switch up cars anytime and always rent out the newest models. Smart move if he can find a way to do it without violating the agreement.

  2. I swear Ms Reg Says kept saying those bitches didn't own nan one of those cars. I'll be damn.

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